Human: Fall Flat 2024

Human Fall Flat, a Curve Digital platforming game, is that adventurous pc game you will fall flat (and also head over heels). It is popular among vibrant community streamers as a puzzles game offering 17 levels with a lot of fun twists to what humans can do.

The worlds on Human Fall flat are all different environments – from castles, and Aztec adventures to snowy mountains, industrial locations, multiple routes – do whatever you want. You play as character named bob and you can navigate from mansions, castles and Aztec adventure to snowy mountains, eerie nightscapes and industrial locations. With 17 free levels now streaming on Fall Flat, it is a game of your dreams if you are a hilarious physics platformer.

Best Human Fall Flat Free levels (Easiest and Hardest)


Golf is comparatively less old on this open-end game but is still a very interesting one to be placed on this list. It was designed by one of the vibrant community streamers, Simon Isacsson Andersen. It features giant clubs which can launch humans from one end of the level to the other. However, watch out – it also features several traps and giant, difficult-to-operate machines. Your aim will be to successfully operate these tools to hit the tiny balls into the even tinier holes just at the right time.


The Train is also a good starting point for any newbie. All you have to do is jump from one Train to another, and it will lead you to the exit. However, there are some challenges that you have to overcome first.


Forest is one of the most interesting levels without any cookies. No Brakes Games, Curve Digital and Lab 42 added this to the original game and can be enjoyed on any gaming platform and OS – Windows 10, Mac, and more. This level is more fun with your friends as you explore lush woodlands to snowy hilltops in search of rest. But do not let your guard down; this is Human: Fall Flat, and suspense is just around the corner. Watch out for your team – do not take a wrong turn!


The Mansion is a comparatively shorter level than the rest; it undoubtedly deserves to be called ‘one of the best levels’ of Human fall flat. It is particularly interesting for those who have already crossed several of the other difficult levels multiple times. If players are already an expert at the game, they can even find several shortcuts to complete this level faster than normal. A small pro tip: one of these shortcuts also have a reward attached to it. Nevertheless, even if you are a newbie, Mansion is a great starting point as it is the easiest of all.

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Human: Fall Flat File Info

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What’s New?


Mountain was the fourth level developed by the Human Fall Flat developers. Mountain features an open, wide area where you will have to traverse successfully without dropping out. Moreover, it also offers some optional routes – like a hidden cave placed higher than the main area. If you are more of an adventure freak, you can even choose this climbing off-road to progress. However, here’s a disclaimer – the difficulty of this off-road multifold when you’re playing in a co-op.


If you have crossed Mountain level, you will know the challenges Water throws at you and that it is seriously on a different difficulty level. Water level adds a new mechanic experience, i.e., driving. Interesting to its core, Water poses a nightmarish threat to all newbies because of not only the difficult rowboat controls but also rowboat but also the operation of the watermill to reach and peak and exit. Water is the hardest one with difficult mechanics to win. The replay value is beneficial to improve your skills and cross the Water world.


Dark is one of the latest levels in Human Fall Flat. It features an eerie nightscape and mysterious atmosphere. While Dark isn’t mostly related to solving difficult puzzles as the other latest levels, it involves somewhat a different kind of fun. It requires the players to make use of some mechanics like finding the right objects to build a key and, in turn, proceed in the level. Thus, it is much interesting if you like suspense, eerie landscapes, and more.


The Aztec adventure is easily the longest world on Human Fall Flat. However, it also implies more fun and to complete and challenge the players’ skills more than any level that came before this. This level primarily has giant boulders to cross by making precise jumps or climb on them that challenges your skills. Aztec also features several platform obstructions than ever before. Essentially, Aztec makes for one of the most difficult levels to finish but is equally satisfying once you reach the end.

Different worlds in Human Fall Flat game

You can solve the puzzle and proceed through the city, night sky, nightlife, mansions, castles, snowy mountains, nightscapes and industrial locations using your superpowers. The various dreamscapes are:

1 – Mansion

2 – Train

3 – Carry

4 – Mountain

5 – Demolition

6 – Castle

7 – Water

8 – Power Plant

9 – Aztec

10 – Dark

11 – Steam

12 – Ice

13 – Thermal

14 – Factory

15 – Golf

16 – City

17 – Forest


1. Can I play with my friends?

You can enjoy solo or with your friends, and either way, the perfectly playful puzzles ensure exploration and that you have the best experience no matter the dreamscapes – from Aztec adventure to snowy mountains and eerie nightscapes and industrial locations.

2. Which is the hardest level?

As a common review, the Water world is the hardest one on Human Fall flat.

3. Can I play it on any device?

Yes, you can play it on PS4, different Xbox platforms, and on various OS – Windows 10, Mac, and more.

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Final Review

Here is the final review according to our experts. Human: Fall Flat is a hilarious, light-hearted, physics-based exploration game built on a dream level with diverse dreamscapes. It features various mechanics you have to successfully overpower to proceed through the game – driving, watermills, heavy machines, swing and of course, hidden traps and hidden shortcuts. Human Fall Flat is a hidden gem for any light-hearted physics platformer!