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Android Emulator helps you to run android apps or games file like apk or xapk on Windows PC , Laptop.You can also use the Android Emulator to run android files on Mac Oparating system.Android Emulator is best for getting better experience on big screen than our Android device or Tablet.

Android has a powerful operating system that provides various features in advantage of the user. There is a possibility to download third party apps, user interface can be changed and also customise the entire official look of an Android device.

On the other hand, iOS does not allow its users to download third party apps or customise the traditional look of an iPhone or iPad. This feature of Android has made it more popular choice for mobile users and also led to the creation of many Android based emulators for PC.

The features of Android not available on iOS or PC can be easily accessed with the help of free PC emulator. An Android emulator makes it easy to download third party apps on PC and simulate Android Experience on windows.

What is Android Emulator ?

Android Emulators are a kind of tool that offers the Android Operating-system on your pc! Android Emulators are mostly the Virtual Android Devices that may operate on any Home windows or Mac powered the computer. These were developed during the year 2010. And after that, they’ve been popular and many preferred means to possess a better experience with your android apps and games on your computer.

You will find in most 15 different kinds of emulators mostly distinguished about the types of features they offer. What sort of features you need to decide what type of emulator could turn helpful for you. In no particular order, we’ve pointed out underneath the list of the most excellent Lightweight Android Emulators. If you wish to understand what our thoughts about that the best Lightweight Android Emulator is, then do take a look at the best words in the finish of this article. You can also check this amezing app armored core 6 xbox one

List of Best Emulators for PC

Given below are a few details about the best Android emulators that can work with your PC. Choose the most suitable option for yourself. All of them have different features but their work performance is praise worthy.We have also covered Best Android Games where you can get the best and trending Android games played by millions of Android Users.

1. MEmu

MEmu is the best android emulator for windows 10. If your PC matches the minimum system requirements for the MEmu emulator to work, then it is provides the service of allowing to play high end games on your PC. The Google Play Store games like the bleach brave souls can be easily played here. The controls of mobile gaming are made easy for any free to play game like pokemon conquest, league of legends or card gaming.

MEmu supports APK files as well so if you cannot find games or apps on your Google Play Store, then you can get APK versions of it. For example, if you want dwarf fortress video game then just double click the file and the emulator will begin the process of download for that APK. The integration of keyboard and mouse play a vital role in smoothening the games out.It is one of the best Android Emulator among the other Android Emulators.You can try xecurrency on your Emulator.

2. Nox Player

Nox Player android emulator for windows pc

Nox App Player is the best Android Emulator for PC. Nox Emulator is specially designed for playing the best android games like path of exile or league of legends. You can also play best pc games 2017 using Nox android emulator pc which supports keyboard without any clutter. It takes time to get hold of its controls but once you get going with its creative assembly, Nox is undoubtedly the best android emulator for windows 7.

It does not affect the battery life of your device and it comes with a rooted Android version. It helps to use Android features like display fingerprint sensor and rear camera customisation. Nox player is definitely the recommended android emulator for pc.

3. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent gaming buddy is specifically designed to support the PUBG mobile gaming experience on PC. It supports other high end games too. TGB is used to download not only best free pc games but also best android apps and APK files with OBB if required. Top pc games can smoothly be played with the best keypad controls.

The TGB is the best ds emulator for pc with a sensitive mouse and an interactive keyboard that allows smooth running of high processing games. There are no issues with the high end games when played on windows; not even with the graphic which give a real time experience. With all those features, TGB is the best gba emulator for pc. Call it best psp emulator for pc or best gameboy emulator for pc or best xbox emulator for pc the silver lining remains that it is the best.

4. Bluestacks Android Emulator for pc

Bluestacks android emulator

Blue stacks is one of the most popular Android emulator and also one of the oldest. Bluestacks 2 is in fact the best n64 emulator for pc. It is the perfect blend of graphics, power and processing. Therefore blue emu falls under the list of best nds emulator for pc and the best 3ds emulator for pc.

