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If you want an app that counts the net and total carbs and apart from that much more is also available, you should switch to the Carb Manager. It is a straightforward and comprehensive app. It also keeps track of daily nutrition and fitness. You can use the carb manager app calculator also and set your macros and weight loss goals. Plus, you can get detailed nutrition information also about your logged data. And you can use it when you want. You can also do macro tracking on a keto diet; now as carb manager, the keto diet app is also available.

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Now, you can track your net carbs; eat meats, also vegetables, and healthy fats. The only thing you have to do is in keto carb manager to keep away from drinks of sugar, foods, and snacks and also items that are starch-filled. With an array of features designed to make it even easier for you to meet and exceed your diet and health goals, the carb manager premium has been introduced.

Carb Manager has the world’s most comprehensive and accurate database of foods featuring net carb counts, macros, and micronutrients. Carb manager app free is designed in a particular way, which offers primary carb and macros tracking, and meet the needs of the most carb users. It is a free version, so now people can use it freely.

One of the complete low carb trackers and macros counter for any person on a low carb diet or keto diet is the carb manager. In many of the databases, nearly one million food is verified, including brand name products such as Atkins diet products, etc.

Carb Manager Android & Calculator –

You can also go on the web and search for a food database, which is vast and extensive and includes foods, which are easy to find such as conventional foods, foods from the supermarket, and also foods from hotels and restaurants. You can also use the barcode scanner to count the carbs very quickly. You can also include your custom foods or package of menus, recipes, and meals in my carb manager.

On the internet, if you search you will get at least 3, 50,000 recipes that are healthy and that too it will have instructions and nutrition information. It can be easily added to your food notes. Through carb manager app android, there is also a diet tracker available, and it includes the methods to log foods through search, camera, and voice. You can also scan a barcode to get nutrition information.

Also, you can take a quick picture of your plate and also calculate the carbs. You can also use the microphone of your device and say what you ate and you can instantly add it to your food note. Through carb manager calculator, you can reach your destination of a healthy low carb high-fat diet. For this, on the web you can get a package of low carb diet articles. Also you get recipes, and food planner, e-book etc.

Whether you are on a low carb diet i.e. keto or ketogenic, Atkins, Paleo, etc. there can be nothing much helpful than a carb manager. It will help you to stay fit, motivated, and aware of your health. Through the carb manager keto diet app, you can track all your macros and include protein, fat, calories etc. It will help you to balance your diet.  It is also widely used by many people with diabetes for counting the carb and control the intake of carb. You can also track the following –

  • blood sugar
  • ketones
  • net carbs

And you will get a complete picture of your health and also it will additionally help you to manage your diabetics.

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Carb Manager Apk File Info

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App NameCarb Manager
Last UpdatedLatest
Apk Size25.7 MB | 15.4 MB
CategoryHealth & Fitness
VersionVaries with device
DeveloperWombat Apps LLC
Operating SystemAndroid 4 or Above

What’s New?

Ways in which it Works –

The first thing you have to do is define your net carbs/total carbs and weight loss goal. The next you do is search verified carb counts. You can also use the search engine on the web to scan a product/barcode. You can also click a pic of your food and log it instantly through the carb manager android. This app can be downloaded only on android & smartphones.

You will have to use a common language and voice logging to enter food details. For example, “Today I ate _______ and ________ for dinner”. And it will be automatically added. With just one tap you can now add low carbohydrate and Paleo recipes along with pictures. You can also see the track nutrition, including total carbs, net carbs, protein, fats, and calories.

Through Keto carb manager, you can now easily envision your macros each day and over time. Through this, you can also track the intake of water. You can also calculate 5 of your ideal macros ratio and how many calories you want each day. You can measure your weight, BMI, etc. Now, you can also pick hundreds of exercises from it. Your exercises can be voice logged. And lastly, you can connect with the carb manager community and chums for many more tips and support, etc.

