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There are many applications on the play store that allow free texting in multiple ways to people around the world. The teen chat app is very famous among the teenage community and has had reliable reviews from users. It has all the necessary private social media features, but a lot more can be explored with complete usability.

As a result, we are bringing to you the best apk link for the teen chat app that you can enjoy chatting and meeting people on. Let us talk about the app before we go on to download it.

If you are new to the world of searching for free Android programs, then you are in for a treat as I will share with you a few tips which you may use to download and then install Teen Chat Apk. This free download is one of the best programs available on the Google Play store. What is Teen Chat Apk? Teen Chat is a social network application that lets you chat with friends and family through the net or your cellular phones. It’s been designed to be user friendly since you’ve got complete control over your online conversations. You can add buddies and make groups that allow you to chat in the comforts of your home or at your office. There are lots of options you may select from, including a lot of choices that permit you to chat with numerous buddies, see the history of chat and conversations automatically when connected to the web.

You can even make groups and invite people who are close to your place to the group. You can view everyone’s comments about them whenever they log in to the program. It’s also possible to see their photographs and messages without them having to interact with each other. It is quite straightforward to download Teen Chat Apk, log on to the website where you would like to download it, and click on the button.

So, to download Teen Chat that you don’t need to spend a cent; you’ll discover that the program is exceptionally secure and safe in addition to user friendly. The only real catch is you must use a computer to download it since the app does not run on Android phones. On the other hand, the machine does encourage the system requirements for the program. Once downloaded, connect your phone to your computer, and you will be good to go.

Introduction: Teen chat APK

The teen Chat app is the easiest way to chat and make new friends online. It is one of many free teen chat apps that give you the freedom to talk with strangers and act as a source of free chat

. This particular teen chat site doesn’t reveal your personal information while chatting with a stranger. It allows you to talk individually and in cupid chat rooms. The chat users on this particular chat site are not bots.

The app was last updated on January 9, 2016. Because of its simple usability, it doesn’t need software updates frequently. It only takes 6.8 MB to download and is compatible with all android devices with version 2.3 or more.

The current version is 1.08, rated for users aged 12 or above (parental guidance recommended). It is an interactive user application offered by Teen Chat Room and has more than 100,000 downloads, making it pretty accessible in this category.

But first, let’s talk about the top features that you are getting with this app. So here we go:

Top features of Teen Chat APK

Cupid chat rooms:

Finding new friends on this app is not only about finding dates or flirting. Users can join standard rooms known as cupid chat rooms and talk in groups to make friends.

Usually, the recommended friends that you get added to the group are from nearer locations. Sometimes it can be far away, but it is still a healthy friendship.

It has medium rated maturity and can be used by a wide range of people. There are quite a few reviews that say that they could find actual friends that went on to hand out and not just remain online strangers.

Language and content filter:

The teen Chat application is the most transparent form of simple social media. To put it in simple words, you can share some media and text almost all the time without any connectivity issues.

Because of less monitoring, it requires content filtration which would otherwise discourage users from coming online. Also, the language filterer stops anyone from abusing other users which guarantees user emotional security.

A lot of rival applications lack these features. All the basic flirting, dating, or chatting apps at a lower level of media are rated insecure or unauthentic. But the teen chat app is safe to use and at the same time has good user feedback. This is the very reason it has 100,000 downloads.

Application infrastructure:

The application design or UI plays an essential role in its user feedback. This app has a good color scheme, but above all, it is easy to use for almost anyone. The app has icons that indicate everything on the go.

One can easily understand how to get added in rooms, check messages, delete or block people, accept invites or send the same. This makes it an excellent small social media texting app that can be used for a longer time without any hesitation.

Teen chat rooms are designed to let you have fun. It doesn’t restrict engaging activities, and the developer is assured that everything happening in the app is taken permission for.

Online and Offline texting:

It allows you to take alerts offline. When you want to talk to the same friends, you can send an alarm which is not necessary but it is an added feature for user comfort.

Download Teen Chat APK

The primary query of users is how to download the right APK on your device? Which is followed by the urge to install and use it. I am providing the direct download link for the teen chat apk. Clicking on the button will start downloading in just a few seconds.

Download Teen Chat APK

Teen Chat Apk Information

App NameTeen Chat
Last Updated
Apk Size3 MB
DeveloperCupids Chat Rooms
Operating SystemAndroid 4 or Above

What’s New?

Once the APK file is downloaded, you can proceed with the further process. So, how to install the apk on your android device? It is just like installing any other apk on your mobile. You only have to make sure that you make the device compatible with installing files from 3rd party sources before beginning with the installation. Follow this step to ensure the installation of the apk:

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  • Start by going to the settings app on your device.
  • Navigate to additional settings options.
  • Click on the Privacy menu to find relevant options.
  • Here, you will find the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option.

Now, all you have to do is enable this option. You can now proceed with installing the apk on your android device. Following these simple steps will get the job done.

How to install Teen Chat APK?

Step 1: Click on the apk file that you have downloaded.

teen chat

Step 2: Choose the install option and wait for the apk to get installed.


Step 3: After the installation is complete, an open button will appear at the bottom. Opening it will launch the apk, and you are good to go.


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Final Verdict

So this defines all the features and functionality of the Teen Chat app. It is one among many, but it is reliable and ensures the safety of your private information. It is used in many regions and multiple countries. As an app that lets strangers meet and has software measures like language filters, it encourages using the app. Feel free to drop us with any queries.