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The original Messenger of WhatsApp gets the latest version, which is called FM Whatsapp. The developer of this application is Fouad Mokdad. This application is also named on the developer’s name, which is FMWA or Faud Mokdad Whats App. The latest version of Whatsapp has no bug and a problem, whereas some features are quite restricted in this application, leaving it at the back.

The most recent video sharing service known as”YouTube” is increasing in popularity in the online world and it’s become an indispensable tool for communication with friends, family, and coworkers. YouTube was formerly only used by content creators and media characters, but now everybody is using it.  YouTube is a method of distributing videos on the internet, and the users are drawn by the great variety of sites that allow videos to be posted. This online video-sharing system is growing larger every day, and you will find more video manufacturers joining YouTube daily.

However, YouTube is full of copyright-infringing videos that might distract the viewers from what they are watching. YouTube can be the origin of millions of videos, which will spoil your mind if you don’t know how to differentiate good and bad content.

As you may have been aware, every one of the sites like Facebook and Twitter has its very own moderation systems and the tools for user testimonials. However, YouTube users are not able to use such tools and the movies that look on YouTube are always illegal. To prevent getting spoiled from these non-legal videos, you have to learn some tricks and do away with the problem with FMWhatsApp APKs.

FMWhatsApp APKs are small software programs downloaded from the web and installed on your personal computer. Most people who download FMWhatsApp APKs are frequent internet users, and they have the technical skills to download the programs but not the specialized knowledge to install them.

These APKs may be downloaded from a third-party site, and you want to conduct the download program to install it on your PC. To utilize FMWhatsApp APKs, you need to install a file manager program to help you navigate and extract the application. Once you install the app, you can browse the internet to look for free videos and free cell phone themes.

Many individuals have turned to the FMWhatsApp APK as a quick and easy way to download and use apps. However, there are several difficulties with this APK, which you will need to consider before you download it. First, the file size of the downloaded APK is enormous.

For example, the iPhone app YouTube program is more significant than 20MB. If you do not have a great deal of space to download, then you might instead not download it. This may also be because this program was made for users in Western nations used to download large programs. It would help if you were sure you download the APK since it’s intended, and the size won’t be too large.

Also, you may have trouble downloading it onto your mobile device because of its large file size. This is because there are two ways that the app can be opened. One way is that you tap on the document, while the other way is that you use a file manager.

In the case of a file manager, it is possible to drag and drop it onto your device. In the case of tapping on the document, you would open it as you would another app. Many of the most popular file managers include ES File Explorer, Xcode, Apple File Converter, and Open App Store. In both cases, you would have the ability to view the program, but be aware your device can’t save the SD card application.

If you find this APK is the proper means to download a program, you might still have issues. First, the program is free, so you don’t have to pay extra money to put in it. However, because it is entirely free, there may be spyware programs inside it. These may send info back to the person who owns the phone that installed it. Therefore, if you don’t wish to download it, you may want to consider different choices.

But during the modification of this application, all the application restrictions have been detached because the real application has become an amazing application. If you would like to use any updated version of FMWhatsApp, you can think crazy.


In the market, every people are aware that there is an ample number of MODS of Whatsapp, whereas it equips with all the features, having dual accounts and the attractive point is that it is good for the person who wants to utilize mod. The mod consists of various emojis as well as features of tempting. Moreover, it is also capable of handling multiple accounts at a point in time along with diverse emojis and the features of tempting.

It becomes easy for the users of this application to share the audios, videos, and documents. The version will help you to manage multiple dual accounts at the same time easily. Even, data from the two different whats app accounts will save in different folders. The user interface of this application is quite clear and you can easily use the same.

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If you are interested in grabbing the application with advanced features, click the link given on this page. Before downloading Faud Mokdad Whats App, you should remember the following steps as given below:

Download Faud Mokdad WhatsApp Apk

Download APK

Faud Mokdad WhatsApp Apk File Info

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App NameFMWhatsApp
Size44.3 MB
Android4.4 and Up
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Last updateOne Day Ago

  • Go to settings and enable the “Unknown sources”.
  • Do not forget to save the whole backup of the application.
  • It is just that the battery of your mobile phone is above 50%.
  • You should have a stable internet connection.

