KissAsian APK: Asian entertainment has grown so rapidly over the last few decades that it has transgressed all races, faiths, and beliefs. It has spread to various parts of the world and reached great heights. Be it anime, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Chinese dramas, they all seem to have a monumental fan following their own.

Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, to give you a clearer view, anime is purely the Japanese word for animation. However, all over the world, anime specifically defines Japanese animation. It is known to be uniquely vibrant, colorful, and wondrous. Asian dramas, on the other hand, are shows, series, and stories in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc. They form a huge part of pop culture today.

Have you ever seen the popular Hangout TV show on YouTube? It’s about two American guys called Joe and Anthony who get the chance to date an Asian girl in Australia and live with her for a month. Although the first episode was just a short one, people like the series and are very curious to know more about it. One question that is often asked is how well does KissAsian APK work as a dating service?

The guys had the opportunity to go to Vietnam, where they met up with another guy called Daniel. The two of them took the train to Vietnam, where the girls lived in the same dorms as the guys. The first things that they noticed were the hot women and the places where they are partying and getting their photos taken. The girls all seem to have similar clothing, hairstyles and even were a mix between American and Asian.

They all talked to the guys like university students and always greeted him with “Hi Daniel, it’s Ivy League,” and answered his name. When asked if they would do an interview, they said yes but a little hesitancy to talk for long. Another guy called Eric also lived with the girls, but they never felt comfortable with him. The girls thought that he was the better one, but they thought he just lacked sex appeal.

It is not surprising that this worldwide recognition has led to creating a huge demand for platforms to stream these shows, series and movies on.

Do you love watching Korean dramas, Japanese anime, and Taiwanese movies? Or do you have a thing for Chinese shows? Have you been scrounging the internet for series featuring Asian actors and actresses with Asian plots and storylines?
Are you feeling blue because you can’t seem to find any streaming platform with English subtitles?
If so, consider your search finally over! KissAsian is here to rescue you and make all your Asian dreams come true!

What is KissAsian?

KissAsian is a streaming app with hundreds of dramas, series, movies, anime, and cartoons. You can find almost all the dramas that you’d ever want to watch!

It provides all these with English subtitles making it an international hit.

The more recent version of this software program named KissAsian, which has become extremely popular with the Asian ladies, is another superb way to raise your confidence and at the same time understand and be romantic with the ideal mate for you. This software is free for a limited time only and it is even easier than it seems. You download the KAP to your PC, and you’ll be able to begin using it within a few minutes of downloading it.

The KAP program has a straightforward design, and the program gets better with every new release. You can choose many options from the different available screen settings and are included in the future versions. Now the only thing left for you to do is select the most suitable choice that fits your sexual needs and preferences.

To get started, you can choose simple screen options such as browsing through photos of many versions in the database, viewing photos of numerous versions and choosing the one you would like to view first. You can also search for versions by some keyword or term that you use while browsing the internet. If you would like to discover models in particular ethnicities then the alternative is “hunt by ethnicities”.

This is particularly helpful when you are willing to get on the internet and search for the right companion for you. Most Asian women have a fetish or voracious trends. If you would like to find someone who shares this kind of attraction with you, you need to consider the geographical location you want to have an intimate experience.

Deciding upon your fantasy date’s geographical location is likely to make things simpler for you since the service won’t send you some irrelevant messages in the exotic area of your dream date. This may save you lots of time because you will no longer waste it on the “wrong” folks.

Once you’re done choosing the model that you enjoy, you need to download the KAP application to your PC. The instruction manual that comes with the download provides you all the information and the required skills to easily use the application. In case you have problems concerning the setup, you can refer to the online help section of this KissAsian site where you can find detailed instructions.

If you have any other questions that you are confused about, then consult with the Internet support team to aid you. As soon as you’re satisfied with the application, then the download should be finished and you’ll have the ability to use the computer software. As soon as you’ve started using the program, you will find yourself feeling more assured and this is because you have researched and learned about the capabilities of the computer software.

KissAsian features a wide variety of genres ranging from action, adventure, anthropology, biography, comedy, mythology, post-apocalyptic, pulp, religious, romance, Sci-Fi, a slice of life, fantasy, horror, literature, supernatural, suspense and a lot more.

KissAsian is one of its kind app that lets users create playlists and download their favorite dramas on subscribing to their premium plan.

It has become one of the most popular apps among different generations due to its content’s versatility. You might sometimes get internet speed issues, so why not use Test My Net App for testing your internet.

