Last Day on Earth 2023

Designed for Android and iOS users, Last Day on Earth, commonly known as LDOE, is a survival gun game that focuses on one’s survival instinct in a zombie Apocalypse. The game centers on the Apocalypse to happen around 2027, which will swipe the mother earth of all humanity.


Last Day on EarthThe game is all about an outbreak of an infection in the year 2027 that led to the collapse of the entire human race. When the disease got worse, and when no humanity was left to be eradicated, the infection took a turn, infecting the dead instead of the live ones. And well, which lead to the fallen human turning into zombies. Well, just like in zombie movies, even if there is a plaque of a famine, there will be people who fight and survive it.

And the same happens in this game. The best part is that you are not among the zombies, but the one who survived barely. So, why leave this chance? Why leave the gift you have? Why get eaten by all those cannibals? Have it your way. Fina a way to survive until you grow old and die.


The gameplay is much better than the game story. Well, there are a lot of zombie games. A lot that you won’t be able to count them on your fingers. Well, they do have two things in common, Zombies eating people and people killing zombies. And at some point, in the gaming world, every person would have faced himself playing a zombie game.

Well, not exclusive zombie games, but since the trend is much to create a spark, companies of other games usually add a level named Zombies. And hence, even if you are not a zombie fan, you will end up playing it for fun. Now, the thing that should make real zombie apocalypse different from the ones in games is not just firing and killing.

You know well that eventually, between all the firing, there will come a time when you have to stop firing and start thinking. This doesn’t happen in the game but happens in real life. Also, you have to save your ammo. Well, if you run out of it soon, there isn’t any company to make your new gun or even ammo.

The point which makes Last Day on Earth: Survival is that it is one of those survival games. And so, you have to survive the unknown infection that destroyed the entire human race along those who with un-infected blood are trying to escape the same post-apocalyptic world.

To play the game, all you need to focus on is one thing – that it might be your last day on earth. So, better make every second count. In this game, unlike any other zombie game, you don’t just have to kill zombies, you have to survive. Well, unlike any other game that says you to kill zombies, you won’t feel the same in this game. In those games where you kill, you will have the advantage of your character.

For instance, your character won’t run out of ammo; your character will not run out of breath. Even if he does runs out of ammo, you will get more ammo when you kill zombies, or you will get more ammo in some secret stash. And also, in those games, your character will be a lifeless creature. Means, he will need no food, no water, and will hit and kill zombies as long as you have the controller.

But real life is not like the same. If such an apocalypse hits the real world, you don’t just have to kill people; you will have to find a way to survive with them. And so, this game gives you real-life experience in the Zombieland. You have to find a way to collect resources, save your resources as much as possible. Keep a lookout on your character’s vitals. If he acts insane or if his or her friends act weird, it’s time to say goodbye.

Kill them as soon as possible if they show any symptoms. Find a way so that you will fight the infection spreading. Hide from zombies instead of killing them. Remember that their numbers are far higher than yours. And you won’t survive if they find this out.

Create a hideout. Keep your friends close; make teams. Go for resource hunt and even weapon hunting. Make sure not too aware of the undead. And one more thing, help each other in the fighting. You also will need to kill any zombie that tries to trespass your base.

Make sure you have proper measures for it. Also, make sure you have enough food and water to survive a long time without ever going out on search in case of any emergencies. Also, make sure to grab proper medicines and know your treatment.

Well, it might sound a little tricky, but in actual, it is not. All you have to do is, observe your surroundings and don’t create any unnecessary attention.

The game also supports a multiplayer feature. There is an area in the game where you will get online and find more survivors like you.

How to Play

The game is straightforward to play and requires almost no control. All you have to do is find ways to survive in 2027 in the world. You will even be necessary to create your weapons, create your stash, go on resource hunt, and save your friends. Well, it’s all like a strategy game.

Know where to look, and if you are correct, the game itself will show you how to do it. For instance, go on a resource hunt. If you find resources, collect them in your back bag. Well, make sure you don’t insert much so that your bag might get full.

Instead, collect the essential things and come to the home. After reaching home, store what you gathered and check if you need anything else and also check if any zombies are around. If yes, try to kill them without making any noise. You also will have to keep an eye on the ammo stash. In zombie survival games, the most common problem is the running out of ammo. Well, you will not want that in case of any emergencies. So, try to kill zombies with short-ranged weapons and without creating any unnecessary attention.

What are MODs?

Well, as the name suggests, MODs or Modifications are some improvements or amendments that are made in an application or even a game. Sometimes to create more fun and sometimes to create something in the game that the developer forgot. So, well, whatever the reason may be, MODs can be said to be the parts and actually, the points in a game that the developer missed adding. MODs can make a game much better.

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Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK File Info

App nameLast Day on Earth: Survival MOD
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Requires Android4.1 and up

What’s New?

How to Install a MOD?

There are many ways to install a MOD file in a game. The techniques differ for PC games as compared to that of mobile games. In PC games, there are MOD managers who make the installation much more comfortable.

Installing a MOD game can be a little tricky in the case of mobile games. But well, complicated doesn’t mean it’s impossible. So, here is one thing which you need to check before you install any game MOD. Make sure that the game is not installed. Even if it is installed, uninstall it to install a MOD game.

So, now, follow the steps below to install Last Day on Earth Survival MOD.

  • First of all, uninstall the game if you have installed it.
  • The second step will be to download a MOD APK of Last Day on Earth and then install it on your phone.
  • Now, after installing, don’t run it. Go to the website again from where you downloaded the MOD APK and find the obb file for the game. An obb file is a media or additional file that comes along with the game setup that contains the functioning of the game. It is an essential part of an installation.
  • Download the obb file on your phone storage. Now, the next thing will be to copy that file in your game. Now, go to your storage and then go to your primary Android folder. This folder contains the data of all the installed applications. So, go in that folder, and then go to a folder named media or obb. In this, search for your game that is Last Day on Earth Survival and then pastes in it.
  • Sometimes, you also will be needed to copy other files in the same game folder. Make sure you copy those files in the right place.
  • So, this way, your installation is complete, and you can play your MOD game now. To play the game, just open it normally.

