OGWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp which gives its customers a smooth, comfortable, and unfastened messaging provider. This is secure and dependable. Developers and brought some the advanced abilities that some users might experience critical about their privateness and protection desires.

The Android Police review of Google’s OGWhatsApp APK for Android uses a step-by-step tutorial to help you download the app in just a few easy steps. The app was released by the developer and Facebook partner Eko Software on February 21, 2020. It was developed as a part of the Facebook Sharepoint Plus application, which integrates the functionality of Facebook into your company’s Sharepoint infrastructure. The app’s point is to help people share ideas, content, videos, pictures, video, and more with their friends and colleagues via the social networking platform.

One of the app’s best features is the ability to connect your office or company with your Facebook account. Any new contacts added to your phone will be automatically added to your My People folder on Facebook. It’s also possible to display your most recent pictures from your Facebook account on your phone. A feature that is a big draw for me is the instant chat with people who you are not connected to on Facebook. You can start a conversation by sending a quick message to the person’s email address.

Some other great apps include My Locker for Android, TextSecure, Wunderlist, and Actor for Android. Many more such apps are available on Google Play, so browse around and check out all the features available in the Google Play store. You should also find it interesting to see some of the new reviews posted by Google users on different apps. But how do you go about downloading an app? Well, with the help of a reliable Android app download, it is straightforward.

OGWA gives customers privacy concerning functions like identifying who will watch their profile pix, statuses, and discussion with them. This all makes it a reliable messaging app available. Developers also added a few excellent other choices in OGWhatsApp up to date APK not very long ago, like deleting the sent messages and hiding online status. OGWA is a different version of OGWhatsApp Plus.

OGWhatsApp latest version 2020. OGWhatsApp desires no creation, and it’s far the worldwide famous messaging app that has 500 million full of energy users monthly. OGWhatsApp has been continuous with us for the reason that we were given our first telephone in fingers. It’s flexibility, clean connecting points of interacting with something and the unfastened provider make it stand apart from other apps.

It’s fast, secure, and dependable that we don’t even apply some separate app instead of WhatsApp. When this app was released to play keep, to start with, it had not had some of the features and simple messaging desires. Still, with time, WhatsApp was given better each day, and these days it offers lots of abilities that appeal to and make users visit WhatsApp over and over.


What is OGWhatsapp?

OGWhatsapp is also referred to as OGWA, a safe, at ease, and dependable, reliable OGWhatsApp software model. The simple model of OGWhatsApp from time to time almost doesn’t offer what we search for. On the different side, OGWhatsApp is changed through developers, which brings new functions together with the basic ones.

The use of this utility, received’t slows down your privacy as well as security. There are heaps of features delivered which can be helpful in our everyday use. Its most important features are DND mode, Hide online quality of being liked a lot or done a lot, Customization, and vehicle-reply functionality.

All those features paintings easily without any problems. Developers of OGWhatsapp brand new model maintain updating the app and including new abilities Ogwhatsapp replace. In this text, we’ve furnished aggregate data about the OG WhatsApp And its functions that too with direct download hyperlinks.

OGWhatsApp Free Download

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OGWhatsapp Info


App NameOGWhatsApp APK
File Size42.1 MB
Supported VersionAndroid5.Zero+

Exclusive Features Of OG Whatsapp

As we’ve got talked said earlier, OGWhatsapp comes with lots of customization and other privateness features. Some things may not be helpful for someone anyway. There are still quite a few features within the app, and this is helpful. Download GBWhatsapp trendy model to get all the features plus more desirable protection. Here is a short test of now to be had functions.

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Anti-ban Apk

Anti Ban APK: If you have been using the modded versions of OGWhatsApp, you might have recognized the pain of blocking. OGWhatsApp people in charge of something usually hold a watch on the modded versions of OGWhatsApp, and that they Ban customers who are the use of the third celebration OGWhatsApp Mod APKs.

With the modern model of OGWhatsapp, don’t wait for the app’s usage as developers have fixed the Ban problem, and you also gained should face any issues about the Ban. This app is easy and completely free to apply, and new functions are being brought to each update.


