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Human: Fall Flat

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Human: Fall Flat is a weird, open-ended physics-mostly based puzzle exploring things game set in floating dreamscapes. Your purpose is to escape these strange dreams with the aid of solving problems with nothing but your wits and physics. Play solo or with buddies.

You can download the Individual: Fall Level APK to Get Android from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android device. The APK file for this game is that the game itself, which you can download as well. The details of the game are observed within the APK file. The game is very popular with teens and adults alike; this game has also gotten quite common online.

Many distinct reviews are posted regarding Human: Fall Flat, and a lot of consumers have praised the sport and the caliber of the game itself. But again, the game is simply a simple arcade game with minimal action. As soon as you’ve downloaded Fall Flat APK, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised to observe how your Android apparatus will answer the game. Your phone will vibrate all there, and you can hear the game’s audio effects too.

Human: Fall Flat APK is a good match if you wish for a fantastic time with a few buddies. It is easy to get into the game; however, you may discover that you’re lost in this game somewhat if you are unable to. That is why you have to download Individual: Fall Level APK in the Google Play Store to have the ability to play the game.

Discover the funniest multiplayer physics puzzle raised, flat supporting surfaces!

Human: Fall Flat, you play as a wobbly human who continues dreaming about weird places full of puzzles in which he’s but locating the go out. Exploring things and the ability to create exciting new items is vital, as each choice is welcome!

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Human: Fall Flat File Info

App Name Human: Fall Flat
Category Puzzle
Version 1.5
Size 41.7 MB | 536 MB
Last Update 17 March 2021
Installs 100,000+

What’s New?

***NEW LEVELS 'CITY' AND 'GOLF' AVAILABLE NOW*** Pack your clubs, climb into the nearest cart and don't forget to practice your swing. Human: Fall Flat heads to the green in brand new level Golf! Then traverse neon-lit skyscrapers, tackle strenuous sports and soar through the night sky on your very own drone as Human: Fall Flat heads to the futuristic Urban nightlife of new level City!


You can walk directly, jump, tight hand-hold something, climb anything, and bring across anything. Mastering the actions could be your first enjoyable trip.


Explore 10 open-ended levels, complete hard puzzles, and amusing objects or actions that interfere with mental focus. Try new paths and discover all of the secrets!


Work all together to accomplish or gain any project – or spend hours pranking each other within the craziest approaches able to be done. Play with up to four players for wild and crazy violence!


Dress your Human: Fall Flat in dozens of stupid clothing. Be a dog, ninja, princess… whatever! Mix and in shape without limits or an end combination.

The worlds can be fantasy-like. However, the legal guidelines of physics are very actual!

Human: Fall Flat APK is a very slightly funny puzzle game of the publisher 505 Games. A viral game on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 is formally released for Android versions. It first appeared in 2016, and this recreation fast attracted a wide variety of international players, especially famous players on Youtube like Pewdiepie. Your challenging project in this game is to govern Bob from point A to point B. It sounds easy. However, you may discover it tight right from step one.

Solve puzzles in a clumsy way

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle recreation combined with amazingly thrilling bodily policies. Without enemies or scary monsters, your challenge is to control Bob from the starting position to the name of the game doorway. The sport gives you a completely new method. Instead of incorporating mysterious stories or tough puzzles, this sport calls for you to clear up simple requests in a bungling and hugely friendly manner.

The main character has a human shape, but he actions unsteadily like a drunken character. The manner to transport is awkward and funny, so mastering moving is also the first or most important essential aspect you want to study while gambling this sport.

Without tips or rules, you are free to do something you need in this game. Your closing aim is to pass the area to discover the secret gate, beginning and building up new maps. Characters in the game have hands just like Spiderman. This means that they can stick with many things. You can use it to climb higher positions or raise objects around.

Stop And Check On These :

A funny physics puzzle raised, flat supporting surfaces

Each map agrees to match up regularly working with a surf theme, and it’s miles divided into many small areas with small subjects. The items in the game are quite messy and have no cause at all. You want to research and find out the way to use them to overcome them.

Your most crucial plan is to move from point A to factor B, but the system of shifting you has many exciting things waiting for you. Sometimes, you will be locked in a room with the simplest wooden crate. Use it to interrupt doors or use it as a ladder to climb over walls. The unknown factor is that fixing puzzles may be very different, no longer held back to a positive sample. A problem can be solved in one kind approach, all depending on creating exciting new things for the part of a study.

Four-player Co-op Mode

Playing alone is fun; playing with friends is even extra a laugh. The game permits up to 4 gamers in a fit. In co-op mode, you can play with buddies to resolve puzzles in Human: Fall Flat. Sometimes, I sense like puzzles designed for many people instead of one player. With many people, you will have many new answers that you have by no means the idea of earlier than. Whether to succeed or fail, becoming a member of this laugh fun trip with my friends is enough for my weekend.

Customize Characters

Human: Fall Flat gives you pretty plenty of appearance to trade for the individual. It may be cold full of life and moving film characters, superheroes, or different slightly funny shapes. You can flip Bob into a pirate, Santa Clause, or Ben 10.

Although there are many laugh costumes, it appears that based on facts and other evidence, many gamers are excited about this option. Dresses handiest provide you with excitement with the new visible enjoy; however, now do not affect the gameplay or provide you with unique abilities.

Abstract 3-D pix

3D pictures of Human: Fall Flat is carried out in a relaxed and summary manner, like an incomplete recreation. It is well worth bringing up here that the bodily policies are very unusual and never visible in any game. “The worldwide can be digital, but the laws of physics are actual.” That’s what the game introduces.

The connecting way of interacting with something is also straightforward, consisting of a joystick and two digital keys that will help you control the characters’ palms. Bob’s actions like a little kid or like a drunken individual. Sometimes you have to hold clinging to the wall, and it’s tough to keep his status. This may be frustrating, but every so often it makes you laugh out loud.

I love Human: Fall Flat

Overall, it can be said that Human: Fall Flat is the most specific puzzle game I’ve ever recognized. The relaxation that this recreation brings is enormous numbers. You can play it with buddies on holidays or weekends. Together discover the game’s puzzle and help Bob make him happy by meeting a need or reaching a goal his dream. Remember, discovery and the ability to create exciting new things are the keys to winning this recreation!