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When you talk about life in general, there is one thing that we look at in whatever we do or purchase or maybe use. , So yes, we are talking about safety and security.

Also, We are sure you would agree that our cell phones have become the most important thing these days. How many times has it happened that you dropped your phone and almost got a heart attack? See, that’s what we are talking about. Our cell phones are very precious to us.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the safety and security of your mobile phone, there are a lot of aspects where a phone can be corrupted. Either it could be different types of viruses from a corrupt file. Sometimes when you install certain things, there might be malware, spyware or trojan that can abrupt your phone’s day-to-day operations, like data leaks.

Everybody wants to get security for their mobile devices as the technology is getting improved and no one wants their data to be handed over to malware or hacker. If you want to keep your mobile device’s security, then download Avast Mobile Security on your mobile device.

The latest update in the Avast Mobile Security Pro application lineup comes with a new feature called the Xplode that is designed to help users stay ahead of the game when it comes to online banking. This is a feature that was introduced for users who frequently perform online banking transactions. When the user types a password into a PIN, the system will immediately look for a way to confirm the login on the desktop or laptop.

To do this, it will match the typed password against a database of known usernames and passwords so that when the user logs in, a unique code is generated. This new feature allows users to enable a password checker to look up a username and password in the Avast Mobile Security Pro database to confirm the user’s request to access their account.

Many of us will know how important it is to quickly run through a list of possible usernames and passwords so that we can log into our accounts in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, it can take many minutes to run through a list of usernames and passwords in the Avast Mobile Security Pro application. This is where the Xplode feature comes in. It allows the user to scan a username and password set and immediately use the Avast Mobile Security Pro application to run the search, thus reducing the time it takes to perform the search.

This process will also let the user keep the username and password set so that if they ever want to use their computer again, they can type their username and password and get access. Many other new features are part of the latest version of the Avast Mobile Security Pro application that was released today. Some of the other most exciting changes include the ability to set custom desktop backgrounds, instant messages, and more.

Users can now easily set custom backgrounds for the desktop and the environment must be only text, but it can also be an image file. A full list of new features is available on the Avast website. Be sure to visit their site to see the complete list of all the new features in the latest version of the Avast Mobile Security Pro application.

You might think that you are downloading a proper application from a legal place, but at times it contains hidden malware or spyware or maybe trojan links that enter your cell phone and eventually harm your device. Phones these days have built-in security measures to provide such misshapen, but the stronger the security measures, the tougher the viruses become.

It is extremely important to protect your device against these viruses, spyware and malware infected links. Since nowadays, where payments have become digital, and everything can be done at the touch of a button, the data in a cellphone is far more sensitive today. To help this cause, many antiviruses apps developed around the world and anti-theft application that can help your device stay safe secure. However, the app you choose must have great features like junk cleaner, wi fi security etc.

One of these software that provided complete protection is Avast security. This app is available on google play, but to enjoy all the services like web shield, photo vault, completer privacy protection, anti spyware, antivirus, app stability and much more. This article will all about how effective this is and how you can download it in your right from this website.

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Avast Mobile Security Pro File Info

App NameAvast Mobile Security ProInstalls100,000,000+
CategoryToolsApk Size38.5 MB | 36.6 MB | 36 MB
DeveloperAvast SoftwareAndroid Version5.0 and up
Last UpdatedOne Day AgoContent RatingRated for 3+

What’s New?

What is Avast Mobile security pro

Avast mobile security app is a security application that safeguards your device against spyware and malware infected links. Unlike some similar applications, Avast mobile security app offers so many services that it will be your one-stop destination to all your issues relating to the security of your device. Avast antivirus or Avast Mobile security app offers limited services; you will have to subscribe to the premium package to access all the services. To avoid these charges, there is an alternative that you can opt for. You can download and easily install Avast Mobile Security Pro is a hack version giving all the premium features for free.

