Pocket Tanks is an exceptional strategy game that is developed under the banner of BlitWise Productions, LLC. It is a bit old game, but for its fans Old is Gold. It is an addicting game. As all the games this famous have some in-app purchases this game also supports the in-app purchases and annoying ad pop-ups when your mobile phone is connected to an active internet. It is annoying to play such a game with so many ad pop-ups in such a strategy game. Because of these limitations, the game is modded so the fans of this game can enjoy every feature.

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What is Pocket Tanks?

Pocket Tanks is a straightforward game that is easy to play, and it is performed with the help of some weapons that come in stock of this game.

Some pocket tank weapons are locked and get unlocked as you progress in the game. You need to open the weapons to beat your opponents by it. Talking about the visual graphics the game lacks here a bit rest all is impressive with this game.

Pocket tanks 2020

The gameplay is easy and fast to catch up with. You have to start the game select a suitable weapon of your choice and then fight to win from your opponent. But it is not that easy to play and win the game. You need to focus on how the game works firstly. In the free mode, you get 30 weapons to play with, which are not that helpful to win the game, and you cannot enjoy that much by using these weapons.

And if you want to unlock the weapons, you need to pay a few bucks to the developer if you’re going to invest money to enjoy the game, you always can opt for paying extra to unlock them. There is also a deluxe version of the game that provides you with 500 weapons in total so that you can enjoy this feature.

Features of Pocket Tanks Android Game

Lightweight game:

The game is minimal in size. It uses fewer resources to run on a smartphone. This game is compatible with the old versions of Android that is Gingerbread with 512MB of RAM, and it won’t lag even on that device.


The game has to be played with a very bold approach. You can practice and learn the skills and tactics in the practice mode to win this game. You have to implement these skills to win against your opponent. The win of this game is not made easy; otherwise, you will get bored quickly.

Deadly Weapons:

The game comes with some weapons that are already unlocked for your gameplay but if you want to get more weapons so that you have more powers to take down your opponents. To get more weapons, you need to buy it from the in-app purchases.

Infinite jump sets:

The MOD Apk has jump sets that let you jump anywhere to dodge the opponents attack you and make it hard for the opponent to beat you up.

Background Music:

This game comes with the best background music, which is soothing and not at all irritating.


This game comes with a digger that lets you move underground by digging. But the digger has some limited moves, so it becomes hard to use when you are in urgent need of them. But the modded version has digger unlimited times.

No Root Required:

If you want to install this game on your android phone, no root access is required as such, and the installation process is straightforward.


Because this game is trendy, it hence supports many languages.

Pocket Tanks APK Info

App Name Pocket tanks
Developer BlitWise Productions, LLC
File Size 34.5 MB
Supported Version Android 4.4 and above
Updated April 10, 2019

Download Pocket Tanks

Pocket tanks is a free android game and can be easily downloaded by play store. The primary reason this game is popular because it is available for Windows and MAC PC too. The Apk download links are present on the internet.

Download Pocket tanks

In this game, you have to fight against your rival, which is a tank war. You will get each feature you need to win the game and against our opponent. You need a strategy to win the game. The game is pretty simple, and once you know how it works. You have mastered it, my friend. You can use the practice mode to enhance your skills and learn new too.

Steps for Installation of Pocket Tanks

Step 1:

First, you need to download the pocket tanks apk file from an authenticated source.

Step 2:

Then install the APK file. If your installation is blocked, you need to go in settings and enable the download from unknown sources option.

      Stop and check these apps:

Step 3:

For enabling that, you need to go to Settings and then move to security. Tap security then you need to allow the installation from unknown sources.

Step 4:

Install the apk now.

Step 5:

After the successful installation, you can launch the game and play.

Now you can enjoy playing the game!

Final Words:

Pocket tanks is a fun and light game to play. It has unlimited features to explore. You can never get bored of its gameplay. Pocket tanks have pretty cute graphics, and in this game, strategy plays a significant role. If you do not strategize, you cannot win. You have to have an apt goal and aim.

It is a bit old game, but its fun to play and makes you enjoy your free time and kills your boredom efficiently. It is free to download though it has some in-app purchases which you can always skip if you have never wanted. Pocket tanks are lightweight and are all based on your strategy. It has the ability and content to sustain and entertained for a longer time.

All in all, Pocket Tanks is a fun and entertaining game to play. I will recommend it as it neither costs you a penny nor takes up lots of space. It doesn’t also lag on your phone. So, Happy Playing!

Pocket tanks Apk android game
Pocket tanks 2020

Pocket Tanks is an exceptional strategy game that is developed under the banner of BlitWise Productions, LLC. It is a bit old game, but for its fans Old is

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Operating System: Android

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