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The main intention behind playing pubg on mobile is that it has given some beautiful as well as advanced graphics for the original pubg on pc. If you can relate this with the situation, then you will find that your device needs to have enough space so that the game can run smoothly without facing any sort of lag or stutters. This is the reason why the GFX tool has been used so that the issue of lag can be eliminated. First of all, let me tell you that gfx tool apk was previously known as the graphic tool for battlegrounds.

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With the use of GFX tool for PUBG, you can easily unlock the full HD graphics and other related best settings for pubg. Let me tell you that GFX Tool 0.17.1 for Android is compatible for both the Chinese as well as international versions of the game.You can also check this app armored core ps4

Steps to follow in order to use the GFX tool

Download GFX Tool APK

GFX tool 7.5 Apk File Info

App NameGFX Tool
Size2.9 MB
Andriod4.3 and up
Last Updated12 September 2019

Pubg GFX Tool Updates

  • 25/11: Update v0.14.2p
  • 30/11: Update v0.15.0p
  • 17/12: Update v0.15.1p
  • 19/12: Update v0.15.2p
  • 22/12: Update v0.15.2p
  • 4/1: Update v0.15.4p
  • 18/1: Update v0.15.5p
  • 20/1: Update v0.15.6p
  • 26/1:Upset on this as GFX tool is being removed from the Google Play Store and there is no reason so you can download from us and install.
  • 12/5: The application has returned to Play Store.You can also check this app bike race mod apk

Mentioned below are certain steps which you need to follow in order to use the GFX tool.

Step 1: The first and the foremost thing, which you need to do, is download and then install the GFX tool from above.

Step 2: Then you must make sure that you have closed the PUBG mobile if it is running in the background, after closing the pubg then you to start the gfx tool.

Step 3: Once, you found that the GFX tool is running, then the next probable thing, which you need to do, is customize the graphics settings for the pubg mobile.

Step 4: As soon as all the settings are done, then you need to click on the Accept button. After which you will find that the app plays a video ad and then the settings will be applied for your gameplay.

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Here one point that you must keep in your mind that if you encounter any sort of problem while playing the game, then you will have to click on the Repair button. After that, you need to close the game and then restart the gfx tool again.

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There are some specific settings, which you need to do in order to get the best user experience.

  • Versions – You need to make sure that you have selected the latest version of the pubg apk, which is present in the Google play.
  • Graphics – Apart from this, you also need to select the solution and the graphics quality, which matches with the capability of your device.
  • FPS – It is nothing but the frame per second, and you need to set it to 60 FPS.

Screenshot of GFX Tool

Pubg GFX+ Tool

Advance setting of PUBG GFX Tool

    What is the use of GFX Tool Pro do in pubg?

    You might be wondering that what does gfx tool do in pubg. So let me tell you that it helps you to enjoy the game without facing any sort of game lag. Apart from all this, it also enables you to opt for other graphics setting which exists in the PUBG mobile. Some of these graphics settings are already discussed above, like the 60 FPS, etc.

    Thus, it can be said that if you are worried about the performance of pubg game on your mobile, then the next thing, which you need to do, is opt for the pubg mobile gfx tool. It has also been noticed that the use of gfx tool can make the performance of the game increase drastically. So, if you are planning to install the gfx tool on your smartphone, then you just need to visit the Google play store and download the file from there.