Splashtop Streamer 2022

The Splashtop Remote products are made up of a server named Splashtop Streamer and several different client devices. The basic concept is that a user must download and install the Splashtop Streamer for free on the remote computer in question, as well as a client on their mobile devices. On the target remote computer, the Splashtop acts as an agent. The Streamer retrieves the screen material from the computer, encodes it, and sends it to client devices. It also converts activities from client devices into appropriate commands for the distant computer. The TCP/IP protocol is used to connect the Splashtop to the Client.

What is Splashtop streamer?

Today, everyone is looking out for an option that can help make their remote access very easy and safe. So, for them, Splashtop remote streamer is the best option where you can easily control computers or even android devices without requiring anyone to operate them.  This is an application that is to be installed on a PC while Splashtop 2 streamer on an android or iOS device to access computers from any place.

Using computers from far is becoming more frequent by the day. However, install the Splashtop Streamer; a server on the computer that will act as a host using an application is the best way to control things effectively.

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Splashtop Streamer Apk File info

App NameSplashtop Streamer
Last UpdatedToday
Apk Size18 MB
Operating System4.4 and up

What’s New?

Allow easy access to the user computer to install the Splashtop streamer

Splashtop Streamer is a server created by Splashtop to allow data from a computer to be served to the Splashtop Remote access Desktop receiver application, which is accessible for both desktops and mobile devices. Users will be able to access all of a computer’s contents while consuming less power on the device thanks to Splashtop. Because when it comes to watching a film or working with a program, the effort will be carried out by the computer at the source. By learning the IP address and access password of the computer on which install the Splashtop Streamer, users will be able to change a text document from another location or access their computer’s images. Install the Splashtop Streamer that is a free program that allows users to expand their access to their computer’s contents.

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Steps to install the Splashtop on a PC follow these steps:

Splashtop Streamer must be installed on the computer to which the user wishes to connect.
Install the Splashtop Business App on the computer from which they wish to connect.
Use the Business App to connect.

If the install the Splashtop does not execute right-click on it

and select Properties, then unblock if prompted. Downloaded EXE files are sometimes blocked by Windows.

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Why Download This App ?

There are many software and apps today, which can help to get remote access, but when you look out for safety and security, Splashtop business access is the best. The working of this app is straightforward, and you can use it even for personal use. It is quite challenging to control the computer or smartphones when you are remotely away, but with Splashtop Streamer’s help, you can make it possible. The option to get remote access with an app for free with eye seeking feature is viable with Splashtop Streamer.
How to get to a computer remote access

The user’s computer will always be just a few clicks away using Splashtop. They may watch and manage their computer from any other computer, tablet, or mobile device as if they were sitting in front of it. The advanced user wants to remotely access the platform provided by Splashtop allows the user full access to their faraway PCs. All a user needs is an internet connection to take control of the computer, view the screen, open files, and run any of their programs.

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Splashtop is compatible with which devices and platforms?

Splashtop wants to remotely access machines running both Windows and Mac OS. Users can remotely access their distant PC from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device.

How does Splashtop PC remote access work?

Splashtop works by installing a streamer app on the PCs that the user will utilize. When their computer is turned on, they can set the streamer application to always run in the background. Their Splashtop account will be linked to the streamer app. They will be able to connect to their computer remotely at any time as long as the machine and streamer app are both functioning. Users can use the Splashtop Business app or the Chrome web browser to connect to the remote PC while on another device. For Windows, Mac, iOS, and mobile devices, the Splashtop Business app is available for free. The Splashtop Business Chrome Extension can be used to remotely access a computer using the Chrome web browser.

Users may simply start a remote session with just a few clicks using the Splashtop Business app and Splashtop Streamer. There’s no need to remember machine names or IP addresses. To connect to their computer, users just launch the Splashtop app and click connects. So, to begin remote accessing their computer, customers must first set up Splashtop. The free trial allows the user complete access to Splashtop Business Access Pro for seven days and does not require a commitment or payment card to begin. Users can download the Splashtop Streamer on the computers they want to remotely access and the Splashtop Business app on the devices once they’ve signed up. Keep in mind that users can access Splashtop Business Access from an infinite number of devices.

Splashtop Linux Remote Desktop Solutions

Splashtop Business– for professionals and small teams that need access from all PCs, tablets, and smartphones to their computers.
Remote support Splashtop- for MSP and IT user want to remotely access their managed computers for remote assistance at any time.
Splashtop SOS- for assistance desks and support teams, who must supply their clients’ desktops, tablets, and mobile devices with on-demand remote support.

Users promote their objective to make the world’s electronics more accessible by supporting remote computers. Linux is a popular working environment operating system. Business personnel with Splashtop might feel like they are sitting on Linux PCs while working remotely. Splashtop On-Premise is the most cost-effective on-premise solution for secure access, control, and\ support of any device. The Splashtop On-Prem is an all-in-one solution that provides unattended anytime access as well as attended on-demand connections, making it the ideal solution for all of their remote access requirements.

Employees can use business PCs from anywhere, and IT and help desks can quickly support PCs and devices using Splashtop On-Prem. For personal use, there is no charge for remote access Splashtop Personal is available for personal usage on their home network at no cost. For mobile remote access, they can use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to access the computer from their couch or bedroom, or they can access their remote PC from another computer. For most smartphones, the Splashtop Personal app is free. The iPad and iPhone versions come with a free trial after that little fee. A US$ 16.99/year subscription is required to access different networks.

The Splashtop understands how critical it is to respond to their concern as quickly as possible. Other remote access firms have a bad reputation for long wait times and unreachable personnel. Splashtop’s friendly support team can be reached by phone, email, or by submitting a query on their support site.

You are free to use chrome browsers to start the remote control. The app features have made it the best choice for everyone who wishes to initiate remote access. Once you are done with the work, there is an option to remove the app from both ends completely. This it is possible to install and remove Splashtop depending on your requirements.

If you are working in the IT field, this Splashtop business app likes a pro where you can easily manage even from home. You can enable remote control even on the clients’ system and thus access it to make changes and check the project’s working.