When you get super excited or super scared, there is someone or the other that you turn to. No matter what we all need someone in our lives that we can share things with. This is a basic human requirement. A relation with another human being matters the most to us.

It’s our family, relatives and friends that make the most of our lives. Sometimes even our colleagues become so important to us as we meet them daily and we share so many stories and stress with them. Apart from your family, your friends and close confidantes, at one point were strangers. Strangers often prove to be a very good chance to become a close friends.

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If you are new to the App and you do not know what it is, the first thing that you need to do is to download the App and install it on your phone. You can do this by using your iTunes or App Store account. This will provide you with an option to open the app store, which is located on the iPhone. The installation process may take a few minutes, and you may have to wait for a few moments before the install process is completed. Once it is done, you can proceed to the download section and select the application’s file. You will then be asked to download the file to your computer.

Now you have the App installed on your phone and can download the APK file for your computer. The software automatically allows you to view the data on your computer. If you do not want to click on each file, you can save it into the appropriate folder. Then click on the record, which is available in the folder you have selected. The file should then be downloaded.

Steps to Download StrangerMeetUp

· Step 1: In your phone, you need to go to the settings app/option.

· Step 2: Once you open the settings option, now you need to go to the option – Advanced settings

· Step 3: In advanced settings, you can now go to the privacy settings.

· Step 4: Now you will be able to see an option for Unknown sources.

· Step 5: Now Enable the Unknown sources option to help download the app.

· Step 6: Now download the application from the link mentioned below.

Steps to Install StrangerMeetUp App

· Step 1: Open the files/folders app on your phone.

· Step 2: Search for the apk name.

· Step 3: Tap on the name to launch the app.

· Step 4: Once the installation process starts, a pop up will happen to ask permission.

· Step 5: On the permission, click on allow.

· Step 6: Now the installation is complete. You can open the app and enjoy it.

Download StrangerMeetup.com Apk


StrangerMeetup.com Apk File Info

App NameStrangerMeetup.com
VersionVaries with device
Last Updated
Size2.1 MB
Requirement2.3.3 and up
App byBrainSoft AB

Ever wondered why is that?

It is sometimes very easy to open to up a stranger, simply because of the reason that the stranger is not going to judge you on basis of your past experiences etc. Back in the day, becoming friends with a total stranger was not that easy. It was seldom that you would get a chance to meet that stranger twice in your life. But things change!

We live in a world where these days anything is possible. quite literally. We live in the virtual age, where we all have a virtual life, virtual friends and sometimes virtual love. There is social media, dating sites and public chat rooms etc through which it becomes easier to make friends online.

People want to talk, it is a basic human necessity of a human to be heard and speaking to a stranger on a public chat room platform proves to be the right therapy for the same. Online chat rooms also come with different variations like private chat rooms, public chat rooms where you can talk to strangers in large numbers. Amongst hundreds of online chat websites on the web today, one such platform is StrangerMeetUp. in this article, you will have an in-depth review of StrangerMeetUp.

What is StrangerMeetUp?

StrangerMeetUp is a great free online site to meet people online, virtually of course! It is that simple to meet strangers online. Forget social media, this app is going to your most used app if you love talking to strangers and making new friends.

The best feature of online sites like StrangerMeetUp is they offer a lot of completely free services that you enjoy while meeting people online. Because it is so simple to use this site that making friends online would feel so easy compared to real life.

On the StrangerMeetUp app, you can chat with random people online and make new friends. Like many dating sites available to use online, StrangerMeetUp has so many features that you will love to make new friends for free.

Let’s look at some of the features that are there on the StrangerMeetUp site.

Positive Features of StrangerMeetUp.

Easy to Join

Now chat with strangers and meet people virtually and make a friend in just a few quick steps. You can chat without registration too. And you do not need to create an account. Now it is not just free but also super easy and so fun.

Simple Interface

The interface of StrangerMeetUp is super easy to understand. It will only take you minutes to get accustomed to all the features of the application. Now you can easily talk to strangers without any hassles compared to real life. You can also post status and like other person’s status too.

Completely Free

Unlike some chatrooms which require subscriptions to unlock certain features, StrangerMeetUp is completely free. All the services and features can be accessed without paying a dime. Users find this very comforting that do not have to pay anything to build friendship and find new friends. You just have to visit strangermeetup.com and starting making new friends by talking to the existing members.

Available on app

You generally have to visit strangermeetup.com and sign up with your email address. The good news is you can now fund an app for StrangerMeetUp. The app also comes with a super easy interface and lets you reply and talk to your stranger buddies instantly.


Now you do not have to worry about privacy when it comes to StrangerMeetUp. Unlike other chat rooms, where you need to create an account and generally have to use your original name and identity, here you can anonymously talk to strangers and make friends online for free and with complete privacy. If you want to talk to strangers without revealing your identity, this is going to be an ideal app for you.


