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The Basic Review Skullgirls FR

When it comes to the Skullgirls, it is a 2D game under the niche of fighting embedding graphical cartoons and some of the best characters. Skullgirl 2nd Encore is now available on the Nintendo Switch; for the very first time is available on a Nintendo console featuring every DLC and adds one of the original games.

Skullgirls Fighting RPG Apk is among the best playing, and most played fighting games ever made. It is among the few games that are continuously evolving and staying competitive in online games. This is only one of the greatest fighting games, which is free to play online for everyone. The game has a massive following with millions of fans.

Skullgirls Fighting RPG Apk is essentially a Flash/jumping game and standard Action & playing games. You can fight monsters in your garage, farm and collect weapons, and a lot more. When you’re not online, you can observe a lot of fan creations of this game. You can check out various in-game pictures and sketches created by enthusiasts. The name of this game and character is in some way related to the fan-made layouts of Skullgirls.

In this game, you have to choose from different characters that represent the characters of Skullgirls. These characters are compelling and come in various kinds and layouts. The different types, such as sniper, ax person, shotgun-man, etc., are needed in this game. Many useful and convenient weapons are offered for these characters to use to kill the enemy. When you choose the course of your choice, the playing field changes so you can reach higher degrees easily.

The Skullgirls is more likely playing here like 2D fighters at the core. You get to select a character and go ahead with one another as you are pressing the combination of both the joystick and the button for pulling off some great moves and emptying the life bar of the opponent to completely null to win.

You can also get to select at least two to three fighters with the help of whom you can easily switch out. And this is something quite similar to that of the game between Marvel and Capcom.

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Casts & Style

The only thing that makes this game different is the style and how it presents itself. The cast and crew involved vary greatly and are quite interesting. Female is the predominant cast here featuring a nurse, a cartoon skullgirls character from way back to the 1920s, a performer in circus wearing a hat, where the hat predominantly is fighting for her. There is also this ex-cop that is featured out from the musical instruments and many others.

The game here usually reminds me of the motifs that are usually found in the cartoons of the 90s, and the style art featuring this game is from the 1920s. From my perspective, it is much more similar to that of the Batman: Animated series. You get to name your fighters too, and some great names are there, such as that of the BlazBlue and even the Guilty Gear and even Skullgirls Hentai and Skullgirls Valentine.

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Skullgirls Fighting RPG Apk File Info

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App nameSkullgirls Fighting RPG
APK size95 MB | 105 MB | 90.8 MB
Latest updateToday
DeveloperAutumn Games
Requires Android4.4 and up

What’s New?


You can be kept well entertained in several different ways. You will pick out the character through the Story Mode and find the one as to why they are behind the fights for obtaining the Skull Heart. The stories that are there behind in these fighting games seriously do not incite me. You also get the Arcade Mode here, where you will choose your team and get into the fight according to some random challenges. It involves a Quick Match that you will have to play against the CPU.

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Gaming Modes

You also get to enjoy and play the Survival Mode, where you will be fighting against some endless team of opponents set by your CPU. You can also get involved with the multiplayer mode to indulge in the tournaments or get into a random match either local or online. You will also come across the extensive tutorial mode options, along with the others. The toughest of all the levels is the last one where you get to face the Last Boss.

As explained by the game denominations, when it comes to the fighting games, they are usually the action ones in which almost more than one character will be involved in fighting with one another. Within this category, you will also come across several subgenres that would be making this the most varied in the gaming universe.

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You will come across different types of fighting games that are available in the online world. With the constant rise of the game cravers, the types of games and their genres are constantly rising. Different types of graphics are introduced. It was all in black and white. But now, the scenario has completely turned topsyturvy.

Online games are more or less appear to be from the real world. Along with 2D and 3D technology, online games are given more realistic effects. These fighting games involve many categories along with levels of difficulty, thereby leading us to get the best feel of the games and have loads of fun in this online world.

Several movies, amines, and literature classics are offering a similar experience, in fact, with the availability of random plays. And this makes the genre of fighting the Emperor of this gaming world. Several well-known companies are working their nights off behind the formulation of such games. They have worked a lot in these fighting games within a smaller studio, making use of small teams, and especially they are considered the ripened fruits of crowdfunding. This is how the concept of Skullgirls came up, and surely, they are on a rage of fire in the gaming industry.

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The gaming series developed back in 2012 for the Network of PlayStation along with the Xbox Live Arcade. This is a roster of all girls, with cool cartoon art style characters with the easy to learn gameplay system. Game lovers who enjoy fighting genres in games would love to play Skullgirls. This is the game that has earned many rewards and has been up for an even greater amount of Nominations. This is the best game that has become quite popular among the masses and has also enrolled with the Nintendo Switch.

You must be halting the gigantic SkullGirls, who is better known as Marie, with simply 8 heroines that are playable to achieve the Skull heart. A woman would also be granting a wish with the help of the mystic relic, but the cost of this would be sky-high. With the use of some brutal way, Skull Heart would achieve this simply turning the person who had expressed this desire for becoming the most impure person that is the Skull girl.

Now that you know that this type of game has won over millions of hearts. No one would be stopping you from going further into winning many such with the best effects. This is the best way in which one will be able to get going with the same.