Android provides us with thousands and thousands of different games and applications, Being one of the most popular mobile operating systems.

Users can download and install these games directly from the Play store. But some games can get pretty annoying because, according to your wish, they don’t go forward. You might have seen that for limited functionality, most games are available, and you have to pay the premium package to access them. This means they are playing games, and after you reach that level, the fun in the game is actually.


But this is frustrating too because people go off the track when such things come in between. Therefore, one question pops up, especially when talking about games – how-to, and is it possible to hack Android games?

If this is entirely possible, then it can be useful for plenty of players as once they hack the game, it is altogether accessible for you. You can increase the number of coins, the current score, and you don’t have the amount for the premium version.

So today, in this blog, we will let you know some of the best methods on how to hack Android games so that you don’t get interrupted while playing.

How to Hack Android Games?

Now here we are going to give you a little popular and best way to hack any games on Android so that you don’t miss anything while playing.

  1. Lucky Patcher
  2. CreeHack
  3. Game Killer 2019
  4. Cheat Engine
  5. GameCIH

1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an Android app that helps you to hack any games you want. It let you remove license verification, ads and also modify a host of some other features of Android games.

The previous version requires a rooted device, but the latest version of this app does not require your phone to be rooted. It gives you free in-app purchases for Android apps and games

What you have to do is:

  • Download and install the app and run it
  • List of games or apps will be listed from where you have to select the one you want to modify
  • Now click on “Open Menu of patches.”
  • Then click on the “Create Modified Apk file.”
  • And in the end, choose “Launch.”

Now the cheat will work, and you will get whatever you have requested, such as coins or money.

2. Creehack

Creehack is one of the simplest ways to hack Android games. This is for those players who don’t want to interruption while playing online games. You already know that many of the games allow you to access further after you purchase the version.

But if you use Creehack, you can easily bypass every limitation and continue to enjoy playing the game without purchasing it. Besides, you will get lots of free coins, lives, levels, etc.

The best part is, there is no rooting required to use this app and is compatible with all apps. Several users who have already used it have reported this app as one of the best. No matter what games you play, it successfully allows you to play the games without any need to purchase.

Step 1: After you install the app, run it and click on the “Enabled” option

Step 2: When it is enabled, allow it to run in the background

Step 3: Now begin with the game that you want to hack and move to buy IAPs page

Step 4: Click on IAP which you wish to buy > go to Purchase screen of Google Authenticator > click on Purchase button

That’s it…now you can easily access every item of that particular game.

3. Game Killer 2019

Game Killer APK is also one of the best ways to hack Android games that you want to play. This app is very advanced as it uses memory modifying technique, and due to this, it is compatible with several Android video game versions.

You can easily hack coins, gems, and other game features. It’s easy to use and able to hack all types of games. If your device is not rooted, then also it will work smoothly. You might don’t know, but this app has over 10 million users across the globe, and maximum users have loved it.

What you have to after installing the app is listed below:

You have to click on “Hack Android Games without Root,” and you will get a list of supported games

After you found the game which you want to hack, click on it and list of possible hacks will be listed on the screen

You have to tap on that hack which you want to apply

4. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is yet another useful app to hack Android games without any difficulty. Using this app, you can apply some tricks while playing games on your phone. This is an open-source game hacker app that allows you to make your changes or modification as you need.

It scans the internet for a modification that gives an edge to the game player over its opponent. This means that you can change weapons anytime, can build more obstacles, and even can see through walls.

That’s it, now whatever value you have entered will be saved in your game.

5. GameCIH

GameCIH is one of the popular apps that hacks any games on Android. It only runs in the background and lets you edit the variables in-game that are stored in temporary memory. It means that you can edit ammo, wealth, health, etc. Then it looks for money in several locations via the trial-and-error method.

Remember that this app is for those who want to know how to hack Android games with root.

Some of the popular games that can be hacked using this app include Temple Run, Can Knockdown, Myth Defense, Drag Racing, Lane Splitter, Fruit Ninja, Defender II, Castle of Shadows, and others.

This app is activated by pressing the hotkey that you get while playing the game. After you press it, GameCIH opens where you have to enter money, the number of coins, ammo, or health that you want. And then minimize the app and continue playing the game.

What technique do these cheats work for Android games?

Many users want to know the exact way in which these cheats work. Don’t worry; I have a lot of information about it.

What the apps do is they try to access the memory location in which all essential variables are stored. When these hacking apps find the location, it merely blocks that particular location and stops the game from making any changes to that level.

What the tricky part about this cheat is to find the memory location. Once everything goes well, and the site is found, it has to edit the values and lock it to rewrite further.

And remember that if you don’t want any apps to edit your in-app variables then store its data on the server-side, it’s safe and best.


Well, Android game lovers want to hack any games of their choice in which they don’t want any interruption. Hacking apps are several that help users to edit the variables according to their wish and can play games without purchasing any premium version.

It only needs to root your device in some apps, but not all. We hope whatever ways discussed in this blog to hack Android games will help you if you want to play games without paying any money.

So download the apps that best suit your device and enjoy your favorite game without any interruption.