Pre-built Message Scheduler: This feature has been introduced now to the OGWhastapp, and users love it. There’s someone to whom we need to ship messages, greetings in real-time; however, every once in a while, we honestly ignore to start a talk with them.

To clear up this trouble, builders have introduced the pre-built message scheduler, which sends a message regularly in real time. We need to honestly set the message text, the time, and the contact that we want to send a selected message regularly.

OGWhastapp will usually ship the message to the touch without you doing something. Here, records connection or Wi-Fi should be enabled in your telephone, an excellent way to send the message. This function truly makes our existence more comfortable, and we can get an appearance after our work without a hustle.

Make Calls To Non-Saved Numbers: In an ordinary OGWhatsApp application, if we need to message any contact or if we want to area any call and make communique, we should save their variety. This process of collecting the touch number to our cellphone may be eliminated, and we can meet at once area a call without saving that exact wide variety.

This function of OGWhastapp comes naturally to get to, use, or understand while we should area a call immediately and we don’t want to store any undesirable number to our cellular phone.


Inbuilt Status Download Feature: OGWhatsApp, aside from just talking and sharing talks about other people’s business, we regularly use it for uploading the reputation. This feature makes us even in the direction of our buddies and circle of relatives.

But in the real and exact model of OGWhatsApp, we will download one’s reputation to our phone directly. And we regularly ask them to send, which all takes a lot of time and makes no feel. Instead, you could use OGWhastapp to download the fame of your friends and family that they proportion on WhatsApp.

Write OGWhatsApp

Increased Characters For Written Status: In the legal/real and pure version, you are limited down to write down best up to 130 characters in your written status. But the modern version of OGWhatsapp provides you with the freedom of as much as 250 words.

This comes on hand when we must place high rates, or written reputation and length is almost too huge. Such sort of functions is on the way so one can exchange the way you use OGWhatsApp. So download OGWhatsapp now to enjoy the abilities.

Institution OGWhatsApp

Set Group Name Up To 35 Characters: OGWhatsAppis mostly regarded for its group talk. We love the organization talking most when all our friends are on, and the conversation in no way stops for hours. But with regards to setting the call of Group name in OGWhatsApp, the original version limits our ability to create exciting new things up to twenty-five characters only.

But with OGWhatsapp the best design available now model you may get 10+ extra characters. So preserve your institution call crazy, the manner you want and with up to 35 characters.

Reproduction OGWhatsApp

Copy Anyone’s status in your clipboard: This function offers you the ability to copy entirely everyone’s written state to your clipboard. As we all recognize, we can’t directly copy a person’s reputation at once and paste it on someplace else.

We, however, with the ultra-modern model of OGWhatsApp, can immediately reproduction the status of different people and copy each time we want. This is the top-notch time-saving feature that has been these days brought to the OGWhatsapp. Apart from the other significant functions which don’t gift inside, the correct version could be coming quickly.

Block OGWhatsApp

Block specific touch’s name: If a person is worrying you via calling you thru the OGWhatsApp, and also you don’t need to block completely and every one, this option may help you. All you need to is to certainly turn off the decision receiving another choice within the setting of a selected touch. OGWhastapp always tries to bring across such outstanding features to its users without any price; download now to understand such abilities better.

Add OGWhatsApp

Send Up to 90 Images At a Time: This is a completely critical feature of the OGWhastapp, there’s on occasion, we want to ship a couple of pics to a person very badly. However, the original version has a restriction of 10 snapshots at a time and it’s far terrible and upsetting and time-eating enjoy choosing 10 on every occasion and sending once more.

I had this experience where I had to send 50 photographs to someone, but OGWhatsApp stopped me to ship 10 pics at a time. Download OGWhastapp and make use of this selection to store some time and improve the OGWhatsApp enjoy.

