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Clear Your Android Trash with SD Maid Pro

Our phone has a lot of additional hidden files as well as other files that we cannot see them in background and it can cause pressure on our phone memory. Plus, there are software’s and applications which we usually uninstall from our phone but the file still remains on our phone. So, in order to clear these unwanted files the users are recommended to download the SD maid pro application which has amazing features. The SD maid pro does the complete scanning of your phone and deletes the additional files and cached files and clears it from the memory of your android device. You can easily download the SD Maid Pro from many websites. You can check in for the latest version from the website of star crack.

SD Maid Pro

Some of the best features of SD Maid Pro –

There is a section in the application named the explorer, which gives a very strong file manager. Then there is a corpse section in the application, which helps you, better to do the scanning of your phone memory apart from files, which are not used. The system cleaner in the app cleans the phone completely of the cache files and additional files. Through the scan of memory similar files, unused similar files are cleared in the duplicate section. There is also a big section in the application which helps clear the files which are large it also includes folders and wrong apps. There is also a search which is basically improved for caches which are hidden. It is also cleared. Another feature is set up failing also known as fixed root, which is made for android q/10. Also there is cleaner which is improved.

What all is permissible with SD Maid Pro –

With SD Maid pro, you can do the browsing of the entire android device of yours and do a complete exploration of the device. Also it allows the users to remove any kind of files which are redundant in nature. It also helps in the management of system applications and installed users. It also helps in finding out the files from your device which are belonging to the applications, which you have uninstalled from your phone, or device. You can also do the searching of the file from the name, or through date or content wise. Your storages can now be viewed in detail through the new SD Maid pro application. You can also enhance your database. It allows you to do the real cleaning of your android device by removing the files, which are disposable, or in other words also known as the cleaning of cache. You can also detect with the help of the detection feature all the images, music, files, document, location etc. which are duplicate in nature. Automatically the tools run through widgets.

The way we love to keep our home clean and tidy in the same way the SD Maid pro app helps in keeping your shipshape and unpolluted. It also comes along with a set of tools, which helps in managing the application and files. There are files and clang reports which gets constantly created on your android device plus the storage of the phone is unnecessarily keeps on collection of files etc. which you cannot see. So reduce your burden and let SD Maid Pro app do the rest.

At present the scenario is somewhat this way that the android system is the most used and popular functional system of the mobile. The best part is that it allows the users to deeply get inside the system applications through which the users can very simply create or customize second party applications such as widget, launcher etc. this is the only thing that makes the android a free, comfortable and user friendly. Whenever you are using your device for playing games or listening to music or any other work on the phone, you will not known that automatically certain junk files are being created on your device. These cached files, error files cannot be seen from naked eye and gets hidden in folders which are not noticeable. This is one of the pivotal reasons why your device becomes slow and why when you are playing certain games or doing some work a message pops up as, “ the application has stopped working close the application” or sometimes it clangs without any prior message. Now, you can solve the problem by using second party application like SD Maid pro.

Download SD Maid Pro

How to download the SD Maid Pro App –

It is very simple to download the SD Maid Pro application. There are 2 methods to download the application on your phone. This application is not free. Only some other applications similar to these but less in feature may be free. This application hardly costs anything. But it is good to have these for your android device to protect it from burden and pollution of files. The first method to download is to go in Google and enter the name SD Maid pro apk download and enter the search button. There will be many results that will open in a new page. Go to any one of the results and click on it. A new page will open with the button download. Click on the download button and let the process start. Once the process is completed the application gets installed in your phone. The second and the easiest method are to download the SD Maid pro from Google Play store. In Google play store you only 2 versions and that one is free and other is paid. The paid one is for pro version. It comes with more and better enhanced features. Go to Google play store enter the name SD Maid Pro apk and click on the enter button. Many applications will come similar to SD Maid pro and SD Maid pro itself with an amount. The similar features will be for free and SD Maid Pro will have a cost. Select the paid one. Click on the download button. Options will come to pay the amount through debit/credit/others. Make your payment and click on download the process will start after completion it will get installed on your device. You can start using it then. You can also go through the reviews of the SD Maid pro, which are very good.

SD Maid Pro gives the users certain enhanced features, which help to do the scanning of unwanted files, and also augment the system. But if the user is not ready to have so many features or if the user want less features with minimal cleaning work of the files. Then there is also a free version of the application, which is not pro; you can use that prior to buying the pro version also. There is a explorer feature on the application which allows proper management of the files and can delete the default file and make it new. Browsing is made easy in this system. Apart from this, there are other options also like copy, delete, or move files. This helps you to use any of the features managing the file your way, but doing it separately with the help of ES or file manager is much better.

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There is also another feature in this application with name powerful search option. It can help you with searching of any file including the hidden files or the files, which got misplaced. You just have to enter the key word and the results will appear. And if not this then you can also search by date, content, type, etc. this will also help in searching the folder/file quickly. The application control feature helps the user to see the apps which are there in the device of the user. A small pop up message will come on the device of the user showing the present state of the application. Also the users can click on the app and get the detailed statistics.

There is a feature called export in the application. This feature provides for option like exporting apps in apk files, which also includes bundle. There is a reset option, which helps the user in deleting the data and then restoring it back into its original installation. The user should be very careful when using the option of the delete button; as it will permanently delete the files or data from the device. Next is the system application cleaner. Through an application you can easily eliminate the files which are of no use like error files, junk files etc. which are created without your knowledge or even if you have deleted certain applications. If you’re taking images or downloading images or text messaging then still the files get created. So, in such circumstances it is advisable for the users to use SD Maid pro app for keeping their device healthy.

Magic Pen Feature –

Duplicate feature in the application allows you to remove certain facsimile files. When do the scanning of your device by tapping on the reload button after which the list of files page will be opened. After going through the list, you have to tap on magic pen option. This option will be available in SD Maid Pro.