Real Time IP tracker: Importance & Advantages of IP Addresses

The IP addresses are of paramount importance for the online connectivity as it offers sales team and B2B marketing, and like it, many such incredible opportunities are available. The IP address tracker can advance the website analysis, boost the marketing campaign’s success, and benefit the lead generation for sales success. The IP address is critical in IP and TCP networking.

Real Time IP tracker is used to watch an IP address’s behavior and examine the site that is being accessed by the IP address. The IP tracker is also used for protecting the network and any other information that can be accessed through the Internet. This software has been in use in some countries for more than four years now. The developers are working hard to keep the security of the Internet safe.

Individuals use these programs to find their significant others, businesses, schools, and even government agencies in the United States. To download the software for personal use, you will need a computer with Internet access. To download a program, you will need a ZIP or 7Z file type; You will be able to open it with either one of the software programs known as Winzip or WinRAR.

The first thing that the software does is to run a quick scan of the computer and checks for any spyware or virus on the computer. If you are receiving an error message, then it means that the program cannot locate the software. If you do not see the version number on the bottom right corner, it means that you are not on the official list.

The program is available in two formats; The package includes both an English and a Russian version. If you wish to get the software for free, you must go through some steps and acquire a computer with Internet access. First, you will need to go to any of the popular search engines such as Google and use the keywords “real time IP tracker.”

You will be able to find many websites where you can download the software. There are many other websites where you can register for the software and gain access to the other software features. These sites provide information about the developers, the updates, and any support offered by the developers.

You will need to buy a license for the software from one of these sites. Once you have purchased the license, you will be able to download the software. Before downloading the software, you will need to consider a few things, like whether you are an experienced computer user or not.

e recognized and easily understood by the computers and the networking devices, which makes communication easy. The 32 bits IP address is also known as IPv4. The IP tracker process is initiated by sending specific data to the computer to be tracked to get the required data packet. Tracking is based upon reverse engineering. The best IP tracking is to send the right traffic into the computer and obtain an unmodified packet in return from a server or gateway acting as a medium.

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IP tracker

How to Find the IP Address

It is straightforward to find the IP Address of anyone, but it is essential to invite him or ping him for a chat, and while the conversation is ON, then open ‘Command Prompt’ on PC (Start> Run> CMD). When the command prompt opens, type the following command on it and then hit ‘Enter,’ netstat – an and after that, one can quickly get all the established connections IP addresses there and note down all the suspicious IPs.

Download Real-Time IP tracker Apk


Real-Time IP tracker Apk information

App NameReal Time IP tracker
Last UpdatedToday
DeveloperFaisal Khokhar
Operating System4.1 or Above

Steps to Trace User’s IP Address

There are steps for Real time IP Address tracker, and IP tracer services are used; by going to in the box which says ‘lookup this IP or website,’ it shows the location of the user. This website shows all the information about the user together with his ISP and location in MAP. Now in MAP, click on ‘click for big IP address location’ in the big picture and recognize the area.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is unique to a computer as a fingerprint is for us. An IP address enables one networked device to talk to the next. An IP address is a series of digits separated by the dotted decimals. There are many IP address technology which has been part of the digital world for years.

There are different types of tracking tools available, which are highly beneficial for businesses. Proper communications need both IP addresses to be open, fully revealing to the other, and due to this exchange, makes IP tracking possible.

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Different Types of IP Address Trackers

There are different types of real-time IP trackers, and there are different types of tools to measure them. Some devices take an IP address, uses public databases to search out the location information. These tools can be used at any time and by anyone free, and for it, the IP address is required. Following are the examples of the real-time quick track tools as follows:

IP Lookup: This type of software allows the user to enter an IP address that they wish or want to trace, providing all the basic information about IP locations and the map and pin.

What is my IP? : This website allows the users to track the real-time IP address tracker from an email.

IP Tracker: Users can quickly gain IP locator and IP location by using their ‘lookup IP address’ button, and the server details include hostname, time zone, and necessary address. These tools are all benefitted as these are quick, easy IP address trackers, but it offers very little data that the businesses can use for mass understanding and analysis.

The other IP address trackers are part of bigger tools that give more and more information to the businesses. There is some web analytics software that includes IP tracking as part of their reporting function and gives the users additional insights into the audience’s origin and the behavior of visitors. There are the following examples of some tools with these types of capability:

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Google Analytics: This is also the most popular and free tracking tool that uses IP tracking to provide the details about the audience visiting the website. It also includes the geo-locations and most visiting industries.

Open Web Analytics: This is also a kind of free tool that offers advanced website metrics and uses IP tracking to understand it with the most visiting locations better.

WilframAlpha: This website allows the users to enter an IP address into a search bar providing all the details, including the type of IP and the IP location.

These tools are highly beneficial for marketing departments to understand their online audiences for improved results better.

Lead Forensics: It is a groundbreaking tool that can track the IP addresses by visiting the website. This tool can use IP address tracking to tell about the names and locations of businesses visiting the user’s sites. It also includes the names and contact details of the key decision-makers.

All these tools used for tracking the IP addresses or location data e highly innovative, having the latest technological advancements, which ultimately leads the business growth at a higher speed. An IP tracker can easily and automatically record and provide operational history for all the IP addresses across the business. It also records any changes too by using a timestamp.

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Importance of IP Address Management

The IP addresses have varying significance as it is an integral part of any corporate network; the larger and smaller companies consume them faster with more applications and devices than ever before. It would become disastrous by overlooking the importance of getting a handle on the IP addresses. IP addresses are one of the most critical resources which are to be managed appropriately by any network.

The IP address management (IPAM) enables the administrators to eliminate the network conflicts, track critical assets, and ensure network security by providing the reports based on a wide range of parameters that include IP address status (which may consist of static, dynamic, reserved, etc.).

IPAM plays a crucial role in facilitating and monitoring the enforcement of policies such as validating that both the operating system and the antivirus software is current before assigning the IP address and granting access to the network. There are three approaches to the implementation of IPAM. The vast number of companies still rely more on manual documentation of IP addresses used in the homegrown spreadsheets.

But this approach is acceptable only for the small companies which are experiencing only modest growth and are not implementing wireless, VoIP, or other innovative technologies. But for the larger companies, it will be more fruitful to have this approach of IPAM and must have an IP address, which will be highly beneficial for it.

Large organizations must look for new IP based devices and services over time; the spreadsheets have no longer an acceptable approach. It increases the functioning of companies at a faster speed. Thus, we can conclude that how many IP addresses are essential for businesses.