Bluff My Call: Change your caller ID and have fun with this app

An Android app that is utilized fundamentally for kidding around with phone calls and keeping calls unknown, Bluff My Call is a free app for individuals who appreciate making plenty of calls.

Bluff My Call is an app for cell phones that allows you to make unlimited free calls anywhere in the world. They are going to a lot of people that could not afford the mobile phone before. The software is free to download, and it will only last you a week or two before you have to renew your membership. The free app is pretty simple. You will be able to use their website at no cost and get several other great features for free. They will have a local and long distance calling function as well as many others. One of the best features is that you will use a virtual number to call people in areas that are not available to you or are not covered by your phone company.

This software will allow you to make all of your phone calls in any country or place with no international phone service that will cost you extra money. The cost of this software will allow you to make calls at no charge. This makes calling people on the other side of the globe a lot more affordable for those who live abroad. This app will also allow you to make online conference calls.

All the programs are 100% legal and the right ones all do the same thing but with different names. Some are easily found online, while others may not be readily available. The good thing about this software is that you can find the one that you want and do not have to pay anything if you do not like it.

Bluff My Call

Review of Bluff My Call

Now and then you run into an app that’s enjoyable and fun and whose possibilities are boundless. This is the situation with Bluff My Call. All over, this app appears like little more than a way to call individuals anonymously. However, when individuals began to download and use the app, they found a feature-rich treasure trove of cool activities on the phone with other individuals.

Per its name, you can undoubtedly bluff your call and call with no number appearing on the ID, or by using a fake number with a free calling feature; however you can likewise change your voice totally and trick individuals, or even record the call if it’s a sensitive issue. So whether you’re only a prankster who prefers messing around, or needs to record a call for potential evidence against fraud or different issues, this app may prove to be useful.

Download Bluff My Call Apk


Bluff My Call Apk Information

App NameBluff My Call
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
File Size23.7 MB
Operating System4.1 or Above

How Bluff My Call Works

Bluff My Call is a free app to download and it is just like many other applications available in the market, by downloading and installing the application. When you have it loaded up, you’ll see a user menu that enables you to try a wide range of options. Aside from changing the caller ID and your voice, you can likewise deceive another person’s phone. Instead of making it ring, your call will go legitimately to voicemail, which many individuals love on the off chance that they don’t care for chatting on the phone to somebody live.

Generally speaking, the feature set with this app is straightforward to make sense of and use. The user interface is clean and instinctive, and all the various options you can choose are featured for you, so you don’t need to burn through your time digging around and exploring the app. You can click the link HTTP apps, which will lead you straight to the application.

Features of Bluff My Call Apk in detail

  • Your caller ID can be changed – through this phone number generator, and you can easily change your caller ID. You can change your phone number when you call your recipient. You can set any number that you need to set with the goal that your genuine number cannot be exposed to anyone.
  • Change your voice – You can change your voice and browse the male voice and female voice. By changing the voice you can play tricks on your companions. With the goal that nobody can recognize whose calling from another side.
  • It is Free of cost – Bluff my call is an ultimate free calling application. This app can be downloaded free from App Store & play store and can likewise utilize it for free.
  • You can Record your calls – bluff my call apk offers this incredible inbuilt feature too. If you are spying on somebody with this bluff my call app, this feature can be precious to you. This feature can help get proofs while spoofing calls.

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Pros and Cons of Bluff My Call


  1. It is free to use the app
  2. You Can change caller number and voice
  3. You Can gain immediate access to voicemail.
  4. It is Ideal for trick calling your companions.


  1. The novelty rapidly wears off.
  2. It is Available for more current Android versions.

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How to use this app to bluff my call?

You can use bluff my call for free by following only 3 steps. Also, the steps are referenced underneath. You need to follow the following steps and utilize this app effectively. So, follow the following steps and make your experience fun and enjoyable.

Steps –

  1. Firstly, select your recipient to whom you have to call.
  2. Enter your prank phone numbers that you need to display to your receiver.
  3. Select which voices do you want male voice or female voice.
  4. What’s more, I appreciate this app.

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Who Can Utilize This Bluff My Call App?

  • Telemarketer – Telemarketer who is calling for their product sell or offers can utilize this app not to uncover their original phone number.
  • Call centers – Call centers that are calling to provide some support to the customers.
  • Someone who wants to prank – You can utilize this app to prank on your companion and family by changing voice and spoof call.