BooniePlanet 2023

Explore the magical world with beautiful boonies

The trend of mobile gaming is increasing with time, so developers are trying hard to bring something new and more innovative. One such app which is quite famous among kids is booniePlanet. It is just like a magical world where players are required to collect a special creature “Boonies.”

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This is a multiplayer game that can help kids to interact with other players. You are entering the cheerful world with impressive design and eye-seeking boonies who are waiting for you. This game is developed under the name of Movie star planet.

Boonie planet is available on the Google play store so that you are just required to install this app on your device. But don’t worry if you are not willing to hand over mobile to your kids as this game is also available for computers. Just visit when you get an option to play the game in chrome. The app’s graphics and design are imposing and are one reason for such a big fan following.

How to play games on Boonie planet?

 The app has a beautiful magical world that will be explored by Boonie with you. So, there are all 5 tribes in the game. You have to dress up your Boonie and if possible give him special skills that would help them on this adventurous trip. On the way, boonies would come across some unique items and treasures to be availed by them. Thee treasures would contain coins that can be used to upgrade Boonie and dress up with different outfits.

You can travel to different locations and your Boonie where they would come across other boonies and thus get to socialize. There are many shops and a plaza where boonies can visit and do some shopping. In all this app you will be exploring something new and more attractive every time you cross a level. Many people still query how to look at high scores on boonieplanetwhich is very easy but most players avoid it. To check the score click on the gallery ->Looks -> select “Top” where you can check the high score and thus inspire yourself to achieve it.

Download BooniePlanet Apk


BooniePlanet Apk File Info

App NameBooniePlanet
Last Updated
Apk Size76.7 MB
File SizeVaries with device
CategoryAction & Adventure
DeveloperMovieStarPlanet ApS
Operating System4.0 and up

What’s New?

Games to be played with boonies

You will have to come across different games when you are exploring the world with boonies. These games can help you win coins and crystals, making it easy to take care of your Boonie family. Below is a list of games that are to be played:

  • You can explore the Boonieverse and challenges other Boonie by building your own team. There are different places which you would require to visit to win the challenge. Your Boonie’s unique skills can help to defeat other boonies by making them run out of energy.
  • Dress up game is the best among all as you will dress up your Boonie family with different outfits and combines them with various accessories to give a new avatar. Other players who will participate in the dress-up game and your imaginations can help you win the game.
  • You can defeat other boonies by giving them special powers and skills. You can provide more yellow lighting, neutral attack, etc. that can save your Boonie world. These skills can make the game more enjoyable to play.
  • If your Boonie runs out of energy, it’s you to heal them and help to get back in the game. If boonies are tired they get back home for rest but if you have crystals, spend them and buy energy bars to give energy back.

How to earn coins on the Boonie planet?

 Boonies are fluffy character which everyone loves and also love to hug them. There are different stores and plazas where you can shop Boonie stuff and give them a new look. But nothing is available for free and so you are required to have enough coins that can help you’re in shopping. But the question is where to find the coins? There are many treasures and unique gifts that come across while Boonie is exploring the world. Spinning the wheel of fortune would also help you to earn coins and crystals.

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You will get some points on how you take care of them and these points would help you jump on a new level. Many mini-games come on your way, helping you win coins and making it easy for you to go shopping. Your every achievement would result in your fur coins and crystals that can be used to upgrade your Boonie family and opt for shopping. The hugs and likes that are given to you by other players can also help to get XP.

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Kids playing this game must have parental control as there is also an option for in-app purchases of coins and crystals. Under parental observation, kids can go for in-app purchases and collect more coins and gems that can help them to upgrade their Boonie family with new looks and powers.

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  • Players are free to create their Boonie using stuff that is available to them. The new Boonie avatar can also be displayed to other players who are using the app. There are a variety of outfits that can be sued to make Boonie look attractive.
  • There is a chatroom where players can interact with other players of the game and get more social. You are required to login with the Moviestarplaent account if you wish to communicate with friends.
  • It is a great opportunity where you can have fun and enjoyment while making new friends. Bonnie’s planet is a multiplayer game that becomes more interactive as you cross levels.
  • There are hidden treasures that come in your way while you are traveling through the magical world. This treasure can be used for shopping in the store and also make you engaged for hours.
  • You can collect boonies that comes in your way and also raise them just like your family members. You are required to feed, wash, and even play with all your collected boonies.
  • There is also an option where you are free to upgrade your boonies’ skills and make them more powerful.
  • Boonie planet is a magical world that you will explore as you move forward in the game and collect boonies. This beautiful HD universe is very pleasing and impressive.

If you are looking for a game where everyone could have fun and enjoyment Boonie planet is the best option. It has a friendly environment and the characters are very beautifully designed. You are required to take Boonie to explore new locations and play different games while on the way.

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Just visit to start playing even on your computers and thus get entertained. It would help if you collected other boonies that you find of the ay to this magical world and create your own Boonie family. So, make your family and take care of them while playing this game.