For downloading and using Avast mobile security pro, you need Android 5.0 and above. Keep reading this article to get all the steps and link. By doing this, you can use the mod features of the app without any problems and get secured from multiple threats like phishing attacks, junk files, unwanted SMS messages etc. There are many features of Avast antivirus that makes it more appealing; let’s check out some of them.

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Avast Mobile Security Pro Features


The best part about Avast antivirus is that it is flexible; you can use it for any device you have, whether it’s an android/iOS device or your Windows PC. So now you can rest assured that all your device is protected by installing one app, Avast Mobile Security Pro.

Customized Features

Depending upon which device you want to use this app in, the features are customized, focusing on where the security is needed the most. It has great features like a web shield, antivirus engine, photo vault, and anti theft for android and other platforms.

Wi fi Security

This feature is extremely helpful and only found in a handful of antivirus software. For example, Avast mobile security antivirus gives you complete wifi security as it scans and alerts you if you are connecting to a suspicious network. It can also identify any devices IP address and all wi-fi networks you connect to.

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Antivirus Protection

The avast antivirus engine works great; it does a full scan to detect any viruses etc. If there is any unwanted or malicious installation taking place in your device, this feature will capture photos and audio recording of the user who is trying to do so hence providing more security.

Malware Protection

Avast mobile security antivirus also protects against malicious software that is generally hidden. Avast mobile security runs a competitive scan so that it can detect it as soon as possible. It also scans existing installation files for complete protection.

Phishing Protection

These days phishing websites are everywhere, from games to an online site. And hence it is sometimes very easy to fall victim to phishing attacks. But you can rest assured that Avast Security will provide security against phishing attacks.

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Smart Scan

If you are looking for security for android devices, look no more. With avast mobile security antivirus, you get an option for the smart scan; with this option, when device administrator permission is enabled, the antivirus engine runs a deep and thorough scan of the whole cell phone to detect issues like threats etc.

Avast Online Security Premium Feature

Apart from installing and download stuff, a major threat lie when you browse on your browser. It might have happened that you clicked on a page; it redirects you to another scam website. Avast mobile security acts as a web shield between those malicious sites and your device. It indicates which sites are safe to browse and which ones are not.

Secure Browser

With this Avast mobile security pro app feature, you get a load of option that will ensure maximum protection for android devices. On the secure browser page, you will option like Ad-block, Anti-phishing, Stealth mode. Privacy cleaner etc. The hack check feature helps with hack alerts by indicating if an email address is a blocked one.

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Easy Interface

The avast mobile security app has a very nice user interface; the features are listed right there with a simple explanation that helps you understand what feature does what function. For example, you can enable a fingerprint password. It also has a dedicated section to clear system caches.

Identity protection

These days, it is very easy for hackers to procure personal information and use it illegally to avoid that. So the identity protection feature of Avast mobile security does come in handy. All you need to do is enter your email address, and it will inform whether any personal information is leaked online or not. Your privacy is in no way compromised. Just download the latest version of the app and the app will take care of the rest.

Photo Vault

Cloud storage comes with its share of risk, where your sensitive data can be leaked online. Often private and sensitive photos are a great risk. For safeguarding, there is an option in Avast mobile security app, which is called Photo vault. You can add the private photos to the photo vault, set a passcode and there, it’s secure.

Constant Updates

The Avast mobile security gets updated promptly so that maximum security is provided to the users. You don’t need to do extra procedures to upgrade it; once downloaded on your mobile device, Avast antivirus will get updated on its own.


Avast mobile security premium also features anti-theft. Avast antivirus safeguards your important information. Now you can rest assured knowing the data leaks or theft. Users can easily use this service if their phone is Android 5.0 version and above. If the user fails to unlock your mobile multiple times, this feature will automatically lock your device and at the same time capture photos and audio too.

Avast Mobile Security ProApp lock

Now users can lock the app that they need to keep private. This lock will be different from a phone lock. You can either use the pin code or pattern for the in app lock. The user should setup the pin code lock feature in first place in order to access this smoothly. Upon multiple failures, the app lock features goes into alert mode saving your app and its data.

