Car controlling apps have become a luxury for owners. While there are a few apps that can work commonly for several models, more often than not, every company tends to maintain and develop an app of their own.

For car owners who need to safeguard themselves against keyless-entry hacks, however, experts say there are steps taken to prevent trouble or injury you may receive. Employing the method listed above, it’s possible to change your MyHyundai password if you’ve lost it easily. In the same way, you can reset your username in the event you have forgotten it! Blue Link provides some services beyond what Alexa can handle, too. It’s a site, where it is possible to find all of the information and the needed things for financing a Hyundai car using this provider. It’s a site, which has some very helpful abilities.

Would You like to Test out MyHyundai with Blue Link? As soon as I found this, my Hyundai still had a couple of issues so I thought it’d be a fantastic idea to write a review. One of the first things that you are likely to notice if you put in this software is the operating system of your car will not run at its optimal level. It is like a computer that is set to low settings but you have found the ideal program to put it back to the perfect level. The very first time you go through this process, you may want to maintain a constant watch on your vehicle’s performance so you can get the ideal method to enhance it. Numerous people spend thousands of dollars on expensive cars which they want to look after them, besides, to get the most from them.

The very first thing I did was to start up MyHyundai with Blue Connect and let it do everything. After a few minutes, I was able to get the computer running as it usually would. Following that, I noticed that I was getting all the phone calls I needed to make. After I upgraded the MyHyundai using Blue Link settings, the phones were starting to ring again. I have done a little more tweaking and that is why they call you in the morning because your car was turned on and that I didn’t understand how to turn it off. This was a great beginning.

In the long run, I believed that MyHyundai with Blue Connect is the best program I have ever seen for installing and tweaking your vehicle’s operating system. It’s straightforward to use and does a fantastic job of making your computer run as quickly as possible. You can download it for free and start using it immediately. There are many of these programs available on the market, but I needed to spend less on this one. It is possible to go to MyHyundai with Blue Link and get the program at no cost or with a one-time fee. I chose the one time fee because it’s more affordable than other apps which are equally as good. I believe that in the event you visit MyHyundai with Blue Link, then you won’t be disappointed.

Hyundai developed the MyHyundai app for car owners that owned a Hyundai by the features of those cars. While having a perfect car app is still a generation or two away, the Hyundai app is doing a good job in responding to the commands and making the experience realistic.

From remotely accessing the car to vehicle status, everything can be monitored by the MyHyundai app. Let us have a look at the features of the app to understand the functionality.

Introduction: MyHyundai APK

The Hyundai app is among the best-known car application on the internet. As the company has high-scale sales in many parts of the world, the app witnessed high demand for a lot of reasons. The app is designed to control only the latest cars with the required technology. Mostly supporting the models launched in or after 2015 are assured with the MyHyundai app.

Hyundai with Blue Link is a contemporary fashion statement for the stylish male. It creates an aura of fashion and elegance and a fashionable man. It was launched in 2020 to provide individuals with all the power and style in one vehicle. To Learn More about it please see our website under:

It’s a compact, sedate, fuel efficient vehicle. It has the exact same engine as the midsize sedan and has a roof that retracts, gives a wonderful open space in the rear. This also gives a nice view of the road ahead. The styling and looks are totally beautiful. It’s great technology features including the built-in GPS, satellite navigation and several others.

The new look has revolutionized the vehicle segment and it is considered as a car to look out for in the coming years. It’s fabricated in the Hyundai factory and contains an impressive track record of producing such exceptionally reliable cars. This business also produces luxury cars such as Hyundai Accent, Brilliance, Solstice and now with Blue Link. So there’s absolutely no reason to worry anymore as there are not any hassles with this automobile.

There have been quite a few updates over the last 2 years to make improvements and additions. The app also supports smartwatch features to give you the best ROI. The two primary packages that provide you with all the essential features are (R) Remote package and (G) Guidance package which require a subscription to get select features.