It supports apps, games and APK files and yet functions without any issues. Even the games with the highest graphic quality can be played here without any compromise. Make sure to have good specs on your PC as it is always in your favour. Nevertheless, the Bluestack Emulator is the best ps3 emulator for pc with the title of best ds emulator for pc 2018.

Bluestacks download is said to be almost 6 times more fast than any smart phone.The software has an advanced keymapping and control system you can manage key controls with the all-new game controls window with blues game. You can also make manual control settings of your preference for the better gaming experience. These unlimited amazing features make it the best arcade emulator for pc.

5. Genymotion

Genymotion emulator is for testing of apps so it is mostly used by the developers of those apps. It confirms the working on a variety of devices instead on the owned one only. Not only that, it allows you to test the apps on the best android phone with different versions to check the minimum requirement for the app to work. It is hands down the best pc emulator for android. It is not a preferable app for play store download games.

6. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is designed specifically for gaming. It is known to make games confortable for playing on the PC. It is the best gba emulator for pc reddit as it focuses on improving the mapping and controls of the game. It does not support AMD chipset so you should stay clear of that. It also requires virtualisation technology to work in your BIOS. It is an interactive UI which makes the openemu the best android emulator for pc reddit.

Best xbox emulator for pc 2017, Remix OS player has a lot of options for customisation which cater to the gaming preferences and comfort of the users and gamers. You are wondering that can my pc run it? The sims mobile features can definitely run on your PC. It is the best android tv emulator for pc. It is also used by developers to test their app just like Genymotion. It is probably the only one that will allow a user to play multiple games at the same time.

7. Andy Emulator

Image result for andy emulator

Andy is a simple emulator that allows you to use all the features of your device on your smartphone. The best part about this emulator is that is works in sync with all of your devices. So there is no need to download the games again. It works perfectly fine on your PC so as it does on your smartphone. It is easy to transfer any app from your phone or tablet to the PC using this emulator.Try this apk now its on trending ovguide arrow

Not only does it allow you to play games on the small screen, but it can also be connected to the big screen. The resolution is not compromised a bit and gives you a real time video game experience. The controls are easy going and smooth to use. The storage capacity is no issue with Andy emulator.

8. Prime OS

Image result for prime os emulator

PrimeOS as the name suggests is an operating system. It boots itself along with your PC so there is double booting taking place every time. It works well with windows as well as Mac. It has a user friendly interface that allows its users to operate it easily. It gives desktop more features of Android.

It is more advanced than normal emulators as it is an operating system in itself. It works well with the hardware and is the best Android emulator with the smoothest interface.

9. LDPlayer

Image result for ld player

LDPlayer emulator is again specially developed for making Android games available on windows. The keyboard and mouse work in an integrated manner to provide smooth controls for the game. Multiplayer games can also be played easily with its controls. It is user friendly and the most recommended for getting android games on PC. It works well with windows as well as iOS. The features of LDplayer are no different than any other emulator. It works just fine.

10. ARChon

Image result for archon emulator

ARChon is not your basic emulator. It is a Chrome extension that allows a user to load and run APK files on Google Chrome. It is not as simple to use as the other emulators. It requires more work as you require to change the APK file in order to make it compatible with this emulator. The drawback of this emulator is that it does not work with all the APK files. It does not even support bigger APK files. But it does make using APK files on chrome easier.

11. Droid4x

Image result for Droid4x

Droid4x is one of the oldest emulators. There have not been much updates since but it works just fine. It supports windows very well; all the versions of it. It does not make a difference if it gets updated or not because it supports all devices and is known for its stability. Screen recording is also possible using Droid4x. The interface is interactive and the controls are smooth. Old is indeed gold.

12. KOPlayer


KOplayer is also a very good emulator that allows its users to bring android features on windows. It is no different than any other emulator. It supports multiple accounts and also multiplayer games. Screen recording is possible using this emulator.The App has a built-in GMS support with Google Play Store to download your favourite apps safely.


Android emulators help you use third party apps and games on your PC. The best options for your PC have been discussed with details in the above paragraphs. Choose the best Android Emulator for your PC that satisfies your needs. Enjoy the features of Android on your PC.