Whatsapp application has become one of the most used applications globally and is used by most smartphone users. The app allows users to send and receive messages and also makes calls and videos. It was recently reported that WhatsApp’s user base in India crossed 200 million marks per a recent research report.

People of almost all ages use Whatsapp nowadays. It is also more prevalent amongst males and females. Not to mention that it can be fun, funny and safe. We can also use it to promote our business through hashtag campaigns.


How can you use Whatsapp for your benefit?

With a sound account management system, we can do much with Whatsapp marketing. But what is the secret? A few things I’ll tell you.

As I stated above, you need to be active and be a part of Whatsapp groups; you need to post messages frequently. Especially on your business profile. It would help if you had your business profile for Whatsapp marketing. It is instrumental. Also, look out for free market places where you can get good quality free images for your profile.

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Finally, have your own business Whatsapp group where all of your followers know about your promotions. It is easier to make them take part in it. Also, join groups with like-minded people. Your chances of getting more leads, for example, would be higher.

Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp groups can be quite useful for saving resources, especially on more giant platforms where only a few hundred messages are sent at a time. WhatsApp groups can also be used as a simple way of organizing a group of friends (or even larger groups) who are going on an adventure or looking for some outdoor recreation activities. You can easily add each other to a group, join the group, and start exploring. This can save you tons of time and energy when searching for activities that you can all enjoy, and you can better make friends with other like-minded folks.

Whatsapp Group

Aside from that, friends and families prefer this application more than anything. It’s easy to use, and attractive features please people a lot. From celebrities to ordinary people, everyone uses Whatsapp groups to communicate or engage in conversations. What is shared in these groups can have a substantial impact on the market as well?

Pawan Duggal, CEO, BigBasket, says, “Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have shown that the average time spent on messaging apps is increasing due to the active use of group chats. Whatsapp sees a peak of around 25 minutes in an average group communication happening per day. There is a huge opportunity for our merchants in this space. Today, we are the top point of sales for grocery and hyperlocal product consumption.”

People make Whatsapp groups for various purposes. For instance, ardent bibliophiles somehow once in their life find themselves wanting to join a group where they can talk about their favorite books and listen about other people’s preferences in genres. And eventually, they do join one. What’s better than a Whatsapp group for this purpose?!

People enjoy giving fun and creative names to their groups, which is cool and accurately defines the purpose. Family and friends groups like to be more funny and fun while giving group names. They don’t bother with accuracy much. However, business groups prefer to be professional in this work as well. They would rather have a name that represents their work and purpose than being funny and cool.

Here we are mainly going to suggest some entertaining and creative group names for your friends and family WhatsApp groups.

Here are some best Whatsapp group names for you to choose from:

Whatsapp Group Names

Whatsapp group names for friends

  1. We who shall not be named
  2. The three musketeers
  3. Core Four
  4. Chatterboxes
  5. Army
  6. Dream Team
  7. Best Fries Forever
  8. Unbeatables
  9. All the Single Ladies
  10. The Powerpuff Girls
  11. The Heathers
  12. The Three Musketeers
  13. Core Four
  14. Quad Squad
  15. Fab Five
  16. The Avengers
  17. Power Rangers
  18. The River Vixens
  19. XOXO Gossip Girl
  20. The Southside Serpents
  21. Birds of a Feather
  22. Peas in a Pod
  23. Girl Gang
  24. The Coven
  25. The Spice Girls
  26. Charlie’s Angels
  27. The Backstreet Boys
  28. The Circle
  29. The Donut Call List
  30. Dumbledore’s Army
  31. The Nerd Herd
  32. Fantastic Four
  33. Life of P
  34. This Group is A+
  35. The Collective
  36. Class 1-A
  37. We Get Degrees
  38. Will Trade As for Food
  39. Smells Like Team Spirit
  40. Future Presidents
  41. Secret Society
  42. Masterminds
  43. Grammar Enthusiasts
  44. The Denominators
  45. The Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of the Cell
  46. The Brain Cells
  47. The Creators Collective

Whatsapp Family Group Names

  1. All of My Bothers
  2. When is Dinner?
  3. People I Tolerate
  4. The Proud Family
  5. People I Live With
  6. The Family Tree
  7. Modern Family
  8. I Love You All, But…
  9. The Schuyler Sisters
  10. The Keys to My Heart
  11. The Incredibles
  12. What’s the WiFi?
  13. Family Ties
  14. Sibling Signals
  15. All in the Family
  16. We Share Genes
  17. Full House
  18. Beware the Parentals
  19. Forever beauties
  20. YOLO
  21. We are Family
  22. Watch out before you mess with us.
  23. Family club
  24. Kahani Ghar Ghar ki
  25. We rock
  26. The Family guys
  27. Best Family Forever
  28. Pakke Dhaage
  29. Family ho Toh Aisi
  30. You don’t mess with us
  31. The Family that stays together
  32. (Surname) & sons
  33. Since Forever

Final Thoughts

Whatsapp has proven to be quite beneficial for all kinds of people, regardless of age. But some people might use it for wrong and inappropriate activities as well. In that case, it won’t be much beneficial then. Finally, it’s you who will decide what way you want to use it to make connections and engage with people.