Hill Climb 2024

Video games are the modern ways of relaxation, fun, and, nonetheless, addiction. There are plenty of mobile games available on your phone. If you are a true lover of video games, then you are surely not a stranger to the gam, hill climb racing.

Hill ClimbIn this game, you might have enjoyed those smooth controls and also might have challenged your friends. Earning those rewards for the risks taken is undoubtedly the best part of the game. The more you take the risk, the more is the reward. Playing on various terrains is the most exciting thing that we have experienced.

All that fun and excitement is now updated in sits updated version. Hill climb racing 2 is the sequel of the previous version of original hill climb racing. In this version, there are a lot of things that have been updated and added. Being a lover of this game, you have all the responsibility to know about these new features in the game. So let’s see what the makers, Fingersoft Ltd. have to say about its sequel.

Hill climb racing 2 has been added with excellent graphics and tighter controls. Thus, you can have more control over the vehicle. The new multiplayer mode enables you to get into competition with your friends directly. In this version, none of your cars are heavy. Thus you have the flexibility to make them fly over other vehicles and overtake them. Although the limited controls, strategies, and command over the gameplay a vital role in winning the game, your trajectory can be controlled by adequately operating the gas pedal and brakes when you are not in contact with the ground. This is necessary to avoid stalling or somersaulting when moving on a wobbly bridge.

There are different vehicles available in the game. Winning each level unlocks one vehicle. The first vehicle that you are going to start with is a jeep. Jeep is a slow but steady vehicle and can be driven smoothly. The next is a scooter, which is light and, thus, a bit sensitive to handle. The super jeep is the fastest of all. Therefore, each vehicle has its features. If you become an expert in a level, you will be an expert only with that vehicle. If you change the vehicle, keeping the terrain the same, then you are a novice again.

The vehicles in this version are bouncy, just like in the previous versions. But the physics in this version is understandable and can be conquered with a bit of practice. The first version’s physics is bad, but the physics in this version is even better.

You can unlock new environments and buy new vehicles by winning each level and collecting rewards. Each year, the developers Fingersoft has been adding a new vehicle. There are 13 vehicles and 11 different environments that have been added to date.

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What’s New?

The next significant change in this version is décor, by extension, and reward chests. With this, you can now decorate Newton Bill with different hats, shirts, pants, and even heads. Not just that, you are now given the freedom to paint your vehicle with a color you love and put the wheels that you like. These improved aesthetics add a few more colors to the game. This feature of hearing sounds while playing inevitably makes a difference. Your duty is not just to win the game but also to collect enough gold coins to decorate your car and people beautifully.

Racing mode is observed to be the best feature of this updated version. This forces one to plan the right strategies to win. Flying over your opponent’s car, sacrificing a fuel refill to find a shortcut are some of the strategies you can apply. In this new version, there is a ghost of your previous races. He will be racing with you if you have played that level at least once previously. Don’t worry; he will not steal your gold coins; it is just to show how you have raced previously.