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Club Factory is one shopping app which is getting increasingly popular today. Launched in 2014 by Aaron Jialun Li and Vincent Lou, Club Factory has managed to make a steady position in many places like India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, United States and Europe. Both the founders of Club Factory were graduates from Stanford University, California. India is one of the leading markets for Club Factory today. India alone has 40 million people who use Club Factory, and the company owes it’s growth to this country to some extent. In India, the ambassadors of this E-commerce website is Manushi Chillar and Ranveer Singh.

Club Factory

Why Club Factory?

The Club Factory online shopping website is one of the best websites today. Club Factory carries wide variety of items in their product list, from clothes, shoes, bags to jewellery and much more. In fact, it is so popular because of the high-quality products at the best prices and the club factory quality service. Moreover, they also provide services like free shipping and cash on delivery. Club factory service and professional assistance is fantastic, which helps us to have a safe and secure shopping experience. We can purchase all the goods at factory price! Here are some more reasons why we should opt for Club Factory shopping-

  • All the latest trendy styles are available on the club factory website. Their products are chic and help us to make a fashion statement like any celebrity or a fashion blogger.
  • The new users can have access to a lot of sales, coupons, discounts, promo codes, excellent offers, etc. Club factory lower price sales are often put up for the customers where they can get exceptional products at even lower prices than usual.
  • Every product available on club factory goes through 21 point QC standards. So we can assure ourselves that the quality of the products is top-notch.
  • There are many areas where cash on delivery is applicable. But even if COD isn’t a convenient option for many, the customers can pay using credit cards, debit cards and there are other payment options.
  • Club factory aims to satisfy the customers to their full capability. Their customer service care is always available for the customers. In fact, if the customers are not satisfied with the product, they can return the products within 9 days of delivery. They also do not have to pay any cancellation charges.
  • Club factory website isn’t the only way of ordering products from there. We can also download the club factory app to grab all the trendy products from club factory. The app is free to download and even easier to handle. We can even track our products after ordering them from the app.

Club Factory products

Club Factory sport a wide range of products in multiple categories. The club factory for mens collection is very much versatile. They sport an enormous selection of jackets, coats, shirts, sweaters, jeans, casual trousers, formal trousers, blazers and many other options. Be it for casual occasions or formal occasions; club factory can provide clothing options for any events. For winter wear, club factory jackets collection is perfect for getting some affordable options. They are available in a wide variety of colours like black, red, etc. Not only jackets, but the colour variety is also available in other clothing choices.

Club factory also has categories like womens clothing. And we all know, women like choices when it comes to clothes. Even having several clothes isn’t enough because women want numerous options for every occasion. The club factory kurtis collection is impressive for women who wear kurtis daily. Kurti is one clothing item which is widely used in many places. Be it in colleges, classes, marriage parties or any other events, kurtis are always acceptable. Club factory provides kurtas in many colours in a wide variety of neckline designs. Not only kurtas, but Club factory also offers dresses, hoodies, blouses, shirts, tops, intimate clothing items, etc. Also, other than western items, club factory also has womens clothing ethnic wear items. We just need to select our favourite product at the best price and order it. Within a few days of ordering, we will receive it at our door.

The colour options is also not an issue when it comes to club factory. Every colour like black, red, blue, white, etc are available in different items of apparel. Men usually prefer more neutral colours like blue, white, brown, gray when it comes to trousers. But of course, even bright colours are also available for the people who like a pop of colour in their wardrobe. Red, blue, white, brown, etc are some of the colours which are preferred for shirts or even women’s tops. But again, it’s just not the men who get the luxury of colours. Women also get the colour options in their clothing items. So, for the people who are picky about colours, club factory is the perfect shopping destination for them.

Along with the clothing options, the collection of accessories on Club Factory is quite admirable. The club factory watches are to die for. Both men and women can shop at club factory for watches according to their requirements. There is a wide variety of designs, styles and colours available in case of watches. Wrist bands in black, multicolour, multi silver, blue etc are available on the site. Colours are black, multicolour are actually very common and classic and can hardly go wrong.

Now, for the women obsessed with bags, Club factory even takes care of that. The club factory bags collection can almost fill a woman with envy. Be it tote bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, bowling bags, satchels, small backpacks, hobo bags, bucket bags, clutches, purses, wallets, etc; Club Factory has every type in store. Almost every woman carries a handbag with them wherever they go, which contains essential products. In club factory, they can choose from an absolutely massive collection. Plus the bags come in all sorts of colours like brown, gray, clear, beige, gold, green etc. So we just need to pick a colour and type we want, and order it.

When it comes to jewellery and accessories, Club Factory again beats all. The club factory jewellery collection is popular because it stores dainty pieces for regular use, but we can also shop for some heavy-duty ones. They offer a wide variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, sunglasses, scarves, wedding sets, brooches, cufflinks, anklets ,etc. And the designs are really very pretty. They can help any customer to stand out wherever they go and make a statement.

Club Factory Apk Download

Download Club Factory App

Club factory reviews are great, and most of them are quite positive. That obviously means the app is quite good, and people are liking it all over the world. Their prices, performance, specification reviews, and almost everything else is widely loved and this is why Club factory is gaining more and more number of customers every year. So why not download this shopping app which literally contains everything we use and need at low prices? The download process is also quite simple and similar to any other apps.

The size of club factory app apk version is 20.3 MB. The latest club apk update is 5.9.0 and has some significant upgrades over the previous versions. The new app has guaranteed lowest prices, new users can shop for products at Rs99 only, and there is also the facility of free shipping.

Users can get a discount of up to 90% , and of course, there are flash sales and offers all the time. The link for Club factory app download apk version can be acquired from many legitimate sites and it’s free to do so. The users do not have to spend a single penny to download the app and use it.


Club factory always aims to please the customers in the best way possible. Club factory uk allows a user to have access to a vast range of stylish looks to choose from. They can read the reviews of the products, see the product details and finally come to a conclusion whether they would like to buy the product or not. The steps are simple- we search what we need, we go through the products list, we order our favourite item, we choose a mode of payment, and that’s it. Our item will be in our hands within a span of a few days.

We can save money by buying from club factory app. The discounts, flash sales and offers are a great option to avail the best products at the lowest prices. The new users should definitely give this app a try. Happy Shopping!