With StrangerMeetUp, there are no boundaries when it comes to talking to someone. You can make friends from any part of the world. This also lets you know about their culture and interests and rituals.

Share an interest

Now find new friends at the click of a button and share your interest and stories with them. It is a proven thing that to make new friends sharing interest and hobbies is very vital. Some chat rooms are dedicated to dating or just making new friends or simply just talking to strangers.

Easy Search

It is extremely simple to search for a new friend on StrangerMeetUp. Just put it in a name and you can see profiles.

Setting up a profile

It’s not that hard to create your desired profile on StrangerMeetUp. It’s one of the best features of the mobile application that members are going to be happy about.

Private Chat Room

You can find an interesting friends and talk to them one on one. You can also picture on the platform and if everything goes well, you can also go ahead and meet them. Sometimes the chatting may also lead to people dating each other. Imagine once a random stranger, now a soulmate.

That’s the mystic beauty of chatrooms.

Now if there is a good thing in a mobile app, there are some cons to it. Free services are bound to have certain drawbacks.

Below we have listed some of the cons of this application

What’s New?

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Cons of StrangerMeetUp

Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Although it is a free chat platform, the chat room is ofteb=n mislead. The conversation is often sex centric and many members are only looking for sex or sexual content. So if you are looking to only find friends, the chances are very dicey. If you check out the strangermeetup review, there are mixed reviews about the app and its service.

Often Mistaken as a Dating site

People these days go on any social media or chatting site and the conversation often leads to dating only. StrangerMeetUp is designed mainly for making new friendships. It does not have public chat, but it can use more than a dating site.

No Verification

When you create your profile and upload your picture and email address and all, it not verified. This often leads to people catfishing with fake profiles. Unlike other chat sites, it does not require a person to create an account but that also leads to a problem of a huge number of fake profiles. Now that you know the pros and cons of StrangerMeetUp, let’s know what are other alternatives to this app.

Alternatives to StrangerMeetUp

Social Media Applications

There are many social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, these apps are primarily used to connect to people you already know. However, on the off chance, it does happen that strangers can connect for chatting and make new friends too.


Chatous is an application similar to StrangerMeetUp. It also features chatting with strangers, you can also meet people on this app. The app also an option for video chatting and you can share photos on that too.

With features like instant messages, the interesting conversation takes place on this mobile app. You can talk to people from many countries. You can even meet the person if the conversation goes good. It also features a private chat room to talk one on one. With services like these, it is a tough competition to the StrangerMeetUp app.


Another chatting site, here you can talk to strangers over messages and make new friends. Amongst other services, one of the prominent features of this app is that you can talk to multiple people at once. Not only messages, but you can have sort of a group chat where any person can be a part of the video chat.

It is up to you whom to allow and whom to block. Video chat happens pretty seamlessly on this mobile app. The only drawback of the mobile app is that it has subscription charges. And if users only do the registration, without the subscription, then some of the features won’t be available to the users. Interesting and fun, it is in the league of the StrangerMeetUp app.


Another app on the list of fun and interesting Chatting sites is Omegle. It is quite a good app if you want to talk to strangers online to make new friends. The feature of the Anonymous chat profile is very useful on the app. This feature is very helpful to incase you find something fishy, you can stop chatting without revealing a lot of information to others. You can talk and connect to people across various countries. Just do the registration and you are good to go.

This can also a disadvantage since it is an anonymous profile, the person talking to you can be an imposter. Hence it is hell important to be very careful via exchanging messages. Even in group chats, users need to be real careful of what information is being shared.


If you search for apps where you can have fun talking to strangers and making friends within a community, this app can also be a good option. It features one on one chatroom and also a group chats feature. It’s one of the good sites to join for private chatrooms.

You can speak to random strangers and make friends on sites like Omegle and TInychat etc. It also has searchable chat history, photo sharing and much more. It can be a good alternative for the StrangerMeetUp app and website where you can meet and talk to people in virtual life.

In case, you do not find this app on Google play, we have listed out some steps below for you, you can follow the steps and download the StrangerMeetUp app on your Android mobile phone.


Is it safe to use the app?

Yes, there are no problems if you download the application on your phone. However, when it comes to safety and privacy while you are having a chat with strangers, it is completely your concern and helps proceed with caution.

Does it have public chat rooms too?

Like many chat sites, it has the option for both private chat and public chat rooms too.

Final Word

When it concludes, it is a good app to meet new people from all around the world from a different community. You can chat with strangers for free. You can explore the site of StrangerMeetUp too. The StrangerMeetUp review shows that it has more pros compared to cons and hence you can use the site or the app version to connect to different people with different interests and make new connections.

Coming to the end, we would recommend using the app with complete caution and report any suspicious activity.

Let’s make some friends now!!