OMGChat is a Dating app and dating site which is Video chatting is the primary purpose of OMG Chat. With this site, visitors can communicate effectively via free webcams through free chat. The site allows you to share information both with people who live near you and with those overseas. As you learn and share traditions and values from each country, you can truly understand them. In addition, it will help you ascertain whether or not you’re appropriate for the match.

You can find and interact with potential matches on the site. It is also possible to find love anywhere in the world with this. The site is used by over 2,000 people, and it offers a great range of chat rooms to choose from. It is possible to find chat rooms of all kinds, from inmate dating to make online friends, to history to politics.

When you register for a cam-to-camera chat room, you can choose any category of the chat room and enter it. There is also a small amount of evidence that stranger cam-to-cam can be enabled without a camera, but this remains unconfirmed. If you want to see for yourself, you can do so. Let’s look at this site from various angles and determine if it’s worth your time and money. With OMGChat, you can relive the nostalgia of a great webcam experience by allowing the user to reset the clock and go back in time.

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Video chatting using OMGChat with online users worldwide. Now, you will be able to interact with interesting people around the globe, network, and possibly fall in love with users everywhere. It helps people stay in touch despite living in different countries by bridging the gap that exists between them.

OMGvchat’s major advantage is the ability to simultaneously use 4 webcams. In addition to that, you can try out various themes in the free chat room. When you engage in cam-to-cam communication, it keeps the other user engaged. Also, depending on your mood and attitude, you can work around it. In fact, the site makes it easy to make friends with strangers and gain life-long acquaintances and even find your soul mate.


Omg ChatYou find someone interesting and it works around that. After that’s done, you can advance to request a private camera-to-camera video chat. Additionally, you will be able to completely conceal your activities when you want to. Several hundred people can chat in one chat room at the same time. Using this service is as simple as signing up for it and boom! As soon as our video services are ready, we will allow you to use them right away.

Download Omg Chat Apk


Omg Chat Apk Information:

App NameOmg Chat
Category Social
Last UpdatedToday
Apk Size3 MB
DeveloperOmega Chat
Operating System4.1 or Above


There are no membership fees or monetary fees required on OMGChat. Using their services is as simple as registering. The process is swift as well.

You can complete this part in 3-5 minutes if you are familiar with using computers and basic software.

Research we conducted indicates there could also be a chance to use the site without signing up, but we aren’t certain. Enter your basic information to get started. There are many factors that affect gender, such as ethnicity, location, ethnic preference, etc. Additionally, you may be asked about your interests, hobbies, sexual preferences, etc.

OMG Chat Review June 2021: Pros & Cons Features free chatting platform

More information can help you rank higher in the member’s search database if you add more information. Currently, more features are being added to the site as they develop. Those who join the VIP club enjoy access to more features than the free cam-to-cam webcam shows.

In general, the registration process won’t cause you any headaches. In no time at all, you can accomplish what you came here for. In other words, using the Internet to encounter strangers to have camera-to-camera conversations with.


In order to make the site as user-friendly as possible, the users have done their best. That has been accomplished to some degree. It is easy to understand and use for anyone with a bit of computer knowledge. Using the tabs is a hassle-free experience. The user experience wasn’t dampened by any form of lag. We found the site convenient and easy to use. Once you open the window, the webcam comes up quickly, and its quality is decent. You won’t be disappointed even if it’s not of the highest definition or the best quality out there. If you want to chat quickly, the site uses a quick workaround that asks for permission to use your webcam. If you don’t feel comfortable or for whatever reason, you can also quickly turn it off.


There is usually a good quality to the profiles you see on OMGChat. On profiles, you’ll find that you won’t find much info. Basically, you gather information only after you start webcam shows person to person since there’s little information to be gained from the profile. The audience will have access to a wide variety of languages to make them feel comfortable. Several languages are available, including Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, English, etc.

