Mad skills motocross 2024

Mad skills motocross 2 Racing game, yet again!

Mad skills motocross 2 Motorbike racing, an enthralling game, gives loads of emotion in single playtime. Do you wonder what would be the inspiration behind these games? To find out let’s turn the pages of history and get an insight into Mad skills motocross 2 Motorbike racing games.

Over the years, the Mad skills motocross 2 motorcycle design has developed and reconstructed, and they have widely become popular. The bikes are perfected in every other aspect, talking about the vehicles’ efficiency to the model and configuration. We can say that these motorbikes have been in the long run.

In the first Mad Skills Motocross 2 mod, it was fun to see the graphics improved, and the frame rate improved in this version of the game. The racing is more intense as well. When I play this game, I noticed that you do not get stuck in some corners or lose traction, and all these are already seen in the first one. But in the new version of the game, it is just perfect. Some of the racers have upgraded their vehicles, there are some new tracks, and now you have to Dodge all the arrows and hit the barricades.

Another great feature is that you can buy upgrades that will allow you to adjust the difficulty levels at which you play the game.

The secret that this version of the game is packed with is the mini games. Some of the level-ups can be challenging and addictive. Also, the Mad Skills 4th Mod allows you to play against many different racers from other countries. It also allows you to play in various modes such as time trial, single player mode, and multiple player modes. I should point out that the number of racers added in this version of the game is more than that of the last one.

In conclusion, I found the Mad Skills Motocross 2 mod to be the best game for newbies. Some graphics are not that good to me, but I don’t think that I can get used to them after playing the game for a while. Overall, I give this mod a 9.5.

Mad skills motocross 2024The invention of the bikes leads to its various uses. Now the motorcycles are divided into three types – street, off-road and dual-purpose. The off-road motorbikes are used for racing purpose.

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Motorcycle racing is considered to develop one of the few early automobile sports: a fun, recreational, competitive platform for the bike enthusiast and race lovers. Consider yourself as an adventurer; then this sport is for you. It will take you to all the rocky roads and natural terrains to suffice your hunger for some fantastic experience. There are many forms of racing like ice racing, hill racing, drag racing and many more.

But not everybody can have hands-on experience. This is when gaming comes into play. The motorbike racing games launched, give expertise about the real racing virtually. There are chances we can become a pro.

Not in real life, though, but at least in a game. The graphics are great. You can access some of the advanced versions. The graphics are so much worked that they give a real look to the game and offer undue attention to these thrilling games. Graphics play a significant role in these types of games as gamers are attracted by these graphics mostly.

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Real-time gaming has given players more liberty to show their skills and turn the game on their side. Live gaming increases the level of competition. It also helps in developing tactics and techniques. The new gamers can use these tactics and skills to enhance their gameplay.

These types of games are designed to create a healthy and competitive environment amongst the players and give them a chance to become friends too as a whole. These games are filled with adventure and excitement, and they are free as well so there is no hurt in giving them a try and experiencing the whole gameplay. There is an end number of chances that you will love these games and recommend them to your friends and family mates.

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Mad Skills Motocross 2 Mod Apk Info:

App NameMad Skills Motocross 2 ModInstalls10,000,000+
CategoryRacingApk Size
80.7 MB | 78.6 MB | 115 MB
Latest VersionLatestPriceFree
DeveloperTurborillaAndroid VersionAndroid 4.0+
UpdatedTodayContent RatingRated for 3+

What’s New?

Let us know more about a game that involves real-time gaming: Mad Skills Motocross 2.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is a racing game for motorcycle game in daring tracks. Mad Skills Motocross 2, is liked a lot by all the gamers out there and is loved by each person who plays it. It is a game that attracts most motorcycle lovers’ attention. You can play this game despite what your age is or what your game style is. It is not a conventional motorcycle racing game. Here you compete extremely. You take leaps from high hills, and as you move forward, the level of difficulty increases gradually. Sometimes you encounter some incidents that are tough to cross, and other times, you confront ramps.

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In Mad Skills, Motocross 2 is a game where you can advance to the next level by challenging the right and maintaining your speed to win the race. The game offers almost everything a racing game requires. It is quite entertaining and engaging to a whole new level. The controls are located in a perfect place where they are easily manageable for your virtual motorcycle, so you are not bothered to get used to it. It has a mod where all the locks are open so you can explore and enjoy more.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is a 2D game customized for bike racing. It is a short racing game played against another player with dozens of trails to choose from.

