Zooper Widget Pro is a unique app that allows its users to customize their phones completely. The XDA developers have developed it. It has amazing features that allow the user to change the colors, themes, and templates of Clock, calendar, and many other widgets. It can make the home and lock screen beautiful with its wide range of catchy eye wallpapers. It is a handy application for Android users.

Some users of the Zooper Widget Pro incline to use the widget as a tool for suturing pictures. They will first examine the image and then delete it or add it as a backup, and they’re able to see at a glance if the photograph was altered.  But some users can see the photo as another square and thus possess the intent of deleting it. Zooper Widget Pro also provides a method for users to use their photographs as a foundation for other widgets and other programs. If you plan on using the picture in a widget, you can directly delete it and set the photo in a separate application with Zooper Widget Guru’s app icon and the name, or use the upgrade function that’s offered in the widget.

You may get a myriad of approaches to use the widget: for example, you can post photos from your camera into a site that allows you to send them to your friends, you can save pictures to the gallery and move them to your computer, or you can save your photos for your very own digital photo library. In reality, many people prefer to have a desktop widget that may be delegated to another application, and another application may access that. Another app, like a photo editor, will display your photographs on its home page. If you would like to get into the widgets on your mobile device, you may use the same attribute from the desktop to access the widget’s content on the mobile phone.

In case you choose to use the widget, you can go online and look at the different widgets available for the Zooper Widget Pro and determine which one best suits your requirements. You will be able to locate the one that is right for you quickly. A few of the available widgets have different features, such as resizing and cropping options. Some have advanced filters and many more. Provided that you choose the right one for your usage, you won’t be let down.

Zooper Widget Pro APK

There are two versions of this application: free and paid. Both versions are available in the Google Play Store. You can download the free version from the Google play store, but it will not have all the features. You will not be able to save the changes you created in your device for future use, and also, the on tap action is not available in this free version. In the Zooper Widget Pro APK version, you can get all the paid version features without any limitations, free of cost.

Download Zooper Widget Pro APK

The paid version has many options that are not present in the free version. You need not worry about the paid version as you can get it free of cost by downloading the APK of Zooper Widget Pro and enjoy all its features.


  • The sample templates are inbuilt. You do not need to put extra effort to download them.
  • Some of the fonts are included in the free version, and the others can be downloaded to your memory card.
  • You can create your templates easily and customize them according to your taste.
  • The editor is also inbuilt and works the same as photoshop.
  • Create your style and change the color, text, shapes, and everything
  • Date and time can also be customized in either text or number. Even the colors can be changed.
  • Date calculations (countdown, time to or from any date, calendar event, or system attribute)
  • All the math expressions like star trek stardate are supported.
  • Battery information display can be changed (remaining time, percentage, temperature, voltage)
  • You can have various timezones on the same widget from all over the world.
  • You can view the weather of different locations on the same widget.
  • You can view the weather from multiple providers for up to 5 days in advance.
  • Calendar information can be customized.
  • System info, like uptime, next alarm, SD card space
  • The name of the wifi network you are using can be changed and even its connection type.
  • Status of the network data for the current day, week, month, and year
  • Missed calls, unread SMS, unread GMail (multiple accounts and labels)
  • Astrological information is available and can be customized according to individuals.
  • Series for weeks, days, months, and year
  • True type font and portable network graphics are completely dynamic and customizable.
  • Static Bitmaps (PNG with alpha and JPG)
  • Progress Bars customizable with any numeric variable such as min/max and value
  • Tasker integration
  • Jelly Bean lock screen support is available.

Features of PRO

App NameZooper Widget apk
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 +
Last UpdatedToday
File Size5.9 MB
  • Advertisement free
  • Widget on tap action or configuration lock and module click action
  • Load and save your custom made templates on your SD card
  • APK themes are supported
  • Buzz launcher is supported


Zooper Widget will not eat up your battery at all. It works very smartly, keeping in mind the battery usage of the phone. No action will be taken while the phone is locked or sleeping. No weather updates will be shown on your lock screen, nor will the location be updated unless told to do so.

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Zooper Widget does not take up much of your memory when it’s running; even with 10 widgets on your screen, it won’t exceed more than 10 MB. However, during configuration, RAM usage can increase up to 25MB. This is normal, and space will be released shortly after the configuration is closed. If you’re using Bitmaps, due to the heavy caching, memory usage will be more.

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How to use Zooper Widget

If you are a new user of this application, it may take a while to catch up with all the features available, but it is straightforward to use. It will get simpler by using it every day. Given below is a guide on how to download, install and use Zooper Widget APK.

How to download Zooper Widget Pro APK latest version on Android

This app is currently available only for Android users. There is no official link to download this app. You can go to any link and download it manually. Follow the given steps to download and install Zooper Widget Pro APK to your device.

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  • Go to the link and click on download to save the app on your SD card.
  • When you click on the APK file, it will ask you to access the unknown sources.
  • Enable access to download from unknown sources.
  • Tap on the Zooper Widget Pro APK in the unknown sources.
  • Click on install to continue the download
  • Wait for a few seconds for the app to download
  • Click on open, and you will be redirected to the home page of the app.
  • You are ready to play Zooper Widget Pro APK and build your empire

Download and Install Zooper Widget Pro APK on PC

You can install Zooper Widget Pro APK on your PC using an Android emulator. Follow the given steps to download and install Zooper Widget Pro APK on your device.

  • To begin with, download the Android emulator on your PC
  • Launch the Android emulator
  • Once your Android emulator is launched, click the My Apps button in the emulator
  • Search for Zooper Widget Pro APK on your emulator
  • Click on the Zooper Widget Pro APK to download it
  • Login to your account to continue the download through your Android emulator
  • After login, the installation process will start for Zooper Widget Pro APK, and you are good to go

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Add Widget to Home Screen

After downloading the Zooper Widget APK, your first step is to add the widget to the home screen. Here, you will have to add a blank widget to your home screen, and then you can start editing it according to your choice. To add a Widget, you have to tap and hold your home screen for a second. You can see 3-4 options on your screens, such as wallpaper, widgets, effects, and settings. Tap on the widgets option.

You can see several widgets on your screen after tapping on them. Scroll down until you see Zooper Widget. It will mostly be at the end because of the alphabetically arranged icons. Swipe right and select the size of your widget. 4 x 2 is the most convenient size. Hold on to it and add it to the home screen.

The widget you selected has been added to your home screen. Now you can start customizing your widgets and create your own templates. Click on tap to start, and the Zooper Widget app will open. You can select from the inbuilt templates and add them to the home screen or create one of your own.

Tip: Download Other widget apps that work on Zooper Widget Pro. Such as Fox for Zooper & Europa Zooper. There are many apps like this; find them in the Play store by searching the keyword “Zooper Widget.”

Customize the Widget

There is no coding required for customization. You can freely customize all the Widgets without any limitations. First, you will have to go to the Zooper Widget app and click on configure the widget. You will be able to see several options on your screen. You do not need to get confused. These are the most basic settings. You can increase or decrease the size of any widget by scrolling up or down simultaneously.

In the layout section, you will see all the active modules. You can customize and change it with all the other modules. For example, if you want to change the date module with battery percentage, you will have to select the time module and then select “Edit text manually. “ Now delete the current text and select another module in exchange for that module. You are good to go.


Zooper Widget APK is a unique and popular application used by Android lovers to create a customized look for their phone. It is highly personalized and gives many options for individuals to customize their widgets. The themes and templates will completely change the look of your home screen. Overall, it is an amazing application. Download it today.