Metal Slug 3 2023

Before starting with the downloading method of Metal Slug 3 APK, it is important to know what it is and how it works. The name itself is not so suggestive, and many people wonder what it is. SNK technologically advances it. It is a video game that is based on runs and handguns.

There are many new features added to the game, which includes varieties of newfangled weaponry and automobiles now which you can use. Plus, they have introduced diverging paths also in the series, which makes it more interesting. This game was released, i.e., and its origin was in the year 2000. That time it had metal slug 2 and metal slug x.

It’s time to switch your fun with the latest and greatest pleasure with the METAL SLUG 3 Apk. It is one of the latest in fun-filled games, giving you plenty of options to solve your Android phone problems. Metric slug is the best way to learn the ropes and prepare you for the first challenge. Grab this fun, free Apk for your android today and start learning the ropes.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find the MET metal slug Apk for fun that meets all your needs. It gives you enough options to solve the situations you find yourself in, which will make the game an excellent experience to play. You can enjoy the fun with the MET SLUG 3 apk. With the fast-paced gaming and strategy game, you will be able to get the chance to learn the ropes while enjoying the best fun you could ever find in the world. This game’s whole objective is to collect as many bodies as possible by mashing a few buttons.

With MET metal slug, you don’t have to worry about any physical pains or injuries, as it is not possible to run up and down the speed, you get when you are in a real game. It is best for those who love to exercise and also like playing with their friends and family. Enjoy playing MET SLUG 3 with your friends and relatives and also seek some good friends to play with. With the MET SLUG Apk, you will be able to get the advantage to compete with other players, thereby enabling you to reach the top.

The raised area on which this game was established was for the geo-neo VMS colonnade. The Noise factory did the composition of this game. The game was then decided to be ported to windows, play stations, ios, and android, etc., and other stations and switches. The game has hugely received reviews that are very enthusiastic and positive.

Downloading The Game –

Downloading this game is very simple. Just go on the website. The options of the games will be displayed on the page which opens. You can find the game there. If you are having difficulty finding the Metal Slug 3 APK download, you go to the top of the page on the right side. On top there, you will find the search button.

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Click on the search button and enter the game’s name like metal slug 3 apk and click on the search button. Your game will be displayed on the page which opens. Then click on the game. A new page will open where there will be a download option along with download APK+OBB. You will have to click on that button, and the game will be easily downloaded to your app store.


Download Paid APK


App nameMETAL SLUG 3
Size7.3 MB
Last UpdatedToday
Requires Android2.3.3 and up

What’s New?

Metal slug 3 game applications remind us of when our spirits were raised; only those playing the game will understand. The rule of this game is that at one strike, you gotta kill your enemies. This game is multipurpose and non-customary.

Initially, the main character that is your hero, will be able to do all kinds of things like flying in the air, or ride a horse or drive huge tankers, etc. Plus, there are two modes in the games: the mission mode and another is the arcade. The difficult part arises in the mission mode, so it is better to try hard in the mission mode. This game has a complaisant format through Bluetooth.

Metal slug 3 is an actor playing a game. This means you don’t have time to sit and relax and then make your move. Your move should be quick and at once striking at your enemy. To some degree, there is a continuous shatter of bombs, rockets, etc.

Plus, there are planes and helicopters, and you being the hero, have also been given the power to control animals and robots in the game. This game is interesting because, in this game, you have to be continuous, which the secret of the game, and you don’t have to stop at any cost. You have to be a serial killer killing big ugly alien like creatures, enemy army, etc.

There are also chubby tubby bosses in the game who have some exceptional safety skills, and these are surely going to fight hard against you. You have no other choice but to fight hard against them and come out victorious.

It has the levels in which there are all kinds of ugly creatures and other stuff which moves, and it includes living creature, built in a creature, animated, etc. this game metal slug 3 can be downloaded on android phones only. Downloading this app is free. It comes free for all users, and it’s straightforward and as easy to download from anywhere or best go to the website of and download it.

This game has powerful bartizans, hi-tech robots, etc. Winning is a far cry in this game? But this is not impossible; it’s possible if you are constant.

The challenging shooter is found in Metal Slug 3 APK. There are two levels of dimensions that you will have to clear of all types of rivals: soldiers, aliens, living gods, terrorists, etc.; there are also certain restrictions in the game, which you will know once you have started playing the game.

You will also know how to clear the restrictions and continue with the game. The sad part about the game is that the number of weapons you will be given shall be less than the number of enemies you will have. And this is the challenge that you have to finish all your enemies tactfully, without wasting the bullets in your arms and ammunition.

When you go to the website of on the top in the center, you will have options of the game button and app button. You can press either of the one and download the metal slug 3 apk. Let’s get back to the game, so you cannot use your arms in the left or right manner. Instead, you will have to use bombs and directly kill your enemy through bombs and fire. The game offers various kinds of weapons that are used in the real army. Those weapons can also be used to kill your enemy.

Best Features METAL SLUG 3 APK –

  • The game mode is of two kinds: the arcade mode and the other is the mission mode. Mission mode is much difficult than the arcade mode.
  • Energetic games are constructed on the mechanism of opposites.
  • There are large numbers of weapons that are provided in the game. Though the weapon may fall short of against your enemy, there are varieties of weapons provided in the game.
  • The game is also based on the control method, i.e., you will have the power to control all kinds of equipment. So now you have various options at your hand to choose the right equipment and strike the target hard.
  • The next is the tubby chubby bosses who are so powerful that they are likely to turn the Gods against you.
  • The game’s imaginative visual aid comes with various kinds of special effects, which are so eye-catching.
  • Downloading the app is so very simple. You can also download the app from the app mirror store or visit the website and download it directly from the app.
  • You have to go into the app mirror website and open the page. Next, you will see a list of games. Search your game Metal Slug3 with APK and OBB and download the game.
  • If you are not getting the game, then go in the search option and search for the metal slug 3 game, and you will get it there.
  • But searching the game is easy once the page of the website opens. There are various kinds of games, including metal slug 2 and metal slug x.

The game’s technicalities are very simple and can also be described in one word, “Keep going on” or “ Don’t Stop.” There are different levels in the games, and the only mantra is that keep shooting at your enemies until they are finished.

There is also a console version in this game in which once you have finished the arcade mode; there come two added games like the UFO mother ship and Fat Island. Both of these games are also very interesting. In the first game, the player can control the army and has to rescue other army men. In the fat island game, there is a competition to gain more weight by eating various food. So this game is also an interesting one.

In the Metal Slug 3 game, the player can use weapons and use his body to defend his army or defend himself. The player can also use a knife plus his hands and do the kick with his legs. There is no such rule in this game that the player will die if he comes in contact with the enemy. Those rules are in old and different types of games. This is the latest one. So try this out and enjoy being a hero of your own. The game is a destructive one as the games’ scenes are different ones using all weapons and arms and killing each other.

Another new feature in Metal Slug 3 is the branching paths and character transformation. If drenched with poison, the hero can become a zombie, and anyone who touches it can die. In the pathways, there are several paths from which the hero has to choose one path, and each path will have its own kind of obstacle, which the player should be able to clear.