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The description of CheatCode Keyboard

This application is widely used in games such as GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. It enables you to enter a cheat code to the game where it is compatible. There is no need to use the physical keyboard. If you are facing any kind of problem while using the application, then contact the developer at [email protected] .

Cheatcode Keyboard

Features of Cheat Code Keyboard: Some of the features that this application is having are discussed as below:

  1. From the customizable cheat code Menu, you can select the cheat code and enter the same to implement into the game.
  2. The application comes up with the built-in keyboard for entering less normally used cheat code.
  3. The compatibility of the Cheat code keyboard is improved for the rooted device.
  4. Cheat codes of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City are preloaded.

The APK of the cheat code keyboard is a free tool for Android. About 10,000 users downloaded the application and the latest version of this application is 1.0.2.

Cheatcode Keyboard

Details of security for Cheat Code Keyboard APK:

  • There is no concern for Cheat code keyboard application.
  • No ad is published on Cheat code keyboard APK.
  • Cheat Code Keyboard APK no social sdk.

Key information about cheat code keyboard APK:

  • A Version of the application: 1.0.1
  • Last updated on 06th March, 2017
  • Size of the APK: 1 MB
  • Application developed by Locnet
  • Price: Paid
  • Category of this application: Tools
  • Supported Android Version: 4.0.3 and above.
  • Target: Android 2.1x (ECLAIR_MR1)
  • Size of the screen: small, normal and large
  • Densities: 160
  • Rooted device: not required
  • Offers In-app purchase: No

Are you looking for the Cheat Code Keyboard APK? The latest version of this application is available on this page. You just need to click on the link given and download the file on your mobile phone to install the same. This application hits the list of Best Android Apps category 2019. To install the application, the version of Android 4.0.3 is higher is needed.

On all console platforms, the GTA cheats provide easy, rapid as well as simple access to every cheat code for every grand theft auto game. In all the series of GTA, the application contains cheats for all types of games. The Cheat Code Keyboard is available for Android devices such as Samsung, LG, Huawei and moto. The application is a free tool APK.

The latest APK for the Cheat code keyboard is available on this page. It becomes very simple to download and install the application. Kindly read all the details in-depth related to the permissions as well as requirements of the Cheat Code Keyboard. By click on the download link, it will automatically start downloading. There are no concerns for the permissions in this APK.

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You can download this game from the websites available over the internet but you have to make some changes in the default settings to install the same in the device. To change the settings, first of all, open the Android settings and tap on Security settings. Then, scroll down to the option of “Device Administration” and tick the option “Install apps from unknown devices”.

The application enables us to draw this one on the top of other applications and become a part of the interface of the device. This device gets some of the interference from this application and changes the view of the other applications installed on the device.

The free trial software is the Cheat Code keyboard that belongs to the subcategory of System Maintenance, which is the part of the category of System Utilities. Just by a tap on the green button named “Download”, you can easily get the same. The download link is quite safe and secure. If you do have some sort of doubt, then you can scan the link with the help of antivirus.

On the Android device, if you are damn interested to play the game of GTA Vice City, then just check out the Cheat code keyboard, which is mandatory to apply, cheats in the game.

One of the widely growing operating systems is Android among all the users of smartphone and as usual, Android gaming is also expanding. Thus, cheat codes are used in an ample number of games to give some relaxation at any stage of the game. But need to know how to use the cheat code keyboard to enable the cheat codes on your Android device. Here are a few steps that needed to be done in order to use the cheat codes keyboard APK for playing a game:

  • The very first is a step that you need to do is the installation of the cheat code keyboard from the Google Play store.
  • Set up the application according to the requirements of the game and as suits you the best.
  • Tap on Configure Input methods and enabled the Cheat code keyboard.
  • Select the Cheat code keyboard as the current input method.
  • Go to settings in app, select keyboard type, and choose a keyboard.
  • Enter cheat codes and enjoy the game!

Features of CheatCode Keyboard App:

Enter cheats in Games: One of the points of attraction in Cheat Code Keyboard free download is that the player will get a chance to enter the cheat code while playing a particular game. It will work in any type of Android device. You should not download the MOD APK of an application if you are looking for something to enter cheat codes into the game. In spite of it, you can easily enter the codes into the

Secure and safe: It is extremely recommended to download the folder for Cheat Code Keyboard for the GTA Vice City game from this page. Even though the paid edition of this application is not given on the Google Play Store, then it does not signify that the file accessible here is not safe. Do not want to worry about the same as the file is safe and you will never facade any type of problems related to the application.

Import and Export of data: You can keep the information as well as settings of the application while uninstalling the application or you would like to set-up your smartphone. If you want to install the application, then there is no need to do the settings once more as it is previously saved in the device or external device. You just required doing one more thing that is to bring in the data in the application with no configuring anything on the manual basis. In addition to this, if you would like to share some kind of data related to the application with anyone, then you can send the file as well and the person needs to import the file into the device.

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It can be used effortlessly: The user interface of the Cheat code keyboard is one of the points of attraction and it is quite the best part of this application to use it in a better way. This application provides a limited number of options to its users and it becomes very stress-free to use the application simply. Within the app, you can easily navigate and as per the requirements of the users, you can also customize some of the options by visiting the settings option given in the application. Keep it in your mind to show the applications over other installed applications, as this is beneficial for applying the cheat codes.

Compatibility: Various applications are available that can work like a cheat code keyboard in the market. But the compatibility is the main issue among all these applications according to the games. In this application, cheat codes for a lot of games are available but the important thing is that they can apply in any game at any point in time. You can download the cheat code keyboard for GTA3 with no worries. No doubt, you can download a single application of a cheat code keyboard for all the games to apply the codes. There is no need to download different applications for various games to enter the codes right away. So, this single application is fully compatible with an ample number of games to apply codes.

It can customize the cheat codes: Another fabulous thing about this cheat code keyboard app APK for Android is that the application is quite customizable. It becomes easy for you to effortlessly add as well as modify the cheat codes with the help of this app. Moreover, there is no need for any other applications such as Lucky Patcher and SB Game Hacker while you will directly add and modify the cheat codes to the game. In this way, you can also get some unlimited money, coins, rewards and some other types of resources in it.

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So, do not wait and download the latest version of the Cheat code keyboard from this page. It f fully safe and fulfill all your requirements during the game.