Perks of Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD

There are many perks of playing a MOD game than a usually installed game. Some of these perks are mentioned below.

  • Duplication of Items

You can duplicate any item which you want to have. You can also divide the thing to get more resources from it. Duplication leads to less use of resources. Well, why build another resource when you can get more of the same item.

  • Free Craft of Items

You will also get the advantage of crafting free items. In a regular game, you have to pay for resources and even cash to craft at any time. Well, in a MOD, you won’t have to pay all those resources and money to craft any item. All you have to do is select the item and then craft it easily.

  • Free Construction

Well, it’s not just about the construction of resources or crafting items, you will also be required to make some constructions such as building barricades and building walls or even some furniture for use. Well, such as crafting free items, the MOD games also help you in these constructions. You can craft all these things, such as buildings and all without giving any money. And hence, you can save that money for other purposes.

  • No Building Requirements

The game starts with your character having zero experience in terms of survival. When you start the game, you can only kill zombies and gather resources. As you play the game more and complete tasks assigned to you, you will gain experience in the game, making your character level up. In the game, you will find some materials that will be needed to be constructed by giving resources.

Well, there will also be items that will require your character to be of a certain level to create it. In this way, if you are on Level 2 and an item requires Level 9, you will not be able to construct it yet. But this only is the problem with the regular Game of Last Day on Earth. In the MOD version of the game, there are no such building requirements. You can build a substantial level item even if your character isn’t on enough level. And so, basically, you can make whatever you want if you have enough resources.

  • Free Updates

There will also be free updates of the games. These updates will help to remove bugs and other small problems in the game. They also will be useful in adding new items and new features to the game, making your survival in the Zombieland even more fun.

  • Infinite Weapon Strength

Its strength characterizes every weapon in the game. Well, in reality, also, a regular gun and a revolver are pistols. But are still far different from each other. In the game, too, every weapon will have a weapon strength. So, as your character levels up, you will need to change your arms and also upgrade them. But well, this is not the case with the MOD game.

In the MOD game, you will find every weapon set to its maximum strength level. So, you can always walk around with your favorite gun and hit zombies, however, you want. With this feature of the game, you also won’t have to worry about running into a zombie who surpasses your strength level because eventually, you will kill him as basically, you will be invulnerable.

  • Infinite Armor Strength

In the same way as weapons, Armor is also required in the game. Well, you can’t just wander around with your skin exposed. Either the zombies will catch your smell and try to bite you, or in the worst-case scenario, you will catch an infection. Well, in either case, you will end up getting killed. So, strong Armor is necessary for this game. But well, same as that of weapons, the game has also set the strength level of every piece of Armor. That strength level will decide the capability of the piece to stand in front of zombies.

Well, at the start, you will find low-level items, and when your character level grows, you will start seeing the tough ones. And in between, you have to make sure not to run into a stronger zombie. If you run, it’s surely game over. But, if you are a MOD player, this should not worry you. In the MOD version of the game, the Armor Strength has been set to max. So, you can equip any Armor piece you want. And so, you can run into any type of zombie and fight him.

  • Unlimited Skills

Skills are essential for survival games. They give your character additional perks to survive and to fight. Well, in the regular game, you will be given tasks. When you complete those tasks, or you gain level by collecting experience points, you will get skill points. These points can then be used to buy skills. But in the MOD game, an extensive stock of skill points is available. So, you can unlock whatever ability you want.

  • No Energy Waste while Walking

In this close to real survival game, your character will even lose breadth while walking or running. Make sure you keep an eye on his or her vitals at all points in playing the game. But if you are using the MOD APK of the Game, this will not worry you. Since there will be no loss in Energy while walking or even running in the game. This will help you a lot in case you are fighting a horde of zombies, things get haywire, and you want to run out of the situation. Well, just start running and don’t look back.

  • Fast Travelling Activated

Survival and Even RPG games have the advantage of a big Map. But well, this can be a disadvantage when one wants to travel a long distance. Who knows what you might run into while crossing the range? This long-distance traveling also makes the games often boring since you only have to walk or run. Well, you might find something interesting on the way, but it is not sure.

So, you will need to have the feature of Fast Travel. Fast TravelTravel lets you jump these traveling distances and loads your game in the area you want to go to. To fast TravelTravel, open your map and click on the place you want to go to. But unfortunately, this fast travel option on the Last Day on Earth is only available in the MOD APK of the Game. So, download the MOD now to have more fun.

Final Verdict

There are certain things that you want to make sure of before installing the Last Day on Earth MOD APK of the Game. The MOD versions of the MOD files are not officially made or even approved. So, you need to be careful about the website you are downloading the MOD from. You also are required to backup your game data to install a MOD in case you already are playing the game.

In some cases, installing the MOD APK erases all the game data. After installing a MOD, you will also not be able to sign in to your google play account for the game. So, be careful with the backup. If you have downloaded the MOD APK and if it still doesn’t work, don’t worry, uninstall the full game, delete all the game files and install once more.

Certain items cannot be built in the MOD APK of the Game. So, you need to make sure you don’t try building them. Even if you try, your game might run into an error named ‘While Building Screen’ error and might also crash.

So, it’s up to you whether you want to try the MOD or not. There are few disadvantages of the MOD APK. But if you have not tried it yet, I strongly recommend you go ahead and try this other version of the game.