GTA Vice City 2020

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GTA Vice City Android game

People are simply going crazy for GTA Vice City Android game that has been equipped with better controls, strong audio and a lot more features. GTA – Grand Theft Auto has been famous ever since 2002. It is now available for Android and IOS mobile devices with high resolution graphics and a lot more interesting plotting.

You need to search for the culprits, take in charge of the city and build your own Empire. The entire game is all about applying your brain and getting indulged in the entertaining plot of the game. The never-ending maps and places full of buildings create a thrill amongst users.


GTA Vice City 2020
GTA Vice City 2020
GTA Vice City 2020
GTA Vice City 2020

Basic plotting of the game –

One of the most widely played games online was initially launched for PlayStation. Eventually, the game became famous after it came for the PC version. And as of now, it is available for Android users as well. Currently, more than 17.5 million copies of GTA Vice City are sold.

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People who have not downloaded or played the game up till now must try it at least once. They would love the action and interesting features of the game. The Adventure, thrill, sound and graphics of the game are surely going to leave you stunned.

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Currently, the game is available for iOS, Xbox, Windows and Android operating systems. The objective of the story is to execute the missions by roaming within the city.

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There are plenty of weapons that help the player to gain somewhat control. After the launch of GTA Vice City for Android, there is a major downfall in the use of gaming consoles and PC to play the game. People often search for GTA Vice City for mobile download and make sure that they can enjoy playing the game whenever they Desire.

GTA Vice City Mod Apk

Download APK

Download MOD APK

Download OBB

GTA Vice City Mod Apk File Info

App Name GTA Vice City MOD APK
Version 1.09
Last Update 18 June 2019
Category Arcade
Apk Size Apk 7.33MB + Mod 7.71 + OBB 1.38 GB
Developer Rockstar Games
Operating System Android 4.0 or Above

What’s New?

General bug fixes and improvements

What are the features of GTA Vice City?

  • Improved and better high definition Graphics
  • Long hours of gameplay
  • Immersive touch screen experience
  • customization and adaptive control
  • Supported on wireless gamepads

How to download GTA apk for free?

Naturally, everybody wants to download the game in the smartphone so that it becomes possible to play it at any moment. The apk version of Grand Theft Auto Vice City is absolutely free to download. You will never face any kind of unwanted advertisements or subscription charges. Exceptionally, you may be required to pay a cent in order to enjoy some extra features.

  • Make sure that you have Android 2.3 version or above for installing GTA Vice City game.
  • You need to activate download from unknown resources because the application is in apk version.
  • Download the game from the relevant link and enjoy using it whenever you want.

Can we download GTA Vice City cheats for Android Operating system as well?

If you actually love the game, you would have definitely noticed the cheats and codes launched by Rockstar. Those hacks could easily unlock vehicles and give extra life to the player. If you have been using an Android device currently, it will still work in the same way. You just need to hunt for the correct codes online and type them using the external keyboard. Luckily, cheat codes and hacks help the players to enjoy infinite money, life and much more.

More about GTA Vice City game

GTA Vice City comes with character models and a lighting effect that makes it all the more interesting to play. It is compatible with Wireless game controllers, gamepads and different operating systems. Users are never going to face the slightest of a problem in operating the game because it is available in multiple languages and customization options. You can always select the desired language and start enjoying the full game in the APK format.

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Customization of graphics and multiple other settings help you to smoothly run the game in different operating systems. There are different missions that keep the users engrossed Throughout the game. The latest map updates help the players to find out the exact Areas where the vehicles have been kept. This helps in winning the game and targeting the correct option.

Download GTA Vice city mod for Android

GTA Vice City latest APK comes with unlimited health, features and life. One can easily install the APK file by following the manual steps.

  • Make sure that you do not have the older version of GTA Vice City in your Android before you download the APK one.
  • Install GTA Vice City APK and navigate to the download folder.
  • Locate the file and tap on the installation option. Wait for the file icon to appear on the main menu.
  • Once the game is downloaded and installed, you can start using it in order to entertain yourself.

GTA Vice City is one of the most creative games that have been never invented. The game is not available directly in the Google Play Store and you have to install it through relevant links available online.

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Make sure that you manually install the file for Android devices and do not miss out on the updated version. Bookmark the exact source from where you download the application so that it becomes easy to update the game next time.

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GTA Vice City Rockstar version

Rockstar Games have imported the entire game for Android operating systems. You can enjoy 30 hours of game on the small screen device as well. GTA Vice City has been the first game to utilise 3D game play technique.

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Currently, it is available in different versions for supporting maximum operating systems. You can explore execute the missions while exploring the city and growing your own criminal Empire.

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The virtual buttons and the touchscreen will help you to have a complete control in the game.

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Step 1: First of all, tap on the mod apk that you have downloaded. This will start the installation process.

Step 2: Then tap on the install button and wait for a few seconds.

Step 3: Once installed, you will find an open and done button. Tap on the done button only.

Step 4: Then download the OBB file from the above link.

Step 5: After that, you have to go to the file manager and copy the OBB file.

Step 6: Then, you will need to go to the File Manager > Android > OBB.

Step 7: In the end, paste the OBB file, and you are all done.

Once you are done with all the steps, you have to come back to the game and launch it. And you are all done. You can now start playing the game.

Final words

Although, there is little scope for configuration in GTA Vice City for Android, yet it is enjoyable and easy to play. As long as you have a device having space and it, you can bring the gaming joy to yourself by downloading it online.

Once, you are done installing the application, here are the steps that you have to follow to install the app on your Android phone. Follow these steps one by one:

GTA Vice City Game Mod Version

GTA Vice City is one of the most favourite games for many people out there. The game was launched back in 2002, and it was an instant hit.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game