Junk Cleaner

Mobile phones generally start misbehaving when the storage is less. Avast antivirus apk will help you to clean the junk files in your phone that you no longer need. In addition, it will help you to clean system caches.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other features listed below.

  • You can use the power save option to improve battery life and keep track of battery consumption.
  • You can use the Ram Boost option to improve the performance of the device.
  • You can protect your web browsing details from being misused by using the options web shield.
  • With Avast direct support, you can get in touch with a team if you are facing any issue using the apk. In addition, you can use Avast direct support to get your issues fixed instantly.
  • You can take advantage of an amazing option if you have the latest version of Avast mobile security premium, a camera trap. With this feature, if your devices get stolen, and if they are trying to unlock your device, the came will snap a photo.
  • With Wi fi speed test option, you can check the current internet speed on your device.
  • With app insights, you can track what app you are using the most and how much battery is consumed behind each used app.
  • You can also get rid of ads if you use the latest version of Avast antivirus on your android device. One of the best websites to get rid of those pestering ads.
  • Avast antivirus gives hack alerts.

Steps to download Avast antivirus latest version on your android device.

To download avast antivirus latest version on your android device, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is go to the “setting” app on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: Once you open the settings section, now scroll down to the advanced setting option.
  • Step 3: In the advanced settings option, you need to find the “privacy” option.
  • Step 4: Select the privacy option.
  • Step 5: Once you click on the privacy option, you will find a list of option in front of you, now you need to click on the unknown sources option.
  • Step 6: To the right-hand side, you will find a switch icon to enable unknown sources to download from unknown sources.
  • Step 7: Once you have the settings in order, you can download the apk from the link below.

Now the Avast antivirus apk latest version is downloaded to your android device.

Steps to Install Avast antivirus latest version on your android device

Follow the steps given below to install Avast mobile security for android device.

  • Step 1: On your phone, there is an app name as files/folders.
  • Step 2: Open files/folders and locate the installation files of the apk you have just installed on your android devices. You can either check in downloads or even search with the name or find a recent apk.
  • Step 3: Once you can find the apk, tap on the name or select that apk.
  • Step 4: When you click on the name of the apk, it gives two options – install and cancel. To launch the apk click on install.
  • Step 5: While the apk is being launched, it will ask for various permissions like privacy permissions, device administrator permission, camera permissions, accessibility permission, alerts or notification permissions; if you want to take full advantage of Avast mobile security apk, we suggest you click on allow.
  • Step 6: Now you successfully installed the apk latest version on your android devices.

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Is Avast mobile security pro safe to use?

Yes, avast, mobile security pro is safe to use. It is a complete protection package that helps you maintain your privacy and keep malware at bay.

What are the best features in Avast mobile security pro apk?

Many features will be very useful, but some of the best are wi fi security, web shield, antivirus engine, junk cleaner, anti theft, photo vault, ram boost, speed test, app insights and VPN. The best thing is it keeps the viruses away.

How does wi fi security help?

With wi fi security feature, the app scans the available wi fi networks and lets you know if it’s safe to connect to that network. Users need to enable this option in the app.

Can you access the camera trap feature on the free version downloaded from google play?

No, it would help if you either had the premium by paying an amount or downloading the Avast Mobile Security pro app from this website.


With this, we come to the end of the article as to if Avast Mobile security apk is worth it? We would say yes if you are looking for a complete solution that can take care of the issues you are facing concerning the safety and security of your android latest version. The Avast Mobile Security apk comes with amazing features like app insights, protection from all types of viruses, safe web browsing through web shield; you can keep fingerprint password, there is an app lock, app stability, no ads, storage space management, various alerts and so much more makes it the ideal solution.

The junk cleaner is a great addition to this app for android. And so is the photo vault to keep the photos safe. The speed test can come real handy at times.

Download the app and let us know how was your experience using Avast Mobile Security.