Wheres my droid 2020

Wheres My Droid

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Wheres my droid commander is a solution to a lot of problems that every customer faces. There are several hardware and software improvements and newer implementation with betterments in technology. But none of them has yet solved the issue of a device being lost physically. There is no ideal way to do it, but the apps world has a solution for everything. This app helps you locate your phone using GPS and remotely using different secured options.

Where is my Droid Apk? Is my download from Droid not available anymore? The second question seems to arise when one of your friends ask about your lack of connection with your mobile device. In this particular scenario, the reason for your slow downloading speed may be the web browser that you are using. Make sure that you switch to Firefox or Chrome for the download and browsing experience of your mobile device to be better and smooth.

You have downloaded the mobile app from the network where wireless internet is available? If you don’t get the download from the system with the right program, then you need to switch to another one. If you can switch to a different plan, then check out the setting so that you can use the specific application. Make sure that you have chosen the right one. Many spyware programs can cause many problems in your system. It will allow the computer virus to do its activities secretly in your operating system. It will then record all the data related to the app that you are downloading.

If you are using the Safari web browsers, then you will find that the download is a little slow as well. If you want to get the latest features on your mobile phone, then you need to download the newest version of the software that you need. Sometimes, it may take some time to download the software on the internet. This software will allow you to download all the new and updated features on your phone so that you can enjoy the high-quality experience on your phone.


Wheres my droid 2020
Wheres my droid 2020
Wheres my droid 2020
Wheres my droid 2020
Wheres my droid 2020
Wheres my droid 2020
Wheres my droid 2020
Wheres my droid 2020

The most impressive tech in the app is present in its premium features which are not free. That is why we are adding the direct download link for the APK version of wheres my droid. But before that, let us wheres my droid review.

Introduction: Wheres My Droid

The app has protection to prevent an unauthorized invasion of your device. It has both hardware and software support that backs its security up in multiple ways.

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When you are certain of it being lost, it gives you the freedom to track using the GPS. It tracks the last available location of your device.

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This is called an online commander system. It also has a stealth mode that provides layered protection. One the other hand in situations where your device is stolen, the app allows you to lock it completely. It is one of the best ‘find my phone’ app.

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The app was last updated on 10 October 2019. It has a download size of 7.4 MB and is currently running its 6.4.11 version. It works on any android device having version 4.1 and above and is a part of iPhone apps too. With over 10 million downloads it is highly recommended to all the users.

Download Wheres My Droid Apk


Wheres My Droid Apk File Info

App Name Wheres My Droid
Apk File Size 8.4 MB
Installs 10,000,000+
Version 6.6.1
Interactive Elements Shares Location, In-App Purchases
Category Tools
Last Updated October 13, 2020
Requirement Android 4.1 or later
App by Alienman Technologies LLC

What’s New?

* Fix for location permissions on Android 11.

The Top Features Of Wheres My Droid:

  1. It helps you to lock or erase the data remotely.
  2. It doesn’t drain your battery, which is the case with many security and antivirus apps.
  3. It has the latest tech for auto-theft detection.
  4. Provides the owner with passive location updates with GPS coordinates until the phone is activated.
  5. It helps you in clearing both sim card and SD card data remotely with the wipe feature.

Now that we know about all the features and updates, it comes down to how can the APK be downloaded on your android device? For this, I am going to add a direct link to the APK file. You are just one click away from downloading the APK.

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Once the APK is downloaded you can proceed with the installation process. Installing this APK is similar to installing any other APK. But before starting this ensures that the device is compatible with the installation process. For this you have to go through the following steps:

  • Start by going to the settings app.
  • Then go to the additional settings.
  • Select the privacy menu option here.
  • Over here you will find the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option.

Once you are done enabling this option your device is ready for installing the APK. Follow these steps to complete installation:

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How to Install Wheres My Droid Apk?

Step 1: Start by clicking on the Wheres my droid APK.

Step 2: Tap on the install option and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Once installed, you will see the open button. Tap on it to launch the app, and you are all done.

Final Verdict:

Wheres my droid has one-directional usability but provides multiple solutions for them. We recommend all the readers to download the APK and use the app at its best. Feel free to drop your queries in the comments box below.