Idle Farming 2020

Idle Farming Empire


Begin your prosperous future in your garden right now as a thrilling simulator with addictive gameplay. It will challenge all the farms of the world and make you the wealthiest farm in the universe Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk. Initially, start with small plants and put in more coins to find different animals and plants that are exclusive.


Idle Farming 2020
Idle Farming 2020
Idle Farming 2020
Idle Farming 2020
Idle Farming 2020

Idle Farming

The click-through management, as well as the opportunity to improve their performance along with moving into a new level that will monitor automatically, are awesome. Grow and automate your farm with new magic seeds, harvest thousands of fruits, swap animals and plants for new styles which will make you go on interesting.


It is a farming game common to many people, but Idle Farming Empire game is a unique one. This is both an online and off-line game. Here, if you want to be amused or kill, you can immerse yourself in your own farm environment and make a profitable farming business. Players will not have any problems, with easy gameplay and guidance from the outset. The goal of the game is to create, grow and collect your own farm, as you know. You must gradually expand the farm so that a wide variety of whacky agricultural products will flourish and that farm animals will develop further.

The mission and importance of each farm, animal and poultry commodity help the players to sell or use it to generate certain goods. They take their products as their brand for every farm and help farmers from there to confirm that the product is fresh and good. You will carry the product to the market during the game to sell for money or to exchange for the required items to carry your business in the universe. When in real life, the season is always decided by the temperature. The production of the crop will be decreased for countries with severe storms or fog.

Wonderful Farming Experience

Nonetheless, due to the reality that you are able to adjust and control the weather in Idle Farming Empire, that is, use it to help farm products grow natural and keep pace with the trade. And, you should be careful about rational control, because a great number of agricultural products won’t be suitable for too much rain, like sunflowers. Therefore, you must scientifically calculate the cultivation in an effective combination with the weather. Also, as this is an offline game, the automation feature of the game allows your farm to constantly grow and earn money when you have no time.

Game Performance

Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk is the game that you will be satisfied with time. It’s simple to see visuals, several people have won the game, there are over 5 million app downloads and high scores. The design to internal programming slowly enhances this game to allow players to enjoy the game without any difficulties. Set up cool crops and animals for your farm and build an empire of all time as per your wish.

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Idle Farming Empire Mod Apk File Info

App name Idle Farming Empire Mod
Size 53.48 MB
Category Simulation
Version 1.41.3
Last Updated 16 March 2020
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Developer Futureplay

What’s New?

What's new: - Loads of bugfixes! Thanks for playing and keep sending us feedback!

Features Of This Mod Apk

  • Automate your farm and start earning while you are away to become millions in no time.
  • Collect the hundreds with its own theme of interesting plants and animals as your wish.
  • Boost your farm’s efficiency by increasing sunlight and rain, such that you can control your farms’ weather.
  • You can earn prestige, always by selling your own crops with enchanted and magical seeds.
  • Make smart decisions to upgrade, harvest or make unreasonable profits, so do invest wisely with smart decisions.
  • Free online and offline games, you can play it anytime and anywhere.


Idle Farming Empire is a perfect getaway from today’s normal game business. The action is challenging and yet transparent. Unless you’ve ever seen these sports, you should hang them in no time. In fact, by playing this game, you can invest properly. False decision-making can lead to some disagreeable effects, so you must always do smart investments. So download the idle farming empire mod apk latest version and enjoy the modded features without any hassle.