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What Is Hearts – CardGames.io Apk?

It is one of the fun game which has the heart of the classic trick-taking card games. Here, you can play with the computer and you just need to install this fantastic application on your computer.


Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020
Hearts 2020

There are various things to make this game more entertaining. So by shooting the moon, you must think that what is the then let me tell you that if you get all the penalty cards then you will get the 0 points and the other players will get the 26 points per player.

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In this card passing game, you need to follow the lead of the card until you don’t need to have any card in that suit. If the player wins that trick then definitely he wins the trick of the penality which is mainly added to the penalty score.

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If you are avoiding this trick then you have the hearts or the queen of the spades. The main of this game is to get a few points as possible. You will get the penality of the heart. You will also get the one special card which may be the queen or the spades. These will give you the 13 penalty points.

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Hearts – CardGames.io Apk File Info

App Name Hearts
Last Updated August 21, 2018
Apk Size 12M
Version 1.0.6
Category Card
Developer CardGames.io
Operating System 4.1 and Up

What’s New?

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Rules For Hearts – CardGames.io

Every game in this world is following the proper rules and regulations. So these card game hearts have the rules for the players. Well, if you are excited to know the rules then you have to scroll down the page and below I am telling you the rules of the game.

  • Basically, the main objective of the card games io hearts is to get the maximum points. As what happens each heart has the point of the penalty.  So it has also a special card. It may be the queen which mainly gives you the penality of the 13 points.
  • In this game, the player has the clubs of the two as you begin with the game which leads with the first hand and you should be aware that it may lead to the two of the clubs.
  • Make sure that in the first round, you will not play the heart or the queen. In case you have the card also, you will not even play.
  • Mainly, you will feel bad when you get the card of the penalty, but here you will also get the extra card. In case you will get all the penality cards then you will definitely get the 0 points and the 3 players will get the maximum points. It may be the 26 points.
  • When all the cards are played with the penality then the players with the fewest points always win that hand. Make sure that when the points get over to the 100 then there is the to or more equal having the least points. It will continue when you will get the winner.
  • The leading card is the card where the players of the game turn with one other which is playing the single card. In case, you will have the card in the same suit then you have to play that. The player who has the highest-ranking in the suit will take that trick. If you are having the card of the penalty then you have to avoid the tricks that are having the heart or the queen.
  • If you have broken the heart then you cannot lead the trick which is having the heart. In case, you are having the turn to lead and there is no heart to play then you will not select the heart in the card just to play the first.

Few Words About The Hearts – CardGames.io Apk

Having the world of entertainment is possible just because of the Hearts CardGames.io Apk. So if you are searching for this amazing game then you have to first know the rules and the regulation.

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Basically, in this game, you can play this game by just randomly pick the cards. It is one of the easy and fun games to play. Every player in this game can include the statistics for hands and the builder of the fae also to make your ay that they want.

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So hurry up, you just need to install this computer player game if you want to play the highest level. In case you are facing any kind of error in the installation process then leys us know by commenting below.

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Hearts 2020

What Is Hearts - CardGames.io Apk? It is one of the fun game which has the heart of the classic trick-taking card games. Here, you can play with the comput

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