GBWhatsapp apk: hey reader, if you are an android user, you must have downloaded Whatsapp on your phone. It is not a new thing, Whatsapp is a popular messaging application, so everyone downloads it and use it. But I am here to tell you about GBWhatsapp. Some people are those who have not heard about this apk. But some are who have heard about this apk. This article lets you know about the features and functions of GBWhatsapp.

And it tells you how to install it on your android. On the internet, there are many mods available for WhatsApp. But we support the GBWhatsapp. Why? Because it has the best features, functions, and popularity. GBWhatsapp always gives a notification for its update. Generally, this app gets updated almost regularly by the developer. In a nutshell, you can take joys from this app on your phones and without having any issues.

GBWhatsapp is the modded version of Whatsapp, and it is popularly named GBWA. As the Whatsapp users do not get special features, GBWhatsapp is being developed to give the many features discussed below in this article.

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The information of GBWhatsapp- latest version: the name of the version is 8.05. This app’s size is about 55.1 MB, and it requires android 4.0 or more than that. The name of this app is GBWhatsapp. There is no requirement of the root. This app’s main task is technically based on Whatsapp with extra hidden features in this app.

Downloading the GBWhatsapp apk:

You can Download GBWhatsapp Mod App from the below Download button. Just click on it, and the download will start. After the App is being downloaded, open the file by going to your file manager or drop down the file from the download manager and download the app.

Download APK

GB WhatsApp MOD Information

App NameGB WhatsApp
File Size40.6 MB
Requires Android4.0+
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago

How to install it and use the latest version of GBWhatsapp apk on any android phone. With the help of the steps, you can download the app. Step by step, download and install the app from the tutorial given below.

  • The first step is to click on your settings menu, and then in the settings menu, click on the security menu. Then there must be a column named as unknown sources. Then allow that column. By doing this, you are allowing the phone to install unknown sources other than the google play or play store.
  • As you enabled the unknown sources in your phone, the second step is installing the apk or app on your device or android.
  • Then you need to enter your respective phone number in the given space in the GBWhatsapp apk.
  • After entering your number, the GBWhatsapp needs to verify your phone number. It validates your name through an OTP; this happens automatically.
  • After all these steps, Your GBWhatsapp is ready to get installed on your device.

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Feature of GBWhatsapp APK- latest version:

Here I am mentioning the best features and functions of GBWhatsapp apk to make you understand how it works. Then you can install the app on your android and use these features freely and safely. This app allows you to enjoy many features such as hiding the last seen, hiding the blue ticks, hiding the second ticks, etc., and others. You need to download it and use it easily. You can free download it online. This app also offers you custom themes. And the best thing this app provides you is to customize it according to your wish or choice. Below are the features of the app or apk. These all features are based on the latest version of Whatsapp 2.19.17.

