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Hello, Neighbor is a game different from what we are used to playing in the horror genre. Since its release in 2015, the game has become a huge indie video game. It is a horror game that consists of cute graphics. The game is about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure the horrible secrets he’s hiding in the basement. There are cameras in the house, and you play against Al that learns from every move and will find a shortcut and catch you.

The Hello Neighbor APK, also known as the Android version of this popular sport, has many of the same characteristics of this iPhone app that can also be on the Android platform. The game allows users to see the children’s mood and several other aspects of their behavior, which they can take advantage of for classroom improvement. This program can be used for classroom usage in a variety of ways. Students may play with the plan and assess the period they spend playing and what they do whenever they are playing with it.

Students may learn how to manage their time better, play with a real kid, and learn how to communicate with a child through a series of natural dialogues. These dialogues may consist of things like, “I’m going to go out for a bit, I will be back in five minutes,” and the like. They’re also able to use the app to track how much time students spend on the program and the total amount of time they spend with this application. Students can also learn various other helpful tips for classroom usage from enjoying the Hello Neighbor APK. When students play the sport, they will learn the various characters that appear on display and find out about different levels they undergo, allowing for increased interaction with the program.

As users play with the Hello Neighbor APK, they will find that this is a fun way to get their students engaged in lessons they can utilize in the classroom. This program has become remarkably popular with users, which will be evident from the fact that many teachers have been using it in their classrooms. Teachers can download the app for their cell phones and see just how their pupils are doing daily.


Hello Neighbor was first launched in 2015 and later got approval. The first pre-alpha version was released in September 2016, Alpha 1 on 26th October, Alpha 2 in November 2016, Alpha 3 in December 2016, and Alpha 4 on 4th May 2017. At the initial stages, the game was available only on Microsoft and Xbox, but later it got available on all different devices. 10th June 2018, Tiny Build announced the first add on called ‘Secret Neighbor’, a multiplayer horror game, which follows a group of friends trying to free their friends from the basement with one friend disguise as a neighbor.

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The game’s main character has recently moved to a new place, but something doesn’t feel right. He has a strange neighbor that seems to be hiding something in his basement. The target is to discover all his secrets by sneaking into our neighbor’s house without getting caught. We have to search around in his house by opening locked doors and breaking walls to go further in the game.

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Hello Neighbor File Info

App Name Hello Neighbor
Category Adventure
Version 1.0 b163
Installs 5,000,000+
File Size 946 MB | 1.1 GB | 53.9 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Developer tinyBuild
Last Updated 16 March 2021

What’s New?

The update contains multiple major and minor bug fixes


Fun Gameplay- Has interesting gameplay so that users don’t get bored. It makes you suspicious about every upcoming scene.

Save and Quit- This option is available within the game. If something comes up when you are playing, you can pause the game by saving it and then resume it from the same place again.

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Enhances your Thinking- You can enhance your thinking ability by playing this game as you have to make different strategies. It would help if you thought differently to know the secret of your neighbor and solve the puzzle.

Amazing Graphics- It gives you an outstanding experience of playing by providing amazing HD graphics.

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Hello Neighbor is fully adapted to mobile devices having sensitive controls. On the top left corner is the button for grabbing objects on the way. It provides a quick tutorial to explain every switch and relaxation.

It is available to a limited audience who possess 7.0 android and above. It begins with the protagonist walking around the neighborhood chasing a ball, which doesn’t take long to get into the neighbor’s house and watch him act suspiciously. Some items and intractable parts of the surroundings can confuse and distract you. Search your neighbor’s house and you will find tools to solve the mystery.


Firstly, install the APK on your Android device. Then unzip the data and copy com.tinybuildgames. Hello neighbor folder into Android in the internal storage. Please enter into the game and enjoy playing it for hours after being addicted to it.

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How does neighbor A? I work?

First, the neighbor gathers all the information about the player’s actions, decisions, movements. After analyzing it all, it comes up with counter-actions, traps, and unique tactics against the player.

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What platforms are the game compatible with?

It is compatible with Windows 64 bit, Xbox One, and smartphones having more than 7.0 Android.

What languages is it available in?

It is available in many foreign languages, including a must basic language English. Other than that, it is available in French, German, Spanish, and Dutch, etc.

The game feels like you are a Sherlock Holmes detective yourself, the one who has to search for everything and solve the puzzles. The game is like a mixture of Norman Rockwell’s charm; you want to give it a try. It has a surreal charm with a genuine atmosphere of tension and brooding menace.