OBB File is the most complicated method for Android users to Load and install the Game or any moded app on android, so we are here to help you install an app or game having an OBB file. To install Apk, you need to go through this guide and learn how to load the OBB file and install Apk on your android device.

ES File Explorer Apk will all the Game lovers always promise the truth of amazing fun trips and fun, which is perfectly awesome. Android mobiles are the front runners in mobile gaming, and much of it has been possible with APK or Android Package Kit, which is a function like EXE files.

APK files have the born-in power to install the Apps on your Androids in a perfect world speaking.

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Knowing APKs is just next to incomplete without discussing Mod APKs. In case an Android user does not package to connect to Google Play Store or download from any different App store is causing serious problems, or maybe you want a more explained App with unlimited features, Mod APK is the right answer. With Mod APKs, the mobile gaming experience is enriching.

Download ES File Explorer


Downloading a Mod APK gives you the advantage of adding OBB file, an Ordinary binary blob file coded with the information to run advanced graphics, combining video, sound, words, pictures, and a few other features essential for smoothed-out operations of Mod APK. And that’s also one of the apparent reasons behind creating OBB files- unlimited and enriching gaming experience forever.

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Downloading OBB Files

There are easy ways for Extracting OBB files along with MOD APK, but you still need to look into its secret realities that will let you enjoy the performance of Mod APK in real-time. Here are a few requirements essential for downloading the OBB file:

  • Fully functional Android Device loaded with 4.0 version;
  • Download the link to an advanced version of the OBB File;
  • Download the link, which gives how easy something is to get to an advanced version of ES File Explorer for easy extraction of OBB File;
  • Effective Network Connection;
  • High ability storage SD card for storing OBB Files.
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Install and Compile APK with OBB

You can move obb to sd card easily buy make sure you have the below requirement.


Extracting OBB files are smooth and easy once you follow these procedures:

  1. The first step in extracting the OBB file begins with downloading ES File Explorer.
  2. Next, you need to download MOD APK and the OBB file of the game you want to play. Since the OBB file size is heavy, you need to store it on an SD card.
  3. Start the ES Explorer.
  4. Find the MOD APK and press on Install Button. Ensure you download and save MOD APK and OBB File in the same location as this will help you locate.
  5. Look out for OBB File in ES File Explorer, and later, press on OBB File.
  6. After you press on the OBB File, you are caused/brought about/reminded by ES File Explorer for ES Zip Viewer. OBB File opens, and a small box Extract Button is visible on your top right-hand corner.
  7. Click on the Extract Button
  8. ES File Explorer enquires for location preference for (pulling out or taking from something else) OBB File. You should save the file, first in the Android folder and then in the OBB folder. If you are not able to locate the OBB folder, create one now.

Finally, click on the OK button, and this is when the extraction of OBB begins.
After the extraction, press MOD APK and start enjoying your Android game.

OBB Files are Heavy But Make a Powerful Difference in Gaming

OBB files are massive compared to Mod APK, and it is always recommended to download OBB files on any wireless network to experience an awesomely high gaming speed. Make sure of one thing – Without the OBB file, Mod APK cannot perform to its full gaming possibilities, and you will not have the kind of fun that could overpower your energies. This is where much talking has to be done on the smooth extraction of the OBB file.

These procedures for OBB File extraction work (in a way that produces a lot with very little waste), ignoring any website’s source. Living up to great gaming is every gamer’s right, and now this right is announced on to the Android gamer with OBB File.

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