  • The anti-ban feature: if you had an account and it got banned, you can now take it back. You need to take a backup of the data and then uninstall it and reinstall the app again. This way, you can gain your account back.
  • This version allows you to send private replies to the group.
  • It is allowing you to add stickers from third-party apps such as snap chat and others.
  • This version has newer fonts, and even it has launcher icons.
  • You can now sort messages by the oldest texts or by the newest versions.
  • The limit of pinning the chats has increased to 30.
  • This version enabled features such as- group calling and swipe to reply to the text.
  • This version enabled stickers.
  • The exciting feature is- you can forward messages to anyone without getting the tags of forwarded.
  • The forward limits have been explicitly enabled for Indian users.
  • It allows you to know the history of the revoked or deleted messages from the groups and different contacts.
  • In the gallery, you can change the media visibility of any contact.
  • You can mark the messages as reading messages from the notification itself.
  • From the home screen of the app, you can select all the chats at once.
  • This version enabled the lock for the voice recording. Now you don’t need to hold the voice recording icon for a longer time as the lock has been activated.
  • You will get the notification of deleted texts which other contacts don’t want to see.
  • It allows playing the Whatsapp videos with a music player now.
  • In the header, like another normal status, you can read the group descriptions.
  • GBWhatsapp also has this feature of paying through your bank account to your friends and family.
  • It added the option of mentioning names in a group.
  • The feature of auto replying. Set an auto-answer text and use it when you are busy. You can exclude some contacts and groups if you want.
  • Other group features are also added.
  • This version also added the new emojis support in it.
  • There is a DND mode available, which will automatically disable your internet in the app.
  • There is another exciting feature of anti- revoking the texts.
  • This version enabled the sharing of live location with friends.
  • This app allows you to add effects and to edit the images while sharing them with friends.
  • You can delete multiple Whatsapp texts at a single time.
  • Unlike normal Whatsapp, you can share almost 100 documents at a single time instead of only sharing 30.
  • The feature of searching for new emojis and gifs has been added in this version.
  • This version of GBWhatsapp allows you to make calls to non-contact numbers.
  • Auto downloading the media for specific groups and contacts only. This feature has been added.
  • This app allows you to schedule your messages in the message schedule inbuilt in the latest version.
  • It allows you to hide view status privacy for specific contacts.
  • This version offers you to save stories/ status.
  • You can now hide chats in this apk.
  • It offers you new and unique emojis.
  • They fixed the bugs which were not supporting the feature of video calling, and now you can enjoy video calling too.
  • This apk allows you to send videos up to 50 MBs.
  • It allows you to set a group name with 35 characters and less.
  • You can hide last seen, second ticks, blue ticks, status, stories, profile, and others.
  • There is a feature of adding other’s status to your clipboard.
  • This app supports 100+ languages in the latest version.
  • In the version, there are no previous bugs while sending videos to any contacts.
  • It allows you to send broadcasts to up to 600 people at a single time.
  • You can write the status of 225 characters at once. Previously it was 139 characters.
  • You can change the themes easily by just tapping on the theme option.
  • You can keep both the apps at the same time, the original Whatsapp and the GBWhatsapp. They won’t clash.
  • You can customize your Whatsapp theme, and you can submit it to the GBWhatsapp.
  • You can send images up to 90 at once. Previously it was up to 10 images.
  • This version allows you to copy the links without saving admins’ contacts or any person in any WhatsApp group or contact.
  • It enabled us to copy the texts which we select on the app.
  • Now you don’t need any third-party apps to lock your GBWhatsapp. GBWhatsapp offers a lock feature to users.
  • It allows you to change the application icon and notification icon.
  • This version allows you to stick stickers in photos.
  • It enabled the archive chats option in the GBWhatsapp.
  • GBWhatsapp allows you to scan the bar code to add contacts directly.
  • The latest version re-added the feature of saving profile photos.
  • This app fixed the bugs for android 4.4 users.
  • They have fixed the bugs of always online when it’s not working.

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GBWhatsapp Permission Required

  1. Kill Background Tasks
  2. Internet Access
  3. Access Device Location
  4. Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  5. Get Accounts
  6. Read Contacts
  7. Modify Audio Settings
  8. Record Audio
  9. Send SMS
  10. Vibrate
  11. Write Contacts
  12. Write External Storage
  13. Use Maps Services

There are some permissions required for downloading the GBWhatsapp. Approval regarding accessing the device location, needs modifying audio settings in your device. It needs to read the contacts. It needs permission to record the audio. It also needs to use the map services in your device, also requires permission to access the internet. Last but not least, it needs to kill background tasks.

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This app has so many new features that you can enjoy now; download it online for free on your android device. If you are wondering that where you can find GBWhatsapp for iOS devices, then we are very sorry for exclaiming that this app is not available for iOS at the movement. If you wish to give some fresh looks to your GBWhatsapp, you can review the theme option and apply them of your choice, which makes your GBWhatsapp clean; and you feel refreshed while opening the apk. Download the GBWhatsapp online for free.