What do you call when your favourite show is available to play online? A dream come true, right!

We are talking about the world-famous Japanese cartoon show Pokemon. Kids went crazy when this cartoon aired on TV. The fans of the show were from all over the world like the USA, Asia, Europe etc. People watched all the seasons and knew the names of all the Pokemon featured in the show.

The cartoon series received such a good review that many movies were also released with a great storyline. The content was fresh and nicely executed. Research shows it was one of the most popular series and movies.

Things went top-notch when a game based on this cartoon series was launched. There were billions of downloads in a short period. It had millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. People went crazy over the game; they even spent money to find the rare Pokemon. What made it so fun was the 3D layout of the game, where you would see the real-life background, and you have to find and catch Pokemon in your area. If you visit the site, you will have more data about this.

This article will talk about the Pokehunter app, which has a map of all the pokemon gym nearby.

To understand Pokehunter, first, we need to understand and have a little information about the cartoon series Pokemon and the game Pokemon Go.

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is a Japenese Anime series, which revolves around the lead character Ash Ketchum. The story starts with Ash wanting to become a Pokemon master, which requires him to defeat other pokemon masters. He has to travel to a different location to find new Pokemon and fight the battle against other trainers who have the same goal.

Pokemon are a creature that has special powers. They don’t say anything except their name. Over the period, they evolve into upgraded versions and help their trainer win pokemon matches.

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Apk Size86.1 MB
Operating System4.1 or Above

PokeHunter 2024

 What is Pokemon Go?

Thanks to the popularity of the Pokemon cartoon series, Pokemon Go was launched. This was an interactive game where you are a pokemon trainer. It has so many followers on social media account like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc., thanks to the immersive gaming experience it provides.

It has a 3D user interface to view the Pokemon in your real-life area location. It’s just like the series; throw the Pokeball to catch the Pokemon.

But the players know it is not that easy to catch a pokemon. The most important factor is that you need to know the locations of the Pokemon. Once you know the location, all you need is to throw the Pokeball smartly to catch the Pokemon.

You can visit the official site of the game to know more.

What is Pokehunter?

Pokehunter is one of the best apps to know about maps, gym and much more.

It is a great tracking and map application that gives a lot of information about pokeshops and nearby gyms in the area. It informs you about the raid battles. It also shows empty spaces, if there is any, in the gym. It works extremely well irrespective of which device you are using.

All you need to do is download the apk and link it with Pokemon go, and you can catch the rare Pokemon too.

Features of Pokehunter

Real-time Tracking

This is the best feature of the application. If you are a fan of pokemon go, you will surely want to have this app. This feature will tell you the exact location of the Pokemon in real-time. It is extremely helpful to catch rare pokemons as locations matter a lot. It can also tell you which team is doing the raid.


No matter what device you use, you can now use Pokehunter on all of it. Whether you use a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, now you can map and track pokemons from any device. It gives a great user experience no matters what device you use. It will support all devices.

Easy Installation

It is extremely easy to install pokehunter on your device and easier to download. We will share the download steps with you to make it easier to download the latest version of the software to enjoy Pokemon go thoroughly.

Easy Interface and Regular updates

By chance, you download pokehunter; you will find that the map’s user interface is easy to understand and read. The co0ordinates it will provide will be easy to locate. It is in English so that it is universally understandable.

Pokehunter maps get updated regularly so that there is no glitch in finding your desired Pokemon quickly.

We are sure the players want to know how to download the apk; well below, steps are mentioned to download pokehunter on your android device to have an amazing gaming experience.

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Steps to Download and Install Pokehunter

Step 1: In your Android device, go to the settings option.

Step 2: When you open settings and scroll down, you will see an option named advanced settings.

Step 3: In that, go to privacy settings.

Step 4: In the privacy setting option, there is a section for unknown sources.

Step 5: To download the apk, you need to make sure that the unknown sources switch icon.

Step 6: Once that is done, you can download the Pokehunter apk by clicking on the download button below. It will be shortly downloaded to your device.

Step 7: Now you have to install it, go to the folders manually.

Step 8; Go to downloads.

Step 9: Search for the Apk in the downloads folder

Step 10: Once you find the apk, click on that.

Step 11: Once you click, a page will open asking if you want to install the apk; click on Install.

Step 12: It will ask for permissions. To move forward, click on allow.

The app will be installed now.


Pokehunter is an ideal app to catch all those rare pokemons you have been waiting for ages to find. However, all its features do make it a tough contender. With great tracking features, it will take multiple the fun you get when you play PokemonGo.

We suggest you download and use it to catch those pokemons, or as Ash Ketchum says – Gotts Catch’em all!!