False hacking occurs when someone pretends to have accessed another target. Even though it doesn’t usually have the same long-term effects as other forms of hacks, it could be used to steal donations from corporations by convincing them that they’re being hacked by malicious software.

Fake hackers may utilize a hackers typer, which would be a webpage that creates the impression as though the customer was being hacked. Although this is generally harmless but also easy to prove, some techniques, namely the SunBurst attack, can be really effective that perhaps the client believes his network has been infiltrated by a genuine hacker.

What Is the Process of Fake Hacking?

False hacking operates by convincing the victim that they’re being hacked. When you don’t realize how to recognize a false hacker, a bogus hacker troll might easily trick you using the preceding tactics. A hacker’s typer webpage displays a screen similar to what you’d experience when you were hacked. Another email informing you how you’ve been “scammed” but that malware has infiltrated your computer. Any notice on a bogus website claiming how you’ve been attacked and must pay to improve your protection.

If somebody asks you for payment, particularly a little sum, in exchange for releasing your system from malware, then you might have been a target of bogus hacking. Users will notice modifications to your device unless you’ve been hacked. Whereas if an attacker claims to have breached your computer but it keeps working normally, the hack is most likely a hoax. Fake cybercriminals will not have a legitimate user or perhaps an email account.

Download Geek Typer Hacking Apk


Geek Typer Hacking Apk

Geek Typer Hacking Apk Information

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App NameGeek typer
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Apk Size689 kb
DeveloperSergiu Vincze
Operating System4.1 or Above

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Fake hacking application

Geek typer hacking simulator is one such application for Android users that allows them to pretend to be a coder hacking program by entering random characters on their phone. By putting arbitrary text into the program, one might pretend to be a skilled hacker, as shown in movies and games. This software is nothing more than a phony hacking application that just displays several programs on the screen as if you were hacking into other people’s computers.

The simulator’s interface is really fluid, and it looks quite good when used. You may prank anyone by showing them the programs that are now running on your phone’s display. You may pretend that your own phone is being hacked, or you may pretend that you are hacking someone else’s system and gaining access to their gadgets. However, it is not a hacking application; it just displays different programs when you enter random commands into it.

It was created only for the sake of enjoyment. It is also stated in the application’s description section that this simulator does no actual hacking. It is simply a bogus hacking program designed just for enjoyment purposes, and it does not save any of your phone’s data for future use. It also states that this software is safe to use and that none of your data will be saved by the program under any circumstances, ensuring that you may use the app without hesitation.