Love Balls MOD APK 2024

Love balls MOD APK is a great puzzle in which you have to use your brains, and you can have fun at the same time. This game has a romantic plot. Two balls that love each other do not have legs and therefore need your help to connect and meet each other.

The idea behind Love Balls is an interesting one. The beauty of the app is that it is both a useful and pleasant experience. The concept is relatively simple to understand – you tap your screen with the likey at the bottom and then fill in the shapes of the love balls (or dots, stars, etc.) that you see in the app to make them happen.

If you are a real life happy couple and you want to make your partner happy, then, by all means, make sure that you are capable of making your loved one happy! You can have fun filling in circles, squares, and hearts to make the life of your partner special. Or, you can make them more special by playing around with different shapes and colors and do all sorts of things to make them feel loved and cared for. You can even have games, and as they say, practice makes perfect. All the app screens are so colorful and vibrant that you would hardly believe they are made out of real human cells.

Play these love balls and win more gifts from your partner and your friends. This app can also be a fun way to communicate with one another through an interactive mode. However, be careful. The app is not entirely secure or tamper-proof. If you are planning to share it with your friends, do make sure that you do not share it with your friends until you are sure that they will safely use it. If you have any special anniversary, do not send the app to your partner just yet. Let him take a little time to get used to it before sending the app to them.

Your job is to draw details on the screen through which one ball is pushed towards another. As you go along and make them meet, you can change your balls’ structure to gold. The game is full of various difficulty levels that you have to complete to complete the balls’ love story. You can use gold tips to pass difficult levels easily.

Summary about Love Balls MOD APK

We have been hearing about Romeo and Juliet & Jack and rose and their love story. It inspired the developers to create such a game of love.

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Love Balls MOD APK File Info

App NameLove Balls
PublisherLion Studios
Size59.6 MB | 54.5 MB | 56.2 MB
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD Features:Unlimited Money

What’s New?

At first glance, you would get the impression that this is a game for kids, but it is not that simple. It would help if you made perfect strokes to make the balls meet. It never happens on the first try. Each level consists of different obstacles that will require you to use your brains. If you fail the level, the blue ball cannot meet the pink ball. The creativity and graphics of the game make you want to play the game all day long. In this game, you will play cupid, the god of love.

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Instead of using love arrows to make two people meet, you will use a pen to draw the balls’ path to meet. There are two balls, pink (girl) and blue (boy). They have feelings for each other, but there’s a distance between them. Your task is to use the pen to draw a line for the ball and push it towards its lover.

How to use

Each level gives you three chances to draw lines and make the balls meet. Your score is based on the number of tries you take to complete the level. If you complete it on your first try, you are most likely to get 3 stars. Therefore, every player’s goal in this game is to complete all the levels with a maximum score by using fewer tries. You can share your high score with your friends by the social network and invite them to beat your record.

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Completing levels fetches you more money. That money earned helps you to buy new pens. You can choose Love Balls MOD (unlimited money) to buy the pen you like as soon as you enter the game. You need not pass levels to earn money.

Impressive design

Love Balls MOD APK

Games like this do not hold much importance to graphics. The game is designed in harmony and gives you comfort while playing the game. The game looks like a little diary where the two love balls are drawn. It gives you the feel of school and college love stories. Moreover, the sound effects of the game are pretty much romantic. Whether you have a lover in your life or not, looking at the two love balls meet will make you feel happy and relieved.

Some outstanding features

  • This game is very brain picky and fun to play.
  • It does not take up much storage space.
  • It is available free of cost.
  • No internet connection is required after downloading the game.
  • People of all ages can play this game.
  • You can share your score on social media and invite your friends to play the game.
  • Rules are straightforward but to clear the level is quite difficult and also addictive.
  • Minimalistic graphics are available.

MOD Features

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APK Requirements and details

  • Storage space: 40 MB or more
  • Internet connection: not required after download
  • Game ID: com.supertapx.lovedots
  • Latest APK version: 1.4.5

Installation instructions for Android devices

Love balls are available on the Google play store. If you want to get the MOD APK (unlimited coins) version of it, follow the given steps. There is no official link to download this app. You can go to any link and download it manually.

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  • Go to the link and click on download to save the app on your SD card.
  • When you click on the APK file, it will ask you to access the unknown sources.
  • Enable access to download from unknown sources.
  • Tap on the love balls MOD APK in the unknown sources.
  • Click on install to continue the download.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the app to download
  • Click on open, and you will be redirected to the home page of the app.
  • You are ready to use love balls MOD APK

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Download and Install love balls MOD APK on PC

You can install Love Balls MOD APK on your PC using an Android emulator. Follow the given steps to download and install Love Balls MOD APK on your PC.


There are many puzzle games available in the online market. But love balls is such a game that distinguishes it from all the other puzzle games. For one, it is a game that revolves around love, and it attracts people of all demography. None other than Lion Studios have developed it. You experience a very new and interesting moment while playing this game.

It gives you pleasure in making the two lovers meet. This game has proven to be one of the most different yet the most exciting game to date. It is a proper combination of a brain teaser and a simple puzzle game. Play the game to experience the fun and satisfaction of making two love balls meet.