The fact that it penalizes inappropriate behavior and offensive messages is a brilliant and much-needed feature in chat rooms. In the case of serious offenses, moderators will implement a ban without even giving the members warnings. We recommend you refrain from such behavior. In the event that you ever come across such users, please notify them or block them by blocking their account.

Having a friendly and safe chat room ensures that others can also rely on it. There is still a lot to be done as it’s new in the market, but they’ll be adding more features to ensure that members have a satisfying experience when they join. Make sure you have your microphone and webcam ready for the webinar.

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 What is the OMG chat app?

OMG chat is a free web chatting platform available everywhere in the world. It allows you to keep in touch with society. You can have conversations based upon culture, common language, or geographic proximity. It is then possible to discuss community issues and matters regarding common concerns. The Free video chat room allows you to see the people you are talking to or interacting with.


A great android app was launched by the site owners of OMGChat. The mobile application though from our research requires verification, which is unlike the desktop or web version. It is still free to download. You can see that the app is quite similar to the functionality of the mobile version. The buttons that you see on the app are striking, and you’ll notice that it’s better than that of the mobile and website.

OMGChat’s design is well-suited, and it helps especially for the format of a video chat. You’ll see that the icon buttons are quite well-detailed and small. Having small fonts and buttons help because it allows an excellent view of the video chatting option.


Our research of the site’s Terms and Privacy Policies found that the site owners of OMGChat have put out strict allowances for people above 18 years of age to be eligible to enter the site. If you go to see, the site does not have registration when you enter the information, signing up for the profile. The site does not have any legal obligation to hold anyone accountable for any activities in the account.

Video chat and text chat-related websites are made with an intention for people as a platform for random people from all over the world to make connections. But unfortunately, for OMGChat, you will come across profiles who’ll have such wrong intentions and might try to take advantage of you. You’ll also come across profiles that might show private parts or initiating bad conversations.

You should always be wary of such behavior because, at times, it may be a bit aggressive or violent, especially if there’s any teenage girl involved. You should know that there could be any child predator lurking around whose just waiting to pounce on such opportunities since it’s a free service. You can choose to report such cases but do take note if you ever report a user without any valid reason, there’s a solid chance for the moderators to remove you from the site.


Since the site is free of cost, it’s quite beneficial for any user to try it out. You can avail all the features and functionalities of the site without any cost involved. But in case you are not fond of distracting ads, you should pay a little more. The site moderators are revamping OMGChat, where they’re potentially ramping up features to add more VIP memberships and features that might incur costs later. So, enjoy it while it lasts!


The 24-hour support team is always on hand to help the user experience. If you ever face any issues on the site or any issue of any magnitude, you can turn towards the support team who’ll help you sort the issues out. If you come across suspicious behavior, it’s always helpful to contact the support team who takes it forward. Also, for your help, you should ideally keep a separate e-mail id for dating. This helps you keep your personal/career different from your dating one. It also allows you to keep your dating life a secret, away from prying eyes.

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Is OMGChat safe?

Yes, it’s a safe dating site that allows singles from all over the globe to connect, network, and talk.

Is OMGChat a real dating site?

Yes, it’s a real webcam show that allows singles from all over the world a common platform to interact, network, and potentially date in the future.

How to use OMGChat?

After a quick registration that doesn’t require verification, you can start looking at the chat rooms and look for profiles that you feel are attractive, intelligent, and go by your choice.

Is OMGChat free?

Yes, it’s a free site that allows members to video chat and text messages free of cost with their free chat room. However, there’s an option to get rid of ads for an additional cost.

Are OMGChat works?

Yes, it works as far as you know what you’re here for and understands what OMGChat works for, no reason why it should not work for you.

Who are the users of OMGChat?

The users of OMGChat are from a very diverse range of audiences. You’ll find that members hail from every part of the globe. The only way to get information about anyone personally is to ask them directly through a webcam or voice. You’ll not get it from profile information since it’s not too detailed. This usually happens in webcam-based sites, so don’t worry about that.

Is the registration free?