As of now, KissAsian is only available through APK for android phones and other devices. It isn’t available on the Google Play or iTunes store but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe.

Download KissAsian APK


KissAsian APK File Info

File Size10.06 MB
Category Video Players
Android VersionAndroid 4 and up
UpdatedOne Day Ago

Features of KissAsian App

KissAsian app updates its database daily. The latest movies, dramas, anime and cartoons are up on the app as soon as they are released. There are options such as daily and weekly top favorites, latest additions, etc.

  1. KissAsian is one hundred percent safe even if it may not be available on the Google Play store. There are millions of users of this app who use it regularly to stream content.
  2. Users of the KissAsian APK can watch uninterrupted and unlimited anime shows, dramas, cartoons, series and movies for free. Although the website offers thousands of movies that do not need registration to be watched, they have a premium plan that unlocks some features. However, the APK comes with all the features and does not need any payment or subscription to a premium plan.
  3. KissAsian has almost all the shows and flicks out there, but if there is a show, anime or movie that you want to watch and cannot find, you can request it, and they will upload it for you.
  4. The interface of KissAsian is very user-friendly and provides ease of navigation. It is effortless to use.
  5. Another feature of the app is that you can create playlists and save shows by registering on it.
  6. It is expected that KissAsian for iPhone will be released soon.
  7. There are over 2800 Asian TV series and dramas on this app.
  8. The app features the oldest as well as the latest movies and shows.
  9. KissAsian also provides users with an option to report the error whenever they feel the need to do so.
  10. There are shows from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, etc., on the KissAsian app that offer a wide variety to the users.
  11. KissAsian has an unmatched video player that allows users to enjoy streaming to a whole new level.
  12. Another amazing feature is that KissAsian provides options for watching the show or movie with subtitles or dubbing.
  13. KissAsian has complete information regarding the dramas, movies and you can check if the drama is over or ongoing.

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Pros of KissAsian APP

  • There is the ease of navigation, and the interface is very user-friendly.
  • KissAsian has an elephantine assortment of shows, movies, dramas, cartoons and anime to choose from.
  • They provide great customer service with options to request for shows, movies, etc.
  • They allow their users to report the error.

Cons of KissAsian APP

  • The downloading procedure takes time and is long.
  • Sometimes subtitles or dubbing may not be available for new shows or movies.

How to Download KissAsian?

  • First and foremost, go to Settings.
  • Next, tap on Security Settings.
  • You will see an option saying “Install apps from Unknown Sources” under Device Administration’s tab; enable it by tapping.
  • Next, download the KissAsian APK and save it on internal storage.
  • Then, open the Downloads folder and find the KissAsian app file for android.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

  • Select the KissAsian latest APK file and install it.

A screenshot of a cell phone of kissasian app

  • Let the file get installed and on completion, you will find a shortcut automatically created on your homepage.
  • Tap to open the app and start streaming your favorite anime, dramas, movies, and cartoons absolutely free.
  • To create a playlist and download anime, create an account by registering. This will let you download your favorite shows, movies, anime, and drama for free as the premium plan feature is already unlocked.

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  • Phone: Read phone status and identity
    Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. This permission allows the app to govern the phone number and device IDs, if a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.
  • Contacts:
    Allows the app to read contacts, create a new contact and edit your contact list and those that have accounts on your device.
  • SMS:
    This permission allows the app to read, receive, and send MMS and SMS type of messages.
  • Location Info:
    The location permission gives the app access to your device’s GPS, which gives it access to your accurate location.
  • Storage:
    This permission facilitates the ability to read and write files on the internal storage and the external storage of your device.
  • Full Network Access:
    Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and other applications provide means to send data to the internet, so this permission is not required to send data to the internet.
  • View network connections:
    This setting allows the app to view information relating to network connections, such as the networks that exist and the connected network.

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KissAsian is an amazing streaming platform offering its users a legion of shows, movies, dramas, anime and cartoons from hundreds of different genres.
It is an app that lets people all over the world enjoy and understand Asian pop culture as well as history. Fans across the globe can enjoy watching their favorite Asian actors and actresses playing different characters. If you love KissAsian App, you are then ready to enjoy this chatting app chatueb, which is best for chatting and meeting new people.

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With thousands of streaming shows to choose from and an easy to handle interface, KissAsian is truly an app to add to your collection!

So, what are you waiting for? Download this wonderful app today and unlock a world of Asian entertainment!