Hello Neighbor 2023


Hello Neighbor is one of the most popular online games that are available on the web. Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game based on horror set-ups and interesting gaming scenarios.

In this stealth horror game, you need to get into the neighbors house in order to figure out the mysteries and abnormalities of their house’s basement and at the same time protect yourself from their wrath and evil tactics.

Hello Neighbor is a highly adventurous game that is sure to bring a lot of fun and excitement to your everyday life.

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How to download Hello Neighbor apk Version 1.o


It is extremely easy to install Hello Neighbor 1.0 for both android and iPhone.

Downloading apk file is as easy as installing the playing app from another

mainstream website. To download the file, follow the given steps :

1) First of all, trace the setting icon on your device and search for device settings.

2) Select the option which allows you to download apps from “unknown

sources.” Save the changed settings. Note: You will not be able to download the application without enabling this.

3) Open your browser and search for the page with the required Hello Neighbor 1.0 mod apk link for the hello neighbor application.

5) After finding the appropriate page with the hello Neighbor 1.0 link, along with the hello neighbor icon and sign, click on it, and your download will start, and the application will save on your android/iPhone.

6) Go to the file manager category of your device, and you will find the installed application.

7) Click on the link to launch the application. The application would be installed successfully.

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Hello Neighbor File Info

App NameHello Neighbor
File Size946 MB | 1.1 GB | 53.9 MB
Requires Android7.0 and up
Content RatingRated for 3+
Last UpdatedToday

What’s New?

What’s so special in Hello Neighbor


Something very special about Hello Neighbor is that it is one of the few exciting horror story games available on the web, and it is extremely thrilling and enthralling. It casts a very realistic set-up, and story lines like there will be a mysterious door, there’ll be cameras, and you will have to very secretively sneak into the Neighbor’s house to figure out the horrible secrets he’s hiding. You need to work to bear trap there sneaking and planning and figuring out escape mechanisms like jumping from backyard window, expect to find a safer place.

There will be window, expect a bear trap, and there will be cameras there. Soon trying to escape, you will have to be quick and vigilant to discover the secrets of your neighbors.

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How to Play

The starting of the hello neighbor game is with your character being the occupant of a rural area. Your character will then come across a Moby Book and will start speculating that something is fishy around your neighbourhood.

From that point forward, he is in search of ideas for sneaking in the basement of his mystery neighbor. He must be extremely vigilant and attentive with every one of his action s and should try to keep his investigation a secret and hidden at any expense.

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It is the high-level type of man-made consciousness based game that causes him to comprehend the different activities. He can likewise get the moves of things to come in a manner that best suits his propaganda.

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Final Words

The hello neighbor game is a fantastic escape from the boredom of your everyday life and adds a lot of thrill, mystery, horror and drama to your day. However, it is not just a horror game about sneaking. Rather you need to play against an advanced AI that learns and modifies the Neighbor’s actions according to your moves.

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It gives you the thrill to explore a set-up that is at par with realistic mystery set-ups, be it hiding in the basement, climbing through that backyard, sneaking into your Neighbor’s house or figuring out what horrible crime and mystery await there, you will need to have precise planning and a quick presence of mind.