Yes, you can register for OMGChat absolutely free of cost. Although according to our research, you may have to register differently with verification for the app, so watch out and be prepared for that.

Is it possible to report a certain user or report misconducts done by others?

Yes, you can report a user that you find suspicious when you’re chatting with them. Be careful as any user reporting without a valid reason to do may result in your termination from the site. For any more complaints, feedback, and messages, you can directly go to the customer service sector and talk to them directly.

Does it require its users to have a webcam?

Even though the site completely focuses on providing the user with the best overall experience of a video chat, you can still, however, wish to join the chatroom and only engage with text chats.

How to change my password?

You can simply go to your account page, click on ‘Change my password.’ Now, you’ll have to enter your current password and then proceed to write a new, unique one. Once done, you can click on ‘Change my password’ to update it.

What is OMGChat?

OMGChat is a dating site that exclusively focuses on video and voice chat. It aims to gather members from all over the world and help them get a memorable experience.

The mobile application Safety & security

OMGChat is a program that allows you to create a secure and anonymous chatroom. The end-users will be invited with a private invite link.

Focused on”Our users are our priority and this is why we take measures to ensure the safety of communication on our system. We protect your anonymity. OMGChat does not see your username. We encrypt your data so nobody can access it.

When you register, we will provide you with a private invite link, which you can use to invite other users into your chatroom. The list of invited users is encrypted, so even we can’t see this list.

Non-Destructive Signatures

Each time you publish a chat message, we hash the message. If anyone modifies the message, the hash will be different.

This will allow you to prove that someone altered the text by any means.

Banned IP Addresses

We have a blacklist for all banned from our system IP addresses. If you are banned from our system, there will be no way for you to join the chatroom.

Invisible Online Identity

We do not need to know your username and no one can see the text you send to users.

Pricing and benefits Help & support

So, OMGChat has helped me a lot! I loved this chat platform when I needed it the most.

I am not a technical person, but I used this chat tool, and all the recommendations I used worked perfectly.

If you are starting any business, then OMGChat will be the best option for you.

I don’t think that there is any other chat service like OMGChat if I consider the features it offers for free.

The customer support team is great! You can easily get help anytime you want. If you experience any problem with this chat service then you can easily contact them and will get help.

They have a chat representative you can contact anytime and they will solve your problems.

The customer support is online 24/7.

As you use this tool, you can join a community chat too. It is like Whatsapp. You can have a group chat with your group.

This chat tool provides many features.

Pros and Cons

OMGChat works with UrbanSurvivalSchool and lets people connect to people from around the world.

There are some pros and some cons when it comes to using OMGChat. A lot of people prefer to check out Zello instead, but I haven’t really seen anything yet that makes me think it’s better than OMGChat.

OMGChat is free to use over WiFi. The only drawback is that it only works with WiFi connections. You can see the internet speed on Zello.

OMGChat is free to use through WiFi and texting, but for voice and video chats, there is a monthly fee.

OMGChat is free to use over WiFi or cell phone, while OMGChat is only free to use over WiFi. You have to pay to use Zello via cell phone as well.

– All Service OMGChat website Features free Chatting Platform girls date

There are some apps that many people like, like Inner Rec, Zello, and Nimbuzz, but they require iOS or Android respectively, making it hard for many people that have iPhones or android devices. Android users have a great solution with VoiceRover.

Inner Rec is a great emergency alert system for people in the US to get alerts when a Katrina scale event happens.

OMGChat Alternatives

#1 BITChat

With Bit Chat, you get end-to-end encryption using an advanced level of security, which makes Bit Chat one of the best P2P, secure, and open-source instant messengers. This is a standalone chat software that features end-to-end encryption and can be used for both LAN and internet communication. The best thing about Telegram is that it offers end-to-end encryption to the users.

In addition to offering users privacy and security, chat messages and chatting platforms must also provide these features to users. The systems that generate metadata are not used. Security and peer-to-peer aspects of Bit Chat are separated.

