Metro is a brand owned by T-Mobile in the United States. It was also ranked as the 5th largest telecommunication company in the world. It is a prepaid wireless communications brand. Its services are merged with T-Mobile with 4G and LTE services.

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Why not download the MyMetro program for Android now? It can help you in lots of ways. From finding a job to getting insurance quotes, you can take advantage of this app. There are so many benefits that this app can offer you, particularly if you’re new to using the internet. This is a program that will be convenient. It’s quick, easy, and user friendly. So if you’re looking for a beautiful and useful program, you must download the MyMetro app for Android.

MyMetro app is the standard application used for MetroPCS customers as it allowed them secured services. They use biometrics for activities related to the customer’s account-related activities. A lot of these services would have taken a lot of time if performed manually. MyMetro app has made it much easier for its users to make all their payments and update activities.

Before seeing how it can be downloaded, let us go through the app’s features. There are some others according to our recommendation, like Flexanity App.

What is MyMetro APK?

If you want to know any update regarding your payment dates, due dates, better offers, then the MyMetro app is probably the only perfect application. For the users who fall under its umbrella, it is important to understand that it is the only app developed completely for serving its users. It even allows you to reset passwords at all times. The access given by this app gives a very secure experience for MetroPCS users. This app reviews the user’s 4G data usage so that the user can make the payment easily and get updated.

Top features of myMetro apk:

  • Allows its customers to make changes in their accounts using the mobile app.
  • Much efficient than the traditional ways of handling related accounts and services.
  • Can check your due date and payment options in the app at all times.
  • You can always use your 4G data usage to handle Metro users under the T-Mobile brand directly.
  • You can use both biometrics and passwords for the secured account option.
  • You have customized notifications to alert you about all account activities.

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We will help you in downloading this extremely useful apk in the simplest way possible. It has many features unlocked which you would otherwise struggle with within the ordinary play store app. Along with all the updates and payment features, few optional services are available for premium customers. You are just one click away from downloading the APK now.

Download MyMetro APK:


myMetro Apk Information

App Name myMetro
Last Updated 10 November 2020
Apk Size 5.3 MB
Installed Device 50,000,000+
Category Tools
Developer Metro By T-Mobile
Operating System Android 4 or Above

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Once the APK is downloaded, we can go on with the installation process. First, we should make sure that the device is compatible for installation. For this, we shall follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the settings app.
  • Navigate to additional settings.
  • Select privacy options to proceed.
  • Enable the “install from unknown sources” option.

Once this option enables you can go on to install the APK on your device using these steps:

How to install myMetro apk On Android?

  1. Click on the APK file.

myMetro App

  1. Tap on the install button and wait for the installation to complete.

myMetro App installation

  1. An open option will appear. Tap on it to launch the apk.

launch mymetro app now

Final Verdict

It is a feature-packed apk that makes customer’s activities and account handling very efficient. Metro PCS employees have been able to take the utmost advantage of the myMetro app. Please feel free to drop your suggestions and views in the comments box below. This app is quite handy and useful to use and pays your bill on time. You can also set a reminder to get alerted when you forget about the payment. Metro PCS users use this app and get benefits, and the new version fixes the major bugs that you might face in the old version of this app.

Do let us know if you face any issues with this myMetro app below, and we will surely reply to you and help you in your need.