PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator

Henrik RydgårdAction

PPSSPP gold ethe emulator is a perfect evolution from Video games to portable play stations of this modern time providing the best class in the gaming experience. Ever came back to play old traditional games which were so much fun back then, well now experience the same game using a PSP emulator but in a higher definition.




Most of us miss the old school games that used to be the star, stars days developers decided to create PPSSPP App that allows this at very ease and the same magic. This PSP games can be played on your android phone itself and computer desktop as well!

The application that is used in the simple android device just similar to the Android Games with high quality and graphics.

The PPSSPP Gold emulator brings in the dream of enjoying the old popular games of PSP, in best high definition and high quality.

When it comes to PPSSPP, the old fashioned games with absolutely no good Visuals now get it in high.

PPSSPP Gold emulator is a unique application that allows people to play olden time traditional games in the best graphics and best experience of dynamic gaming.




Size 13 MB
Category Action
Version 1.10.3
Last Updated 12 July 2020
Requires Android 2.3 and up
Developer Henrik Rydgård

What’s New?

Lots of performance and compatibility fixes! See the website for details.

PPSSPP Gold emulator is a gaming experience which matches the quality standards of the latest technology. The makers of this fantastic App must have worked very hard to introduce this technology, and it pays off outstanding work to the gaming industry.

This App has anisotropic filtering and scaling of the texture that helps the user to adjust the quality of gameplay, as per the user preference.

Finally, the days of playing blurred games are over. You can now use these cool features, and adjust the game as per your preference.

The PPSSPP Gold Emulator App helps you to gain and start the game exactly where you left it before. The makers of this App are very open and prone to suggestions. For the developers, the audience perspective is precious.

This App is made with a little contribution of essential coding work towards programming. With the help of audience reviews, the App now runs at a better place. This App now successfully convert old blurry PSP games into high definition android games in your mobile and tablets.

The PPSSPP Gold Emulator App allows its users to play their favourite PSP games on their favourite devices. When it comes to using apps from the google store, one can easily access to downloading the PPSSPP GOLD EMULATOR APK, by paying a small payment. You can get a direct link to download the App in your phone or tablet. You can get the PPSSPP App on the internet with absolutely no cost at all.

The operating system used for PPSSPP App is for Android 2.3 or above. The developer of this App is Henrik Rydgard. It has version 1.9.4

This App has marked the best of the evolution of the gaming world. It supports the save state by using the phone storage. It knowingly serves as a memory stick.

The PPSSPP APP uses the full features of multimedia, FFmpeg software. The software used to decode the audio sound of the application. Other enhancements improve the graphic qualities of the games. The graphics which beats the other main gadgets are high screen resolution, Rendering mode, frame rate control and vertex cache.

The PPSSPP app does not come with full PSP games. Instead, it is downloaded in the two formats: iso and CSO. The forms can be purchased on the play station official websites. It is easy to download the game and save it all in your phone storage. You can save the game in your phone storage and any external USB device.

The PPSSPP app is very convenient and very popular. Its popularity has helped people to download and play games on your device. The program supports many legendary traditional games. To use this, you need a powerful external tool.