Mario Kart Tour 2020

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We’ve been playing Mario since childhood. It’s just a rebranding.

If you’re into retro-gaming, then it’s apparent that you played Super Mario Run in your childhood at least once. It’s been for so long that it’s almost impossible to discuss the development of video games without mentioning Mario.


Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020
Mario Kart Tour 2020

It’s popular among millions for some apparent reasons. In the late 1900s, video games dominated the world with its appeals and great graphics for that time. But among all, Super Mario emerged as the best for fulfilling all the must-have criteria.

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Learn more about Mario Kart Tour on the Android/iOS platform.

Unlike Super Mario Run, it’s Android/iOS version Mario Kart Tour is primarily focused on racing in go-karts. It is the fourteenth one in the franchise and just a rebranding to the original Mario Kart Series. This game is developed, marketed and published by Nintendo, for Android and iOS. It was announced long before in January 2018, but due to some technical issues and testing purposes, it’s initial release was executed on 25 September 2019 for both Android and iOS at once.

Install Mario Kart Tour on Android/iOS smartphones.

This game was launched on both of the prime app stores at the same time. Here are the links for both of them given below. Of course, this game is free to install on both platforms, and that’s why it attracted a vast audience after it’s initial launch.

  1. Install Mario Kart Tour for Android devices
  2. Install Mario Kart Tour for iOS devices

The theme of this popular game is still impressive.

The central theme of Mario Kart Tour traditionally deviates from the original Mario Kart series, where the motto is to reach the finish line first. This game takes help from the point-based system. And there are also four levels of difficulties, being 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 200c, respectively. A significant change in the game is that the driving is executed on its own, including acceleration and speed boosts. But this also features some of the traditional trickery like underwater racing and hand gliding.

Download Mario Kart Tour Apk


Mario Kart Tour Apk File Info

App Name Mario Kart Tour
Category Action
Publisher Nintendo
Genre 3D, Online, Racing
Latest Version 1.4.1
Platforms 4.4 and up
Last Updated December 11, 2019
Size 120M

Whats New?

・Improved various features. ・Addressed known issues.

New Features of Mario Kart Tour

Among several other design and graphics tweaks, Mario Kart has also introduced a new mechanic, known as ‘Tours.’ The names of the Tours are kept after various popular cities in the world, and each of the Tours lasts only for two weeks. In each one of the Tour, you can complete a set of 16 cups in total, and they add new karts, drivers and gliders for you to achieve. Each cup among them consists of kart racing on three different tracks along with a bonus challenge.

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The naming of the cups is also done after Mario, which was previously done after some annoying characters in the franchise. As recorded on 23 October 2018, the Mario Kart Tour doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, but this feature is set to arrive soon. You’ll also get to find new challenges in each Tour. If you’re a die-hard Mario fan, then you can also spot some noticeable similarities with the original Mario Kart DS challenges.

How our favorite Mario Kart came to our smartphones?

Many gaming folks, including me, always wanted Mario Kart to debut on Android and iOS. And finally, from 25 September to 2019, our hopes came true as a new version of Mario Kart, named ‘Mario Kart Tour’ officially debuted on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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The Super Mario Franchise was owned by Nintendo long ago and thus, Mario games were only available on Nintendo gaming consoles and Nintendo Switches. In January 2018, all of a sudden, Nintendo declared the launch schedule of Mario Kart Tour on both Android and iOS platforms. And perhaps this was the most excellent news for all mobile gamers who once played Super Mario extensively. After that, they executed a beta program for the testing of the game which was eventually announced in April 2019. I’m sorry Apple fans, but this beta program was only available for Android users as Play Store does have such policies.

The game was all set to release in March, but due to some technical and testing issues, the launch date was extensively postponed to 25th September. The launch program even holds a record on its own. On 26th September, just after one day from its launch, the game got more than 10 million downloads from Play Store and App Store as well.

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On its first day of the debut, the game was made available for download in 58 countries, including Japan and American markets. Based on revenue gathering, this app ranked #19 for iOS apps, alone in the United States. It was a significant debut improvement in comparison to Dr. Mario World, a similar game developed by Nintendo itself.

Mario Kart Tour just obliterated the gaming industry with more than 90 million downloads in the first week of its launch. From the in-game purchases, this game also raised a revenue worth of $12.7 million in the first week, and this holds third place after Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run. At the end of its first month, the download count surpassed 124 million that generated more than $37.4 million of in-game revenue.


Millions of gaming folks praised this game, but criticism was also there due to it’s $4.99 Gold Pass feature that’s needed to unlock the 200cc potential. This price was also necessary to unlock similar premium in-game materials and gold badges. The price was too closer to the amount of Apple Arcade that was about to launch a few days later.

But irrespective of all of these, due to its past reputation, Mario Kart Tour received all the praises that it deserved. I also liked this game too much as I had been playing this franchise game since my childhood. You should give it a try, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll like this game for its simplicity and easy-to-use control interface.

I hope you liked this article as much as you want the Mario Kart Tour game. Thank you for reading until the end. Keep engaged with us as we’ll be bringing similar content for you in the not so far future. Thank you once again.

Mario Kart Tour APK
Mario Kart Tour 2020

We've been playing Mario since childhood. It's just a rebranding. If you're into retro-gaming, then it's apparent that you played Super Mario Run in your c

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