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People sometimes lose their phones when shopping, or they are just snatched away from them. And all of their vital information is at risk, as it contains highly sensitive data that might be easily leaked if not safeguarded by a good security app. There are many excellent cell phone monitoring apps on the market, and Where’s My Droid is one among them. The app not only allows users to follow their cell phone’s location for free, but it also detects theft and wipes all of their data if they want it.

Wheres My Droid is a phone tracking device that protects the phone from any risks once it is lost, or simply rings their phone if they are unable to locate their phone.

Wheres My Droid Apk

How to find your phone:

Users can locate an Android mobile via the Device Manager. Simply go to the Find your phone website and join in with the Google account linked with their mobile to locate it. Choose the lost device from the selection at the top of the screen if people have more than one mobile. If the map indicates that their mobile is close by, press the play sound button. Even if it’s set to silent, the device will start ringing for the following 5 minutes to help them discover it.

Even if the iPhone is switched off, it can still be found. If a user uses the above-mentioned location instructions and their mobile goes offline, the map will display the last location the mobile was before going offline. If a user’s mobile is turned on again, the site will send them an email. Simply select the option on the screen that says notifies me when found.

Because all of their personal information is housed on their mobile, this frustrating condition drives people insane. People can simply trace their lost mobile using GPS or texts using Wheres My Droid App, a professional Android phone finder developed by Alienman Technologies. Wheres My Droid is a simple app for tracking down a missing Android phone once it has vanished from view.

Feel free to use the erase feature on the Where’s My Droid app because users can restore all of their data and documents with Android Data Recovery whenever they receive their smartphone back.

Introduction: Wheres My Droid

The app has protection to prevent an unauthorized invasion of your device. It has both hardware and software support that backs its security up in multiple ways.When you are certain of it being lost, it gives you the freedom to track using the GPS. It tracks the last available location of your device.This is called an online commander system. It also has a stealth mode that provides layered protection. On the other hand, when your device is stolen, the app allows you to lock it completely.

It is one of the best ‘find my phone’ app.The app was last updated recently. It works on any android device having version 4.1 and above and is a part of iPhone apps. With over 10 million downloads, it is highly recommended to all the users.

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Where’s My Droid App Key Features:

This tracking application’s distinctive features, which set it apart from all other, tracking devices now on the market, are stated below:

 • Allow this app access to their location and enable GPS on their phone so that the app may follow their cell phones location online and know where it is at all times.

• Enabling a GPS flare in the app instructs the device to give out a location even if the battery is low.

• Ring their Phone: If they leave their phone anywhere, they can utilize this option to hear their phone ring.

• Passcode: Set a passcode to open Wheres My Droid so that no one can tamper with the application’s settings.

• Sim Monitor: If someone changes their sim card, the app will notify them.

• Allow this app to have camera access so that it can snap images of those who enter the erroneous passcode and save them.

• Wipe Setup: All of their data can be wiped from their phone to prevent personal information from being leaked if their device is lost.

• Uninstall setup: If the user selects this option, the program will not be able to be removed from their smartphone.

• Passive Position: The software continuously updates its location throughout the day, allowing users to see where their smartphone has traveled.

• Geofencing: When a user’s device travels outside of the designated area, an action can be triggered.

If they ever lose their mobile or it is stolen, these tools allow them to protect it intelligently and keep all of their data safe and secure.

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The Top Features Of Wheres My Droid:

  1. It helps you to lock or erase the data remotely.
  2. It doesn’t drain your battery, which is the case with many security and antivirus apps.
  3. It has the latest tech for auto-theft detection.
  4. Provides the owner with passive location updates with GPS coordinates until the phone is activated.
  5. It helps you in clearing both sim card and SD card data remotely with the wipe feature.

Now that we know about all the features and updates, it comes down to how can the APK be downloaded on your android device? For this, I am going to add a direct link to the APK file. You are just one click away from downloading the APK.

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Is it necessary to have an app like Wheres My Droid?

Where My Droid is a highly useful app that allows users to monitor their misplaced phone and protect their device if it is lost. After the user has set up each element of this application, they will be able to obtain every detail on their lost or stolen gadget whenever they need it. Users who have Wheres My Droid installed on their mobile don’t have to worry if they lose their phone because their info is secured.

It is quite vital to protect the mobile, given that the world is now focusing on phones. People depend on their phones for everything, including making phone calls, taking photos, ordering food, and so on. Not only that, but phones contain extremely sensitive data that can be extensively misappropriated if someone chooses to open their phone in an immoral manner. Mobiles are frequently lost, and thieves exploit their personal information in a variety of ways. Protecting their phone may be simple and managed with a device tracking app like Wheres My Droid.

Download Wheres My Droid Apk

Download APK

Wheres My Droid Apk File Info

App NameWheres My Droid
Apk File Size15.6 MB
Interactive ElementsShares Location, In-App Purchases
Last Updated
RequirementAndroid 4.1 or later
App byAlienman Technologies LLC

What’s New?

How to Install Wheres My Droid Apk?

Step 1: Start by clicking on the Wheres my droid APK.

Step 2: Tap on the install option and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Once installed, you will see the open button. Tap on it to launch the app, and you are all done.

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Final Verdict:

Wheres, my droid has one-directional usability but provides multiple solutions for them. We recommend all the readers to download the APK and use the app at its best. Feel free to drop your queries in the comments box below.