Lock OGWhatsApp

Inbuilt OGWhatsApp Locker: Since WhatsApp has been released, we have been continuously looking for a good app locker from the Play Store. This is because the Official Whatsapp model doesn’t provide the inbuilt lock typical and expected. Unfortunately, there’s no longer any single 0.33 birthday party app locker that presents a perfect safety lock for OGWhatsApp. Though a few may offer a dependable locking feature, the undesirable Ads will be there at the lock display, which certainly ruins the experience.

Some Things To Know About OGWhastapp

OGWhatsApp is a changed version of real WhatsApp, which is altered, and few changes have been made to make the related to people who use a product or service experience much better. We can say it is a third celebration app that doesn’t come from builders of Whatsapp.

Though the OGWhatsapp new edition doesn’t come from a reliable supply, it is anyway secure and secure to apply. It will no longer stop with your privacy in any way, but since the OGWhatsapp is a third birthday celebration app we have to pay attention to take care of some matters to guard ourselves against online danger.

Use OGWhatsapp as a secondary account: Use your first or most important account, which you primarily useful for business and vital paintings. An open secondary account on OGWhatsApp new, which you will use for free talking and personal life. The first or most important account has various relevant information and business credentials that have to no longer pass in the wrong palms if any online danger happens.

Do Not Overuse any functions: Though OGWhatsapp is different from WhatsApp’s real model, all the sports you do within the app go through their servers. Whatsapp people in charge of something usually have eyes on illegal activities, and they could ban activities that are offending their terms and conditions and privateness coverage. That’s why we are suggesting you do not overuse any features and attempt to hold things within the limit.

Some Often Asked Questions (FAQ) About OGWhatsapp

Is OGWhatsapp a respectable utility?

No, OGWhatsapp is a third birthday party that changed the original one that comes with plenty of features. Since Whatsapp doesn’t offer any useful features, many 0.33-birthday party developers have changed apps to make the Whatsapp experience even better.

From where can I download OGWhatsapp?

Since the app is changed and specific changes have been made in it, it is not available on the Play Store. But, we at gbplus.Net are offering you a direct hyperlink of the ultra-modern model of OGWhatsapp. You can download it using genuinely tapping it.

Is OGWhatsapp unfastened to use?

Yes, OGWhatsapp has usually been free as of the real model. There are not any special prices or charges for the use of OGWhatsapp. It is free of price, and in the pre-planned future, too, it’ll continue to be free of cost.

Will I be get blocked for the usage of OGWhatsapp?

No, surely the app has been modified to make use of some of the added/more critical functions that aren’t present in the real model. You won’t be blocked for the usage of OGWhatsapp and its added abilities.

Will I be capable of talk with different people who use the professional model?

Yes, you may still talk, have a voice,e and video calls with those who use the stable version of Whatsapp. It doesn’t be counted which model they are using, due to the fact, all the Whatsapp 1/3-celebration versions paintings correctly and talk with every different without any problems.

Installation Guide

Now you all recognize about OGWhatsapp, from which you may download it, and how you will install it? Worry not; we’ve got you covered! To installation OGWhatsapp in your android smartphone, entirely and go through this setup manual.

OGWhatsApp install

First of all, you’ll want to download the Whatsapp from the depended on supply which we provide on our aspect. We have given you the direct download hyperlink from the trusted website.

OGWhatsApp installing

After downloading the OGWhatsapp up to date APK, go to the File supervisor of your phone, search for the OGWhatsapp APK and tap on it. This will start the method of installation. The installation way of doing things may take some moments.

OGWhatsApp installed

After the setup process is completed, you, in reality, don’t want to do anything. All you need to do is open the app and start using the excellent and useful features of Whatsapp.

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Everyone may have like nothing else in the world needs and purposes of using the OGWhatsapp new edition. Going through all the data and FaQ, you’ve got were given to recognize about the OG Whatsapp plus update and its functions. It isn’t the equal model; however, it’s far almost a better model than the professional one.

You get a far higher enjoyment than the same old thing Whatsapp with OGWhatsapp. You can download the OGWhatsapp APK by truly clicking at the download hyperlinks beneath and start using those beautiful abilities. Keep downloading “O gods WhatsApp” from this site.