What is SpyHuman App?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can track your under-aged child’s smartphone data and monitor all the activities he/she does? The SpyHuman App does precisely the same. Sometimes as parents, we have to hand over one smartphone to our children for their school/college assignments or elsewhere.

The majority of students above class IX own a smartphone nowadays. But sometimes we are a little bit concerned about what our children do behind our backs. They are arguably like wet clay, which can be shaped or bent very easily. That’s why a parent should always know what their child is doing with the smartphone.

SpyHuman App is a brand-new program that lets you collect feedback about the company and its products. The program relies on the concept of Social Science. With this app, you can get useful feedback from folks who know what they’re referring to.


The testimonials are written from a consumer who knows the product and its performance. If you’re not a consumer, you may not be considering using the program, but if you’re interested in bettering your own life, the program can be helpful.

Before downloading the app, you need to follow a few straightforward steps. The very first step is to check the stipulations of the program. The app states that it permits you to upload info that will allow it to build a database. Once you’ve uploaded all of the information, the program will give you a listing of reviews and helpful details. You may pick one or more studies to show in your application. There is also a help center where you can ask for hints on using the app.

SpyHuman App is a great app. If you’re looking for a simple way to present your opinion on the products and services, the program is a great way to go. You’ll discover that you can get feedback from those that know what they’re discussing. You may even make it in the list of the top-rated programs and get noticed by the manufacturers.

Some folks may think the app is a scam, and you’ll be ashamed to share your feedback with the public, but several people are still making use of this program. Therefore, if you enjoy the application, do not be afraid to tell your family and friends about it. You’ll surely enjoy the program’s benefits.

With the SpyHuman app, parents can easily track their ward’s smartphone and physical activity instantaneously and from anywhere. As a responsible parent, you can track anything, including phone calls, web history, live location, games data, app activities, data he/she keeps in there, how much time he/she is spending on smartphones, and many more. Every parent concerned about their ward should have this app installed on their child’s phone to track, monitor, and modify everything their child is doing.

Features of SpyHuman App

Using the SpyHuman App, responsible parents can easily track and take care of what their child is doing when he/she is away from them. The SpyHuman App also has a paid subscription, and thus, it offers tons of features that a parent needs. Some of the original features are listed below:

  1. Call Tracker: Parents can easily track their child’s smartphone’s call data and know who they are calling and from whom they are receiving calls.
  2. Browser History: You can track your ward’s smartphone’s browser history and monitor what’s going in and out through the Internet.
  3. GPS Tracker: You can track the live location and the location history of your child and protect them in critical situations.
  4. SMS Tracker: Track the incoming and outgoing SMS on your child’s smartphone with ease.
  5. Facebook Spy: As modem day kids, our wards are always connected to the outer world with social media platforms like Facebook. Often these can also be a target that can harm your child. With SpyHuman, you can also spy on the Facebook activities of your child.
  6. WhatsApp Spy: Just like Facebook, you can also track the activities of WhatsApp or other messaging services.
  7. APK Tracker: App activities from other apps can also be tracked using the SpyHuman app. No app on your child’s smartphone is an exception because the SpyHuman app can track every app — even those installed later.
  8. Anti-theft Features: Often, our children can get very careless, and they lose even their smartphones. If something similar happens or your child forgets where he/she left the phone, you can easily trace it using the SpyHuman App.

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How to install and setup the SpyHuman app?

To take good care of your child, SpyHuman got tons of features, but unfortunately, this app hasn’t debuted on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store yet. You can still get this application from SpyHuman’s official website, and it’s free to do download and install. Here’s the step-by-step procedure to install and setup the SpyHuman App on your child’s smartphone:

  • If you’re a new user, you have to create an account with SpyHuman, and it’s free.
  • Next, download and install the SpyHuman App on the targeted device (Your ward’s smartphone)
  • Login to the admin panel using your smartphone and start monitoring the activities of your child.
  • Check the SpyHuman Dashbaord.

Subscriptions plans for SpyHuman App

SpyHuman App’s subscription starts only at $10/- a month, and you will get services like; the ad-free interface, limitless cloud storage, back-up options, call recordings and many more. You can know more from SpyHuman’s official website.

To subscribe for the paid option, you need to install the app and then log in using your admin credentials. It hides the app from your ward’s smartphone, and it will silently transfer data to you without their knowledge. You can download and install a trial version of the app for your convenience before you purchase the paid one.

However, the app is also available for free, but the features mentioned above are locked. Premium users who are active on the site regularly will get all the elements as long as the admin device is connected to the Internet every month. But for standard and free users, this validation is only for a week. If this exceeds, then that targeted device will be automatically deleted from the SpyHuman server, and the admin may have to login again.

Download SpyHuman App


SpyHuman App File Info

App NameSpyHuman
App byHappy Chick Inc.
Apk Size8.0 MB

SpyHuman’s success with some statistical figures

SpyHuman’s free mobile app has been trusted by a million users worldwide, and the community is continuously growing. It has been helping every parent to track and monitor their child’s activities second-by-second. Many employers are also following their employee’s smartphone activities.

And if you’re an employer and your employees use your company’s phone, then you can track their actions too. Encrypted and secure connections will ensure that no one else is getting the information. This application has been downloaded over 983K times from the official itself, and the growing community of 62K per month also rated this app 4.9 on average.

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As a parent, you should always take good care of your child, and the SpyHuman App will assist you much if you choose this. This application is free to install, and the paid subscription is also very cheap that starts at $10/- a month.

Every guardian wants their child to stay safe from any antisocial threats, and therefore if you’re concerned too, you must try the SpyHuman App. As mentioned earlier, you can install the trial version of the app before purchasing the paid one. Download and install the SpyHuman App today and take care of your ward better than other parents.