MP3teca apk is the latest trendsetter in the world of online music and videos. The app is famous for its latest listing of new music and videos. MP3teca is owned by developer bakanlexus considered to be a pioneer in the development of next-generation apps for music aficionados.

Users are treated with uninterrupted streaming of online videos and music. Música has its origin from Spain but is compatible with other standard languages such as English, French, German etc.

MP3teca is an Android application that allows users to talk about, download and manage audio files easily. They are fantastic for people who have a music collection, but no internet connection at all. It’s recommended that you download the application from Google Play since it contains most of the features which most people would want. You might also find it on the iTunes App Store. It provides not just the ability to share documents, but also the ability to download files to your device. This permits you to transfer data in a matter of seconds, while another device is connected to the web.

Applying this simple way of sharing can be quite handy, particularly once you want to move some files back and forth between two devices. The ability to upload songs can also be a bonus. Other fantastic features are the ability to delete files that you don’t need anymore. You can also customize the look of your preferences page, also make it a photo gallery for photos, playlists, videos, podcasts and more.

Since the MP3teca Android program is free, you can use it to its fullest potential. It’s also a great learning tool because there are far more features than you can ever get with any other free internet music sharing program.


The app is specially designed for the Android platform usage. MP3teca gives the user the advantage of easy search of one’s favorite music and videos. The user is treated with an unlimited download of the latest and most trending music and video files free of cost.

The application platform is user-friendly and can be operated without any many hiccups. It is the best fit for all walks of society, especially for the not-so mobile-friendly kinds.

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Download MP3teca Apk


MP3teca Apk File Info

App Name MP3teca
Category Music
Last Updated 02 April 2020
File Size 9.0 MB
Version 2.3.22
Developer ApptecaDev
Operating System 4.1 or Above

What’s New?

A special feature that differentiates the MP3teca apk is a feature of night mode. In its latest version, MP3teca Música has been equipped to download music videos and listen and view them in the night. The newly designed variant of its User Interface is a treat to the eyes of the user.  A key feature that musica app provides is that of stacking. The user can view his/her latest downloads in an arrangement according to its download data, time and version.

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In a hasty world where young music fans want to cling on the latest of the music launches, musica mp3teca offers the best choice. Its fast download feature gives it an edge over other similar apps. The app has an automatic update feature to comply with the latest updates, which are periodically launched. It takes less space to get installed and saves internet data along with mobile disk space. This feature has been designed specifically by the developer to reign in the ever-changing competition of such music apps.

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MP3teca Música app is specially designed keeping in mind the storage space of the user mobile phone. It can accommodate heavy and intricate file extensions into a squeezy lot and can thus save essential file space for the user. Retrieving music and video files which are generally heavy is also easy while one uses this app. The user is spared the thought of “Phone hanging” and can easily listen to his /her favorite songs with less usage of phone resources.

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MP3teca Música app is widely available on the internet and can be downloaded via different platforms like Google Play store. Another important feature of Música MP3teca app is its compatibility. It is almost compatible with every android platform. The only requisite requirement for the music enthusiast to have an Android 4.1+ version of a mobile phone. The MP3teca Música app provides with downloading option of variable music files. With the different sound-tracking features, which can be further sub-categorized into different music genres like pop, jazz, metal etc, MP3teca Música app provides music lovers with different options to play under one platform.

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Its latest video refined technology is the latest rage in the world of video streaming. The video pixilation has been refined to present pristine video graphics to users and takes the user to a different viewing experience.

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With such key features in the offering, music enthusiasts the world over are left with no choice but to download and start using an app. It has become the must-have in one’s mobile phone. Youngsters with inclination to music are fast turning into a hotspot market for such a user-friendly app.

MP3teca apk has already hit a wide range of downloads across the world and is still going strong when it comes to its usage. With just click of one’s thump and equipped with the power of the internet, the app is a ready reckoner for music buffs to keep on listening to the latest trends of music and videos and entertain themselves with exciting and newly released music and video albums.

MP3teca Apk V 2.3.22 September Update Download | Club Apk

MP3teca apk is the latest and trendsetter in the world of the online music and videos. The app is famous for its latest listing of new tracks, music and videos.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: ‎Android

Application Category: Entertainment