The Ideal Way for Low Carb Diet –

You can through carb manager, after carb manager login, track your total and net carbs. You can also go through the limited content by the low carb expert and stay wholly updated on the latest news about the keto diet. For unlimited access, you will have to switch to the carb manager premium. And for it, a premium subscription will be required. It also has some of the additional features like –

  • For a perfect carb management solution, you will have to upgrade to premium.
  • On their full-featured website, you can have access to all your data
  • The language input is universal and unlimited voice logging is also there
  • You can click universal pictures of food and do the logging
  • Plus, there are unlimited low carb manager recipes searches.
  • You can also import recipes for websites.
  • Meal planner can also be used and you can create weekly meal plans

Carb Manager Keto –

Through a carb manager keto diet app, get keto genius diet plans, a comprehensive keto diet kick-start guide. It will also help you to enable full tracking of your health along with charts and goals etc. You can get your 28-day diet now, lose weight on keto, and follow a low carb diet.

You can also check into a keto diet meal plan and see your favorite foods. Get easy weight loss tips and how to burn fats. You can also get into ketosis and check-in for delicious recipes with videos on a low card diet. It is also budget-friendly. Get your diet chart now. It’s a complete keto guide.

A keto plan is age-wise, like keto for 40+ years old, along with a 28-day keto diet plan. It also has a keto diet plan for women. All you have to do is visit the website.

In keto, the basic idea is to eat more fats and few carbs, which will move your body into a state called ketosis, and during this period, the body will convert fat into compounds known as ketones. And these ketones are used as a main source of energy. The challenge in following a keto diet often comes in finding the proper balance of foods. But the right technology can make all the difference.

Premium Features Carb Manager –

A collection of features designed to make it even easy for you to meet and exceed your diet and health plans, is the carb manager premium. The carb manager version is free and designed to provide basic carb tracking and tracking of macros. It will meet all your needs.

There are many providers for it and the premium version will start at a minimum of just $3.33 per month and it also includes additional features that will save you time and energy. Many people still have questions on their minds like, is the carb manager premium worth it? Here’s the answer to it. There have been many successful users and here’s how to upgrade to premium.

Features of Carb Manager Premium –

It includes additional features that are 35+ and they are like – you can have access to over 3,60,000 delicious recipes which includes 1,500 exclusive recipes from the carb manager test kitchen. Then, many of the keto and low carb folks lose their hope as they have to eat similar food items over some time. Still, it is different for premium users as the premium offers delicious new recipes every time.

The chefs constantly aim to create dishes that are low carb and meet the needs of the users. Then carb manager Fitbit offers personalized meal plans, you get a meal plan customized, and the chefs are working hard to create one such. Also, keto genius e-books will guide you on the keto/low carb diet — advanced analysis & reports to make diet tracking more effective.

Carb manager premium discount code can also be availed now by you. Apart from that, it unlocks a dominant analytics & recording engine. It gets deeper into your eating foods pattern, makes a comparison chart, and relates diverse fitness metrics, including your weight.

Then, third-party fitness device integration is carb manager Fitbit, and also you can scan the barcode of a food or supplement and quickly add it to your logs. Now, connect to Fitbit and automatically sync all your health information to your carb manager log.

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Reviews by People –

Carb manager app reviews are somewhat like this – I have been using it for a week. Today, I wanted to copy several items and I saw that most of my previous entries disappeared. Also, nothing that I saved in favorites was available. These entries were saved. Had it not been the case, I would have given them more stars; back they have a good database. Not easy to use when you make your own meals. Perhaps the paid version would be better.

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Many people liked the application, and Carb manager premium reviews are somewhat like this – It is a brilliant application but – 1. Canceling subscription disabled Web login even though subscription has not lapsed yet! 2. Enabling reoccurring billing to lets you log in, but status is free account so premium features work well!!!! 3. Search Web recipes “search over 360 000 Web recipes” functions well. There is a HUGE part of the recipe database.

There are many users of this app, most of the reviews regarding the carb manager app are very positive, and many people have used it. If you are unable to use certain features then you must probably check the speed or your connectivity.

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Whether you are trying to handle your blood sugar or are trying to lose weight, this app can only help you better track your carbs and weight issues. Millions of people are using this app worldwide. There have been many shoddy apps also which have been created in the name and style of carb manager, in which the features will not work. So, you have to switch to the correct carb manager app.

Concluding Remark –

Excess intake of carbohydrates can lead to high blood sugar. And you can be at risk of it, so you should switch to the carb manager app android. This will help you greatly in keeping your carb intake in check. Plus your weight issues can also be managed well as many health problems arise due to excess weight. So, the ultimate solution for all of this is to switch to the carb manager.