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Enjoy the Pokémon Game Series And Also Events Of The Community

Developed by the game freak, apart from that published by Nintendo along with the Pokémon company (as a media franchise part), it is nothing but a series of video games. These video games are being played by many children.  It is known worldwide.



With slight variations, these games are mostly released in pairs. A few years after another console original version, the remake of the game Pokémon Go was released. There is also a Pokémon TV mobile application that is available. In that, you can easily watch the adventures of Ash, Pikachu and many more characters and you can also watch.

Pokémon like when they explore the stuff and do the battles and spar against the team rocket. Now all of this is available with the Pokémon go TV. If there are novice kids who do not know what is Pokémon go, then let me tell you that it is a 2016 amplified reality mobile game which is developed and also published by the Niantic. Pokémon go is mainly for IOS and Android devices. The game is an outcome of the partnership between the Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company as a part of the Pokémon license.

There is also a separate website called Pokémon to go live. On this website, you will get certain types of news. So, now you can easily go to Pokémon go news and see the updates related to the community and also about the happenings in the Pokémon go and other kinds of stuff. So, there’s a lot more to discover apart from the games of the Pokémon. One of the powerful resources for trainers is the Pokémon Go IV calculator. Determination of the strength, competency in battle and the overall CP can now be done with the help of Pokémon go IV.

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Pokémon GO Apk File Info

App Name Pokémon GO
Last Updated July 16, 2019
Apk Size 94M
Developer Niantic, Inc.
Operating System Android 4 or Above

What’s New?

Trainers—look forward to NEW ways to explore, grow, and bond with your Buddy Pokémon! Ready to kick off your buddy adventure? Here’s how to discover more about your individual Buddy Pokémon. - Feed your buddy treats, and it can join you on your map view! - Experience how your buddy plays with you in AR+! - Learn how your buddy is feeling! - Unlock Perks as you increase your Buddy Level! And there’s much more! We can’t wait for you to have fun with your Buddy Pokémon!

Pokémon will be more powerful, as the higher the iv the more powerful it will become. There are many methods through which you can calculate the iv. But there is also a caveat. The terms of service of Pokémon go is broken by many of the users of the iv checkers. But there are a lot of legal options also available and require a bit of extra work. Some of the best Pokémon go iv checkers which are totally legal are as follows –

  • Calcy IV (app)
  • GoIV (app)
  • GamePress IV Calculator (website)
  • Poke Genie (app)
  • The Silph Road IV calculator (website)

You can now get the Pokémon go update on the website of pokemon.com or Pokémon go to live, there also you can get many updates on it. You can also go on the website of reddit.com and check into Pokémon and other stuff related to Pokémon go on the website. In Pokémon go Reddit, you will find various updates and posts, there is also an option for you to sign in if you are a newcomer and also log in option for already those who are a member. You can join it and enjoy various current events which it offers.

There are certain series in the Pokémon go which consists of the RPGs, which is being developed by the game freak, plus, there are also many spins of games which are based on the series, which has been developed by various companies, and it consists of games of action, role-playing, puzzle, fighting, and digital pet games.

Now, there is also Pokémon go plus available through which you can easily link your iPhone and Android smartphones. This is one of the easiest methods which will help you catch the Pokémon and also collect many items that too on a single click.

Pokémon GO

You can also collect Poké Balls, Eggs, and other items at PokéStops. And plus you don’t have to check your smartphone for it. Also, if you want to receive bonus items through the special promotions then it can also be done with the help of Pokémon go promo codes.

Only with the help of Android, you can redeem the codes. And that too with just a date for a couple of promotions. Plus going by the Niantic’s previous amplified reality game Ingress you can also get some interesting opportunities.

One of the interesting facts about the Pokémon games which you should know is that there are more than 300 million Pokémon games that have been sold worldwide. This game is so famous. There is a community day also which is celebrated worldwide so, it’s like a monthly event in Pokémon GO, this is specially done to celebrate the players in the Pokémon GO community. So, now you can also join the Pokémon go community day and enjoy the events.

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Pokémon is the 2nd best selling video game franchise, that too behind Nintendo’s own Mario franchise. Plus, one of the largest media franchise in the world is Pokémon. It has a successful anime series, movies, and merchandise. Additionally, there are also spin-off games with Pokémon go which has crossed over 1 billion downloads worldwide. One of the Pokémon go event also includes Pokémon go community day in which all can take part. So, now you can browse into the website of Pokémon GO and find out about it.

For people one of the most reliable aspects of the Pokémon games be it from Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy, Nintendo Switch 3DS games and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the option that the player has to choose 3 different types of Pokémon at the beginning of the adventure. And they are often termed as starter Pokémon.

There is also an option where you can choose the type of Pokémon, which you want like Grass-type, Fire-type, or Water-type, and the Pokémon can also be chosen region wise. For example, in the red and the blue Pokémon, you will have the choice of starting with Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur. There is only one exception to this rule and that is yellow Pokémon, where you will be given a Pokémon let go Pikachu, It is an electric type mouse Pokémon.

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Another form of reliable aspect is that your rival can have an advantage over you and can have an advantage over the chosen Pokémon as their starter Pokémon excluding the sun and the moon. For example- if you pick up the Fire-type Charmander, so your rival will always pick water type.

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There is no scope given in the game to exploit one’s weakness so the game will be a normal one. i.e. the first battle. There comes exception again in the form of yellow Pokémon, in which your rival will choose the Eevee, a normal catch Pokémon with evolutions of multiple kinds. Sun and the moon will also remain an exception to this.

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But in Pokémon black and white, you will have 2 rivals, one rival will pick the Pokémon i.e. which will have an advantage over the players chosen Pokémon and the other rival will choose the Pokémon that will have a disadvantage. Whereas, in a Pokémon diamond, pearl and platinum, there will be another Pokémon Trainer who will choose the Pokémon with a type disadvantage to the player’s chosen Pokémon.  And the best part is that it will never battle with the player, rather in his character battles alongside the player as a tag partner in certain situations.

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Enjoy the Pokémon Game Series And Also Events Of The Community Developed by the game freak, apart from that published by Nintendo along with the Pokémon co

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