Each race’s objective is identical, that is, to be the first one to finish the line. However, the way you can accomplish that is your choice and tactic. You have to care about the path and jumps and flips and tricks that you perform with safety.

You can choose from the six bikes that this game provides with its features and attributes. These bikes need to be unlocked by achieving different milestones that are necessary. This motorbike game supports up to 19 versatile languages for its gameplay.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 makes it plausible for people to compete in real-time with human players over the Internet. You can defy your friends on Facebook and compete against players all over the world. It is a license-free game.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 has excellent graphics and majorly has engaging gameplay perfectly acclimated for touchscreen devices. It has a minimum android requirement is Android 2.3.3.

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Mad Skills Motocross 2 comprises:


Mad Skills Motocross 2 has the stablest motorcycle physics of any side-scrolling game on the planet. Amazingly, it is so responsive to all the bikes that this game supports. The more you invest your time in it, the more addictive the game becomes and the faster you get.


You have to work up hard to attain the 11 stylish and fantastic bikes that this game provides, with different speeds and brilliant features. Get the most agile bike and rule all your friends and foes.


This feature is an utter thrill amongst all the others. You have to choose a friend on a random basis, pick a track, and have the best lap time that you can have in two minutes. Then assure if they can beat you at the same time or not. Win the battle so that you can earn XP and level up to score excellent virtual goods.


Mad Skills Motocross 2 is quite sufficient content that keeps you busy for years and not bored at all. You have to beat the opponents on the career tracks and then see for yourself that you can hit for the Ace to unlock more tracks. Once you are over and have won all these tracks, you can compete and challenge your friends, family or neighbors, or players all over the world. There are real-life professional motocross racers who play this game. You can even take and compare your timings and play.

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Mad Skills Motocross 2 has online JAM sessions that host varied competitions against fellow players and racers joining the JAM from around the world with new tracks introduced almost every week. JAM is intended to be the most addictive session of all that you have on your mobile devices.


You can customize the color and give your bike fresh looks and the rider’s gear too can be tailored. You can add your favorite number plate to the bike. If you are fast in the game, you can achieve the virtual Red Bull helmet and make your friends rule the game.


There are optional rocket levels to boost up the difficulty levels and competitors.

You can connect with Facebook, Twitter, or Goggle Play and save your game progress and never lose it if you even change devices.

There are HD optimized settings for a beautiful gameplay experience.

This app is free, but some items can cost you a few bucks to attain during the gameplay. Mad Skills Motocross 2 is targeted to an audience above the age of 13 years. Also, this game has few advertising partners for selected products.


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Now, how to download the game?

Here’s the drill – Either download it from Google PlayStore or search it on Google, and you will be fitted with numerous websites from where you can download the game.

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And how would you install an APK app?

If you are compliant with installing an APK app, you need to make sure that your phone is allowed to download apps from third-party apps.

All you have to do is – Settings > Privacy and selecting Unknown Sources.

It then downloads the APK of Mad Skills Motocross 2, and you can click on the install option.

Voila! Your game is installed and awaits you to play!

For sure, this is an enthralling game. It gives you a purpose and a healthy competitive spirit too. It is a robust game in its gameplay, no rage, and other things, just a healthy environment. It is a great time killer. Mad Skills Motocross 2 also provides you with enough content that will not let you be bored and keep you engaged for months.

But, it would help if you always were informed of the consequences it poses. The game is very addictive and can cause poor academic performance if played for long hours. Also, sitting in one place can make you lazy and obese — the addiction to this game has affected your brain growth. And of course, gaming addiction causes harm to eyesight, and the urge to win and advance to further levels is so high that it causes insomnia to most gamers.

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Well, enough with the morals… the benefits of playing racing games like Mad Skills Motocross 2 are not a secret to anyone now.

These games have been confirmed to treat dyslexia as well, so you see, it is not all critical, and it is all no high-grade only because these games are not played in regulation.

Besides all of this, I will recommend you to play this light-hearted racing game over any game. This game is fun to play and stressful at any time of your life. It also distracts you from all the tensions and worries whatsoever. Mad Skills Motocross 2 is the new cool in the market.

Happy Gaming to you!