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Are you not of those high reading types who are addicted to heavy novels and can cling-in for hours setting your sight one page after another, Bookwalker can be the answer for untiring reading with the same amount of interest you would have otherwise?

When the Bookwalker series started on DVD from Viz Media that a few decades ago, it was more than just a collection of Manga and Light Novels, at the time, all the manga and light books were owned by the organization. Still, the DVDs were advertised as entertainment products rather than only available. Viz Media owns the DVDs and the Manga & Light Novels are returned to their original owners, the founders. The DVD’s include bonus materials like an interactive trivia game and audio commentaries from the founders. I’m talking about manga artists who employed the Bookwalker series as their masterpieces, which have been animated films at the same time or another.

However, because of copyright problems, the Viz Media Television Licensing group had ceased to disperse the Bookwalker Manga & Light Novels on DVD, so that is why the new season of Bookwalker is now airing on Japanese TV. The DVDs which are published in Japan are restricted to audiences over age 18. Viz Media’s arrangement with Japanimation distributes the”Bookwalker Anime” to enthusiasts who reside out of Japan. The TV series and its latest DVD release are just available to Japanese anime fans. I was fortunate enough to get an early copy of the Japanese version on the web, and it was brilliant. Like the Manga & Light Novels, you will find a special behind the scenes video that provides details about the animation process, and in the long run, it is a real deal.

The story of the Bookwalker series is an exciting one, handling the rivalries of 2 high school students – Mizuto Noda (aka Silver Crow) and his very best buddy (Manfred Yuria), in pursuit of the woman they both adore – Ayane Kashiwagi (Alison) who’s the member of the class who’s generally considered as the most beautiful one of them. The manga series and the Light Novels have a very vibrant cast of characters. Still, the Bookwalker anime had some fantastic animation and engaging scenarios that made them great films for me. Unlike the Manga & Light Novels, Bookwalker is aimed at young boys. So I look forward to viewing the film scheduled to be released at the end of this season.

Book walker bookstore and app is a virtual space designed officially for digital readers addicted to Manga and Light Novels. The eBook store can be accessed worldwide and from anywhere just with a click of a mouse.

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More so, it does not bind you to pay for a weekly or a monthly fee, which does not act as a dent to your pocket money. All you need is to pay, as you want to read, thus it keeps a watch on your reading interest and prompts you for the digital reading experience.

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Bookwalker boasts of a book reading experience of a different type. The reading aficionados are presented with free and interesting titles each month, with a range of books on different subjects, Bookwalker is the virtual place offering versatility in reading space not only does Bookwalker provides interesting reading content, but it is also the place to be when you think of laying your hands on eBooks with subjects of your choice.

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Bookwalker eBooks are fast becoming a huge fascination for the young generation. It is a delight to read different stories via the app with differential storylines and captivating and content-rich stories. Be whatever place you are in,  if you have the reading urge, all you need to do is download the latest novel of your liking and start reading.


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What’s New?

With every purchase, Bookwalker promises the reader with special goodies as a bonus such as free wallpapers, short stories, illustrations, and much more. Readers are treated as special guests at Bookwalker online stores and hence they are enticed via various rewards programs. The famous Bookwalker coin reward program is famous amongst the readers. All you have to do is to purchase an eBook, and you will get a Bookwalker coin; the more eBooks one purchase, the higher your coin back rate becomes, and at a later stage, you are at liberty to discount the coin for your next purchase.

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Bookwalker is famous for its special periodical deals where the readers are offered eBooks at throwaway prices keeping in mind their interest and taste, Bookwalker from time to time rewards its readers with bundle discounts and many other freebies.

These sales are to the special advantage for the periodical reader and he/she can get a variety of reading content of his/her interest at discounted rates. The app is particularly famous amongst the readers who happen to be on a continuous move. The app is easily accessible and loaded with various subjects to read on the subway or the metro.

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For iPad users, Bookwalker provides easy reading options, all you need to do is to download the latest Bookwalker app and login with your account and you are in for a reading treat. The app also provides you with the compatible feature to download the eBook and read it later at a time of your convenience.

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The Bookwalker app is specially designed for Kindle users, its fast download feature paired with discounted eBooks than other such providers are a big hit with online readers. With its latest UI and fast loading times, the Bookwalker app is fast becoming the platform for new generation light reading types who steal time to read in between their travel times.

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The app boasts a range of more than 10,000 Manga and light novels, thus providing a wide range of reading experiences to the user. With such a variety of choices, which Bookwalker provides, it is fast becoming the next big thing for the reader’s choice. At Bookwalker, you can have a vast spectrum of reading anime novels with interesting stories with new writers contributing to such reading delights.

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Keeping with pace of time, the Bookwalker store, from time to time partners with various publishers to provide exclusive and new titles to the world of eBooks. Keeping in line with the tradition, it has partnered with Japanese Publishers to provide fresh novels acting as a new recipe. These short anime storylines are brimmed with interesting and thought-provoking subjects that can be read at one go.

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Bookwalker provides easy accessibility to its eBooks to new users. All you need is to create an account, which is free, or you can log in via your already existing Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter account. Don’t miss the special coupon programs for the Youtuber’s which the Bookwalker provides. These coupons are at throwaway prices and can be well discounted to get raw deals on the latest ebooks to download and read via its app almost anywhere.

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Light novels are fast changing the landscape of the book. Many young and old readers have a penchant for reading eBooks translated from different languages such as Japanese. Bookwalker Global is turning to be the great game changer in this space. The world is viewing English translated Japanese novels with a lot of interest and inquisitive sense of reading, the market is yet to boom and tap shortly.

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Bookwalker global was launched to provide for the reading appetite for an English reader. The west is fast turning to Japan for its animated illustrated works and differential storytelling, which once translated into English, provides for intriguing reading. Thus, in a matter of quick time is reaching a wider audience than one can think of. It is just a matter of time that platforms such as Bookwalker can lead to a globally read revolution and become the well-recognized platform to emulate for eBook reading.