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Got some time to kill and you have only your Android phone to keep you company? Well do not worry. Glide through the tremendous mixtures of android games to play on your device. These freemium games will engage your time into entertainment with the best games for phones. Download mobile games for android from the best game apps for android. Given below is a list of a healthy mix of free latest mobile games of all categories.We have listed Top 10 Best Android Games which is trending on Google Play as well as we play everytime in our mobile.

We have listed Top 10 Android Games below which is the most trending Android Games.Try this apk now its on trending videograbby apk

1. PUBG mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is the most heard name today in the list of trending mobile games for Android. It is well played in mobile as the developers have made the gameplay smooth with easier management of items. This game is basically a battle till death do part and the last player surviving among the 100 players on an 8×8 km island will be the champion. It is the best online game in the world.PUBG game is one of my favourite and best free android games among other games I have played.

pubg image 5

There are three different modes in which one can play which are solo, duo and squad. Each one is quite similar but with different number of players. The advantage of playing in a team is that the players can support your game and cover for you while co-operating with the other players.

pubg image 6

pubg image 3

You will be introduced in this game through a parachute as you land on the island of the game. First of all you will have to gather all the resources that will help you win in the game from clothes to weapons to medical supplies. Then you will look for your enemies and glide through the adventure of hiding and manipulating and killing your enemy. One game lasts up to 30 minutes that is if you are standing alive till last. It falls in the list of top downloading games like world of tanks.



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2. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is the new game launched by the developers of Clash of Clans and Battle royale. Brawl Stars is a shooter game in which you can play with players from all around the globe in the ultimate fight. There are different game modes which will be unlocked as you progress in the game and also you will collect new characters on the way. Upgrade the stats of the game to get better resources and challenge other players. The different game modes of Brawl Stars are:

Smash and grab mode

Best android game Smash and grab

In this mode the task of every team will be to grab crystals from the centre while defending themselves from the other teams and stopping them from collecting the crystals. If a player is dead then his crystals will have to be dropped back on the battle field. There will be a 16 second countdown after the team has collected 10 crystals, withstanding which the team will be declared as the winner. You might be intrest in this app okay google show box.




Heist Game

In heist game mode there will be two teams – attacking team and defending team. The attacking team will try to break into the safe to get the crystals of the defending team and the defending team will stop them from doing so. Every match will be of 2.5 minutes max. If the defending team manages to safeguard the crystals in these 2.5 minutes then they will be the winners at the end of the countdown and if not then the attacking team wins.


Bounty Game

It is a team v/s team death math. Your job will be to collect stars for your team by killing the players of the opposite team all the while remaining safe from their encounters. The winning team will be the one with the maximum number of stars.


ShowDown Bawlers

This mode is for individual players in which 10 players can play and the last one standing will be the victor. You will have to move around the map, hiding from other players as they seek to kill you. The barrels around you contain power up so be on a look out for them. Look for the other players and last as long as you can. If all the other players are dead and you are still alive then you have won the match.


3. Stranger Things 3: The Game

Stranger Things 3

This game was probably launched to market the third season of the Stranger Things on Netflix. The name is enough to pull players to play this game. All the characters are from the series itself and the settings have also been made similar to the sets of Stranger Things. The gameplay is quite adventurous like in the Adventures of Zelda.Our recommended best android game on 2019.

Stranger Things: The Game info
Stranger Things 3 New

This game proceeds just like a story with mystery. The story starts with Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper getting a call late at night about four missing children. He starts his investigation to find how the children went missing. The players can simply be controlled by tapping the screen. The game is a mixture of two categories of puzzle games and adventure. The similar characters appeal to the players as their characteristics match their powers in the game. The best part though is that this game is available for free on Google Play Store in the top Andriod games.

Games Screenshot

The developers of this game are BonusXP and it is published by Netflix and both of them deserve full credit for creating this intellectual game based on a series. This game does not have pop up ads to annoy its players and works smoothly with a friendly user interface.

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4. Ancestor

Ancestor is another game of survival developed by Panache digital games. It is played from the perspective of a third party. If you want to get ahead in this game then you better have good reflex actions along with quick wit.

ancestor game

Your character will be that of a cloaked hero who has to travel through the nasty lands of enemies and traps laid out by the enemies. In this journey a mysterious orb will be at your service who shoots lasers to kill the enemies. You can move ahead in the game by solving puzzles and killing the enemies. The difficult level increases as you move further in the game and battle with the bosses. You can customise your character and the orb with the in app purchases. The game is of course available for free.



5. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is one name that no one would be unaware of. Even after 3 years of its launch it still falls under the list of the best free android games. There is a high possibility that you are already using this game and exploring the city for the Pokémons.

pokemon go

Pokémon Go is developed by Niantic based on the cartoon of Pokémon. It is the most popular free game and is based on augmented reality which makes it even more fun. In this game, you will have to move out and wander your city to collect Pokémons and also crucial items like Pokéballs.

Related image of Pokemon Go

You can battle with your friends using the Pokémon you have collected. The game has upgraded to a good extent since its launch and has managed to retain its place in the top phone games. Even in 2019, it is among the best free hd games for android.



6. Vainglory

Vainglory is the best game for android developed by the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. This game has topped the charts of the best android game apps and is one of the best MOBA games.


It is a multiplayer game similar to that of the league of legends. The play game is specifically designed for phones and tablet devices. It is a typical game of battle between two apex legends for the possession of lands. The two fight the wrath of each other in order to get control over the three lands. Each team fortress has five players who control one avatar of the five heroes of the storm. There are 25 total heroes that one can unlock and upgrade to win the battles.

The controls of this game are very smooth and its interface is interactive which makes it easy to pick things up and jump right into the battle mode. As you move further in the game, you can upgrade your heroes to match the strength of the challenging levels. It allows you to fight your enemies with great velour.

Related of Vainglory Screenshot

If you do not know how to play MOBA games then there is no need to worry. It provides tutorials along with the fundamentals of the gameplay with help you to learn the controls of the game easily. It is available in the section of free games at app store.



7. Asphalt 9: Legends

Mobile racing games have always been on the nerve of boys. In this game world of car racing, has entered the new Asphalt 9: legends game which is full of action RPG. The graphics and controls of this series have never been realistic which gives the game a more fierce look. The car models are also unrealistic but very stylish and provides an out of the world driving experience.

There are two modes in which you can play this game. The career mode allows you to unlock and upgrade new rides and practice with the computer. The other mode is the online multiplayer mode which allows the player to challenge players from all over the world. It is one of the best free offline android games

Asphalt 9
Asphalt 9: Legends

The graphics of this game are to die for and the sound effects make this game even more worth playing. It is one of the funnest app games present in the top game download.



8. Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of the best games android with the title of ‘greatest hit’ game. It is a very simple game in which all you have to do is clear your path of exile by hitting at the obstacles in your way with a ball. There are no strategies or planning required in this game, just fine reflexes to hit the obstacles on the way. It is still one of the best free game apps for android in 2019.

Be careful and do not bump into anything or else you will lose the marbles. If you are out of marbles it means that you are out of the game. Hitting at the pyramids will fetch you more marbles.

Each level is filled with power-ups and marbles to keep you going.

Related Image of Smash Hit

If you are going good in the game, you can also fire 2, 3 or 5 marbles at once. Keep shooting the marble filled pyramids to not run out of them and stay in the game. It is one of the 5 star rated games and we have rated this game as no. 8 among the top 10 android games.



9. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is another fantastic iphone game and one of the best free games on android.

Alto's Odyssey

It is a very simple game with amazing features and cool gameplay. All you have to do is run and jump by simple taps on the screen. The purpose is to go as far as possible in the game. There will be a mission set of 3 missions, completing which you will level up. Every time you place, there will be a different setting with a new layout. The visuals are praise worthy and makes it one of top rated games for android. It is free to play

Another screenshot of Alto's Odyssey
Alto's Odyssey screenshot 2

Odyssey is the best phone game with a simple gameplay and cool raphics.



10. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is one of the best games for android in which the rules are simple – blast to play. It’s has a person shooter that attends to the classic retro genre with real time graphics and tough gameplay.

Sky Force Reloaded Game play on Android device
Sky Force Reloaded Overview

There will be 9 missions full of actions that you need to clear with the help of blast engines. Take down your enemies and defend yourself from their attacks. Your achievements will be calculated on the basis of the number of stars that you get with each difficult level passed.

It is in the top games on app store in the free to play games section. It is an absolute must play game.




Get fun games on android and free pc games to get all the entertainment in your free time. All the fun games for android phone and mobile games for free are given in the list above. They are all the cool games and free games available on play store. Choose the game that best suits your taste and download it today and enjoy the free android games list we have provided.If you love to patch then you can try the Lucky Patcher app.