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Boxing games are one of the most favorite mobile games across the world. It has got a great fan following, and specifically, the youths love boxing games. They love to play the game always as it is stimulating. Though there are many boxing games available, one game that stands out is real steel world robot boxing. Who does not love real steel boxing champions? I am sure everyone who loves boxing games doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to play the world robot boxing champion game. The set comes with excellent graphics that make it very popular among gamers.

The most exciting thing about the game is the boxing is not between two ordinary athletes but between two steel robots that make it amazing to play. Yes, you read it right! Welcome to the fascinating world Robot Boxing Championship; this tournament decides the most powerful robot in the universe. The goal of the game is to beat Zeus- he is the champion of World Robot Boxing. He has not faced defeat yet, but it is not impossible. In the world robot boxing mod, you, as a gamer, have to maneuver a robot in the fight and defeat your challengers to win the championship.

This article will discuss the features of the real steel world robot boxing and share the strategy to be a robot champion. We will help you with the information about how to install a real steel world robot boxing mod apk for android.

Real SteelFeatures of Real World Robot Boxing Mod Apk

  • Graphics: The real steel world boxing is the ultimate world robot boxing that comes with excellent graphics. It makes the fighting game very attractive in that virtually takes you to a battlefield, and you get engrossed in the game. The 3D graphics combine with a realistic sound that makes the game appealing to young gamers.
  • The game does not become monotonous, like many other games. The difficulty level increases with each level, and you face new challenges. You want to win exciting challenges and go to the next level. You can upgrade your robot using the money coins you earn. You can also go to the paint shop to change the color of the robot whenever you want. It makes the game of steel world robot boxing more exciting.
  • Isn’t it more fun if you can play your favorite game with your friend? There is a trend these days among gamers that they want to play the game with their friends. It multiplies the fun of the game and feels fantastic to collect trophies knocking friends. There are 100 million gamers who play this game across the world.
  • Robot Titan: With a towering 9 feet tall and weigh more than 2000 pounds, there are multiple robot titans you can choose to play with. You can choose from your favorite robots like Atom, Noisy Boy, Twin cities, etc.
  • Free to download: Most of us don’t want to pay for a game, no matter how attractive the game is. We will help you with the link to download the real steel world robot boxing mod apk.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod Apk

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod Apk

App nameReal Steel World Robot Boxing Mod
APK size48.7 MB | 785 MB | 550 MB | 706 MB
Latest updateToday
DeveloperReliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Requires Android4.2 and up

What’s New?

How to download real steel world robot boxing mod apk unlimited money?

There are many links available to download real steel world robot boxing mod apk android 1; however, most of the links either don’t work, or you end up downloading an older version.

Click here to download the real steel world robot boxing champions mod apk. Once you download, you get the option to install the apk.


If you are a fan of boxing games, you will fall in love with the Real Steel World Robot Boxing game. Whether it is the 3D graphics or the realistic, you feel like you are in an arena when you play this game. The mod apk version comes with unlimited coins and money, so you can upgrade your robot and increase your chance to win the championship.