#2 ShockRooms

You can start talking to others through free webcam chat rooms provided by shockrooms. As a guest, just check-in and make a request to the others to start a conversation right away. Many people from around the world use this platform. This platform does not require any downloading.

As well as text and video chat, ShockRooms offers its visitors a variety of facilities. There are a number of chat rooms on the website that everyone can use.

#3 ChatSecure

The name ChatSecure refers to a free and highly secure messaging platform backed by XMPP encryption over OTR. In addition to allowing users to link their Google accounts to ChatSecure, it offers the option for connecting with existing Facebook accounts.

Moreover, they can also create the new accounts on their public XMPP servers, which include Tor as a security measure, or they can connect with their first server to benefit from additional security. XMPP and OTR support is one of the best things about this chatting solution, as they will solve all your chatting-related problems.

#4 E-Chat

You can chat online with OMGChat users on E-Chat, a website with many rooms. Every user appreciates the ease of use and the lack of payment required here.

#5 All4Masti

With All4Masti, you’ll have nothing but fun and entertainment. It is also overcrowded with card rooms on this site. With All4Masti, users are able to stay in touch with people around the world and have a convenient chat experience. The all4masti OMG is an alternative.

#6 ZChat

Almost all countries can use Zchat to chat. Additionally, it supports multiple communication methods, including ZChat chat, and facilitates friendly and easy conversations on desktops and mobile devices worldwide. Contact your loved one or even your macro. Zchat has the same functionality as OMGChat.

#7. ChatCrypt

The most popular alternative is ChatCrypt is dating platforms. Create a private chat room with OMGChat for an encrypted conversation with your loved ones. One of the most useful additions here is the ability to create group-based chat rooms. It also protects your chat rooms with username and password to share them with everyone you can chat with them.

#8. Chatzy

As with other free personal chat alternatives, Chatzy has the same specifications. Unlike OMGChat, it allows users to create chat rooms and invite others by email. Moreover, there is no need to register or install software with this workaround.

#9. Zobe

Furthermore, the dating platforms offers real people, enables them to meet in person, and offers them a broad range of features and options. Having a platform like “OMGChat” for the Internet is also an excellent feature of Zobe. Meet new people for free during your spare time.

#10. Bit Chat

One of the most secure P2P instant messengers Bit Chat offers its users a level of privacy protection through end-to-end encryption to ensure their privacy. Instant messaging is available over LAN and over the Internet via Bit Chat. The best p2p service is provided by this OMGChat replacement here.

you can easily create new account in your mobile app and upload photos with unlimited messages.

it have so many exciting themes for registered members. you can do easily live streams and got some omgchat reviews.


OMGChat is a free cam chat platform with many members to help them communicate easily with each other throughout the world. Once you sign up, you’ll belong to the select community of people who, alongside you, are looking to find and explore personalities across the world. You can enjoy the services of both voices and video chatting with the core focus on the latter. The best part is the video chatting is free, and it’s also free to do with anyone across the world. If you thought that was the best part, you were wrong. The actual best part is that there’s no hassle of any membership fee, subscription renewal, etc.

The two main focus points of OMGChat are the ability to have free webcam chatrooms and the actual private chat you get with exclusive strangers. You also get the opportunity to share four live webcams and visit as many multiple-themed video chatrooms as possible. You’re also given a chance to like and invite other members to start chatting away in a private chat. All you need to do is get your mics and webcams ready and get ready to rock and roll with similar-minded singles from all over the world waiting for you.

The communication parts are smooth. You also get to interact with hundreds of members daily without any trouble in the interface. Both app and the site provide similar features. But do not forget that in all probability, registration may be required for the former. The best part is that the lack of lag and the usage of a user-friendly website and rules will give you a memorable experience of a member who’s out on an adventure, looking for fruitful relationships.

One major problem could be coming across illegal members, but as long as you report or maintain a safe distance, there’s no reason why OMGChat will not be a pleasant experience for you, free of cost!