Features Of:

The features of this latest version of Faud Mokdad What’s App are as follows:

  1. Widget function: In the Faud Mokdad What’s App, there is a widget function. In this function of a widget, the attractive point is to turn on the last seen or turn it off. With this amazing feature, the person can easily handle the last seen of their Whats App accounts.
  2. Alter the settings: Through the Faud Mokdad What’s App, the user can easily manage the display settings of the FMWhatsApp. You can effortlessly change the icon of the application while notifying and alter the launcher as well.
  3. Advanced features: The application will give advanced features to the users. If your contacts updated a new status and got attracted by the same, click on the status and copy the same to post the same. It also enables us to add up to 250 characters in the field of the status, and the video with size 1 GB can also send through this application.
  4. Styles in the app: Diverse range of bubbles, as well as the style of ticks, is also available in the application, and you can select from the same. There is some ban proof, emojis, and many more styles are available for the users.
  5. One tap voice record: The application overcome the problem of long-pressing the voice icon and record the voice to send. But in the Faud Mokdad What’s App, this issue gets resolved, and with a single touch, you can easily record the voice. Now, there is no need to press the icon for a long time and record the same.
  6. Wide range of themes: The FMWhatsApp provides various themes. Likewise, the Contact screen can easily get the theme’s colors without any human intervention and select from the available themes. The entry style can also be previewed. In the main theme, a date can also be altered and the colors are also mentioned.
  7. Collection of emojis: The user can find the various types of collections of emojis. The interface given by this application is clear.
  8. Dual accounts: The user can handle the dual accounts of WhatsApp. At the same time, anyone can use multiple accounts for WhatsApp, one of the most thrilling features.

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Is This WhatsApp Banned?

This application is not on the list of banned applications still. But the accounts can also be closed if the user can not update the application from time to time. You need to keep the application updated if you want to use the application regularly.

The latest update of this application is available on this website at regular intervals, and you need to keep an eye on the updates. You must always update the file regularly as the application is not available on the play store. It is a type of third party application.

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How Is GBWhatsApp Different From The FMWhatsapp?

There are some pros as well as cons to everything. Similarly, there are some advantages in FM WhatsApp, and GM WhatsApp has its own as well. There are few differences between both of these versions.

First of all, the Faud Mokdad What’s App has various inbuilt themes as the application interface will be effortlessly customized, whereas the feature is not present in GB Whatsapp. Second thing, by comparing both the applications, the GB WhatsApp does not interfere.

How To Get FM WhatsApp Updated?

You have to download the updated version if you installed the old version of this application still. Thus it will update to the new version without any human intervention. There is not any requirement to remove the old file or remove the same.

How To Customize The Theme In FMWhatsApp?

The classic green color theme of WhatsApp is quite bored sometimes. Is it? So, would you like to customize your theme differently? Now, if you want such customization features, then the Fraud Mokdad What’s App is suitable for you. According to your will, it provides various new themes as well as interfaces. It has got about 110+ themes in the latest version of its update. It is also possible if you would like to change your theme daily.

How To Install FMWhatsApp?

  1. As given on this page, so you can download the application with the help of the same.
  2. Then, open the settings on your phone.
  3. Tap on the search bar and search for “Unknown sources.”
  4. Now, look for that particular option. To install the application on your device, you need to tick the option because if the option is getting enabled, it will not be possible to install it. It breaks in the middle.
  5. The File Manager’s icon is available in the device to handle the phone storage of the internal file. There is no need to install the same from anywhere.
  6. Further, open the File Manager and find the file that was downloaded recently.
  7. Finally, install the application on your device.
  8. Open the application and add your phone number to use the same.
  9. Yo! Have fun with the Fraud Mokdad Whats App’s updated features and share the same with your family and friends.

Without Whatsapp, the world means nothing to us. No one cannot imagine the world. The application is the king of instant messaging, and it can reduce the usage of phone calls and text messages to fifty percent. So, a lot of efforts have been made to improve the interface and features of this application. It is regarded as the best chat application across the world.

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The developer of Fouad Mokdad What’s App has already created three diverse ranges of MODs that gained popularity. Thanks to this man, as always tries to maintain privacy, the conversation is protected with a password and improvements in the files’ sending. WhatsApp is one of the most installed applications on every smartphone in this era of technology.

The Fouad Mokdad What’s App has a list of improvements implemented in this updated and newest version. The application is not available on the Google Play Store, but it does not mean that it is dangerous, but it goes against the internet giant’s rules and regulations. Although, the application is safe and secure for all types of devices.

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So, to take advantage of this application, you can directly download the same from the given link and enjoy it!