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The app is currently running version 4.0.34 and was last updated on 4th September 2019. It is a neat app with large and block icons to help you navigate between options. Download size of MyHyundai is 16 MB which requires android version 6.0 or above to support it. The app is offered by Hyundai Motor America and developed solely by them.

myHyundai app screenshot

myHyundai remote start

vehicle status

Download MyHyundai APK


A straightforward solution to get almost all the features of this application in a convenient way to download this reliable APK. To help you out with this, I am adding the direct download link for MyHyundai APK. Now you are just one click away from this apk.

Once the apk file is downloaded, you can proceed with the installation of this file on your android device. It is the same as installing any other 3rd party apk on mobiles. You will only have to make sure that it supports installation from ‘unknown sources’ for which I shall guide you in a moment.

  • Go to the settings app on your android mobile.
  • Move o additional settings which are the last option in usual settings options.
  • In the privacy menu, you will find options relevant to your needs.
  • Over here you will find the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option.

After this specific option is enabled, you can proceed with the installation process. Just like downloading the apk file, installation is also very similar to the usual file installation.

Let’s go through the best features that MyHyundai has to offer:

MyHyundai Apk Information

App Name MyHyundai
Last Updated 09 September 2020
Current Version 1.0.148
Category Productivity
Installs 500,000+
Apk Size 82.6 MB
Developer Hyundai Motor America
Operating System Android 4 or Above

Top features of MyHyundai APK

Remote features

The app consumption starts from locking and unlocking the car which sits in the app like a very neat feature. You can do it from a reasonable range and still be sure that the command will get a response. Except that a few users have complained about the delay in unlocking the car.

Apparently, in the early 2015 models of Hyundai, there have been certain issues that are yet to be fixed. But otherwise, if you own the latest model, there shouldn’t be any harm.

In addition to this, you can start your car using the app. This particular feature works neatly and has had no issues. It is comforting not to be worried about keys all the time. Though it isn’t the most needed addition, getting habituated of it will make you hate the key.

Android gear features

The application is optimized to use almost all the necessary features from your smartwatch or gear devices. MyHyundai has tried to make sure that the app stands for luxuries and is technically sound to back it.

One-touch on your watch will still give you access to most of the expected features. It has bluelink and roadside calls too, which is a good improvement from the originally developed version.

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Vehicle Status

The app includes features such as ‘find your car’ and can access bluelink for customer care. It is ensured that your vehicle is more secure than just being parked in an unknown location.

It also allows you to make car service appointments based on car maintenance information. A lot of these uniquely added features are for newer models. You can add favorite places on the go for convenience.

Secured options and access

Your smartphone now plays a role just as important as your car. Unlike before you can use biometric and face recognition to access the app.

It has a backup with a PIN or password and has an automated alert option for any unusual behavior. To send any command, you must have access to the app which is only with the owner and the people he wishes to give. The credentials can be updated by the owner at all times with secure options.

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How to install MyHyundai APK on Android?

Step 1: Click on the MyHyundai apk file to start the installation.

myhyundai installation

Step 2: Then tap on the ‘install’ button and wait for a while.

installing the app

Step 3: Once the installation is completed, you will find an open button. Tap on it to launch the app.

app is being installed myhyundai

Final Words

The MyHyundai app is solely to work with your Hyundai car and assist it in becoming luxurious in terms of usability. Not all Hyundai cars will support this app. The newer models are equipped with the technology to take control of. Even though it isn’t perfect, it works decently well, and the user reviews are encouraging. You can also get updates from the Google Play Store for MyHyundai App. We have a Great Game which is most suitable to play i.e. chameleon run unblocked so enjoy the game.

Feel free to share your queries and suggestions in the comment box below.

MyHyundai with Blue Link Perfect App V 4.0.34 | Club Apk

MyHyundai with Blue Link app is being updated and compatible with all the Android Device. Using MyHyundai app you can get your Vehicle Status, PIN and more.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 4.0

Application Category: Business/Productivity