Mobile gaming might have gotten plenty of negative attention from PC and Console gamers back in the day, but the tides seem to be turning. Thanks to the incredible advancements in mobile tech in the past few years, mobile games on Android can compete with some of the best console titles out right now! While these exciting new games can be an excellent pastime, something we all keep looking back to is the nostalgia of old-school classics. If you find yourself in the mood to play some older games, here’s how your Android can give you a hand.

Retro Gaming on Android

Play Online Casino Games

The one game category that’s managed to appear on pretty much every game console imaginable throughout the years is casino games. You can play here to your heart’s content, as the game collections these websites host can include thousands of titles! These classic games never seem to lose their charm, so if you’re looking to have a throwback to some old-school classics, you can visit an online casino and find excellent table games like Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette.

Of course, the throwback mood doesn’t stop with just the classic table games. Another popular game category in online casinos is the slot category. While traditional slots might not be your forte, modern slots games are very reminiscent of arcade titles! They’re fast-paced, colorful, and have interesting gameplay elements that will keep you immersed without any trouble. To top it all off, you can access these games through your android browser and play them instantly!

Use an Android Emulator

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The best way to enjoy old-school console games is undoubtedly by playing them on the original console. While this sounds great in theory, it can be almost impossible to put into practice. Most of us have thrown out our broken old consoles ages ago, and buying new ones can be pretty pricy due to their token status. Luckily, the Android platform has you covered with the use of emulators! This software allows you to enjoy iconic older console titles on your phone, from excellent PSP emulators to ones for the Nintendo DS!

The good thing about playing these games on your Android phone is the experience. While PC emulators also work well, playing on your phone feels much closer to playing on a portable console! The only trouble you might have with an emulator is finding games. Some emulators offer resources on how you can find fan-favorite titles through their apps, but most of them, unfortunately, lack this feature. If you want to get your hands on your childhood favorite, you’re going to need to do a lot of digging online.

Visit the Google Play Store

Google Play Store Logo

Here’s the simplest solution to your retro gaming problem. If you’re looking to enjoy some old-school-style games on your phone, you can visit the Google Play Store and look through its massive game selection. The good thing about the Google Play Store is that most of the games released on it are indie developers. While some people see this as a bad thing as the game quality sometimes suffers, there are plenty of titles out there inspired by older titles!

It’s no surprise why so many people think some indie games are better than triple-A titles. Sure, the limited budget might hold them back in some ways, but indie game developers have room to experiment with colors and styles, outrageous stories, and hypnotizing audio! The limitations indie developers have with funding often means using outdated graphics, which gives most indie games a retro vibe we can’t resist.