The time of winter holidays, presents and shopping,of course, is coming. Everyone wants to gain the best offer at the best price. Shopaholics from all over the globe are waiting for Black Friday!

Black Friday

Black Friday 2021 is worth it not only because of good deals. Before planning your shopping you’d better get to know some basics. We are not going to inform you about  discounts and sales — we are going to tell you 7 exciting facts about this special day.

Fact # 1

The negative naming “Black Friday” appeared in Philadelphia years ago. The “black” was Friday after Thanksgiving due to endless traffic jams on the roads. Nowadays traffic jams appear because of shopping carts as well. Unstoppable crowds of shopaholics assault shopping malls not noticing a thing on their way.

There is a case when a madding crowd in pursuit of cheap goods stampeded a shopping mall’s staff member to death. In 2012 in Walmart a woman covering with her own 2 kids sprayed pepper spray not to let other customers in. Almost 2 dozen people suffered.

Fact # 2

Virtual shopping malls, sales assistants and stylists — this is what Black Friday 2021 is going to look like (at least, this is what the market strives for). AR-technologies change our shopping experience and simplify our everyday life. They are getting more and more popular because of the lockdown and the pandemic.

Shopping online is very convenient — it saves your time and money. Nowadays customers can try on clothes virtually before making a purchase. The idea of a virtual fitting room appeared back in 2012. The Japanese company Uniqlo began to use fitting rooms, where LCD screens with augmented reality were installed instead of usual mirrors. There was no need to put on clothes, it was enough to choose the things you liked in the catalog and see your reflection in them.

Everything became much easier when shops began to use phones instead of LCD screens. The Converse sneakers were among the first. You point the phone at your foot, choose the shoe model you like, and you’re done. Technologically, it is even easier if you don’t need to put on the clothes during the fitting.

There are more and more brands which experiment with AR. According to the latest report by Markets and Markets, AR in retail is creating a market of more than $ 1 billion, and by 2023 this value will reach almost $ 8 billion with an average annual growth of 47.1%.

These brands become project partners with products that offer virtual trying on solutions. One of the most well-known virtual fitting-room solutions is GoodStyle App (App Store / Play Market). Using the app customers can try on clothes virtually, combine pieces of clothing, complete outfits and manage their virtual wardrobe. Choosing items by price range and shopping for discounts are soon to be released.

Goodstyle uses neural networks to quickly process and add clothes to the catalog. Another neural network is in the process of development, it will make the application more personalized. Not only parameters will be taken into account, but also the preferences of each specific user. The program will calculate and recommend images by itself. This is a new level, the level of a virtual stylist, when it is not a person who advises, but a neural network. Using the app, any customer can experience the new level of virtual trying on and to increase the excitement about online shopping.

Fact # 3

Annual sales on November Fridays started over a century ago. Eventually the tradition became so popular that people started taking days off to search for best offers and discounts. Nowadays a kind of shopping epidemic occurs all over the globe on Black Friday. Employees pretend to be sick, try to skip their jobs no matter how just to go shopping on Black Friday.

In the 20th century such behaviour of the people  led to the fact that the work of some factories was paralyzed.

But nowadays employers strictly forbid their employees to take days off during sales. This refers to sick leaves and vacations.

Fact # 4

Search site statistics say that users start entering the “Black Friday” phrase on October, 10-14, it means over a month before the sales get started.

Fact # 5

Black Friday is not always a bargain. Many vendors know what influence Black Friday sales have on customers. They use  this effect to increase prices. Due to the research, about 14% of items on sale are sold at their average prices.

Shortly before Black Friday begins  prices increase and on the X day prices fall to average market levels. It is not recommended to buy the latest versions of gadgets, fitness clothing, jewelry, winter clothes and gift cards on sale days. The gift cards will be given away for free in 2 weeks, so just take your time and wait a little bit. Winter clothing discounts start in the middle of January, when the season turns to its end. No one will make discounts on high demand winter goods when the season is high. Keep it in your mind and spend money wisely!