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Almost everyone is using Android at this moment. Today, it is the most popular operating system, with more than 86% of the mobile devices running on it. iOS by Apple is another popular operating system that seems to be a competition for Android.

The Andromeda Substratum Apk is available for download for free. This free application may be downloaded from the official website for free. All you have to do is click on the download button on the site and get the most recent and most current program. The free version of this program is not the full version; you are free to download it, install it, and use it, but you will not be able to do anything as you need to pay for the program’s full version. You can find the free version from the official website.

You should download the free version to check if it can run your Android telephone and the online device. When it’s compatible with your device, you can use it to upload your files, in addition to upload videos, music, and pictures. You might even use it to make ringtones and topics for your own Android or iPhone. The Andromeda Substratum Apk may be used from the background to perform the same job at a better speed. However, it’s better to keep the computer/smartphone linked to the internet to check whether it may play the files that you have uploaded through this program. The program runs on Java and all other usual software. However, it has not been tested to operate on most Android devices.

After downloading the software, you can make sure the files are correctly uploaded. You won’t load up the app on the apparatus if the documents are not successfully uploaded. The download will take a while, but you will get to observe the results after it’s finished.

If you’re using Andromeda, you may have noticed that it doesn’t include Substratum App. Substratum is an innovative modification and application designed to add a fresh way of performing the Android OS’s different processes and boost the Android experience for consumers. Andromeda is using Substratum because it has a lot of applications in the Google Play Store. However, you can only access those applications with Substratum installed. But, Substratum includes two types of bundles; a free bundle and a paid package.

The free bundle gives users access to all the programmer programs via their Substratum Program. The best part about the free package is that the developers can upgrade and improve the program through their Substratum App to make it more user-friendly. The aid package is intended to give users access to the software, which has been built with Substratum’s application in mind. This is usually true in programs that were produced by the company itself. It’s possible to get a single-purpose package, which will have all the free software with a single payment or a multipurpose bag with the complete set of this Substratum App. Multi-purpose pockets provide users a more comprehensive remedy as the edition of this software will include all of the required applications.

When you download and install the Substratum Apk, there are still a few steps you want to take to install it on your device. After you install the program, you’ll be prompted to perform a system backup. If you don’t do this step, you can lose all of your Android device’s vital data and data once the program becomes corrupted.

But according to research, the majority of people prefer Android over any other operating system. People find Android easy to use, and they can customize it according to their requirements. Moreover, it seems it’s the only operating system right now, which allows that.

Every Android phone works basically the same. So people don’t care about the price anymore. There are different versions of Android in the market. But we can always optimize our device by using some third-party apps. Phones also come with software updates nowadays. So using these apps and upgrades, we can modify the way our phones look or work.

There are many ways by which we can change the way our phones look. There are launcher and icon apps that can help us to do that job. But using those apps, we can only change the way our homepage or our icons look. There are many options for giving a new look to our icons as well.

We can opt for some playful vibe or an aesthetic vibe or anything that catches our fancy. But we don’t have to limit ourselves to just changing the home page or the icons. We can even customize the phone theme, the way it works to set a different background color or image for various apps and change every part of the device.

And everything mentioned above is possible if we use the Substratum themes. One of the best apps for changing the way the phone looks is the Andromeda Substratum app. We can use this app on a wide range of platforms. In fact, Google Play Store has a Substratum Theme Engine too, and we don’t need to spend a single penny to use the app. But, every theme isn’t available for free. We need to pay to use some of them.

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Version7.1 and up
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What’s New?

What is Andromeda Substratum apk?

This app basically helps us manage Android themes. For the app to work, we need to keep one thing in mind. We need to have a customized ROM, and the app should be compatible with the device. Or else we won’t be able to use the app. After meeting those requirements, the process is very straightforward. We need to install the app and choose any theme we want to.

They sport a massive collection of themes of many varieties. So it’s doubtful that we won’t find anything we like. But of course, we have to pay for some of them, while the others are free. After applying any theme, we will see that it comes with its own customization and configuration options.

If we keep the requirements in mind, this app is great all in all. It’s perfect for situations to give a new, trendy touch to our routine Android smartphones.

Features of Andromeda Substratum

  • Andromeda Substratum has a massive advantage for its users. We do not need to root the Android device to use this app. There are tons of other apps in the market which don’t allow the users to access them without rooting their Android device first. But fortunately, it isn’t the same with Andromeda Substratum. We do not have to download the patched version of Substratum apk. We can use the regular apk version of the app because it works fine on almost all devices.
  • Why do we use this app? Because we want to change the dull look of our Android phones. And no app can do this better than Andromeda Substratum. Using this app, we can literally change the entire look of the phone. This app is far more interesting than those Android launchers and icon packs. And why not opt for the better option when we can? No wonder this app is one of the most used theme apps in the world. We can change anything and everything with this app.
  • We get a lot of ready to use widgets and themes pack, which we can use after installing the cracked apk of Andromeda Substratum. That is one of the best things about this app- we can customize it according to want we need or require. To further optimize the working of the app, we can also download the Andromeda extensions. This will increase the working capacity of the app. Moreover, the drag and drop feature of the app makes everything much more manageable.
  • This app isn’t just a one-time download. The app gets frequent updates, which brings something new and different each time. The developers used this method to spice it up and keep the app running. Each update brings a new feature. But we will have to download the Andromeda Substratum paid apk to get all these updates about the app. The cracked apk version of the Andromeda Substratum doesn’t give the luxury of the updates to its users.
  • Andromeda Substratum is available on Google for a small price. But there are many websites available online which provide this app for free. But this may raise certain doubts in the minds of the people about the safety of the app. But no worries there. This app is entirely safe to download, and it isn’t hacked as well. Some websites provide the MOD APK of Andromeda Substratum. But the official paid version of the app can also be found on many sites. The official app will also let the users know about the updates through notifications.

The downloading and installing procedure of the app is effortless. We need to follow a few simple steps, and that’s it, we are done. Here are the steps to download and install the Andromeda Substratum apk:-

Step1- At first, we need to change the security settings from Android settings.

Step2- We need to scroll down to Device administration options.

Step3- Then we need to enable the option “Install from unknown sources.”

Step4- Next, we need to find the link to download the file from a legitimate source.

Step5- After downloading, the file will be saved in the Downloads folder. We need to locate the file and click on it.

Step6- Now we need to click on Install and wait for the installation process to complete.

Step7- Once the process is over, we can open the app and start running it.

These are the only steps we need to follow to use Andromeda Substratum.


This app is perfect for people who want to give each aspect of their Android smartphone a unique touch. People want to change today. They get bored quickly from using the same thing for a more extended period. And that is why people frequently change their smartphones and buy new ones.

But why spend so much money when you can get something new without paying anything? Using the Andromeda Spectrum, we can give an entirely new look to the phone. And the collection of themes is enormous. We can select any theme we want according to our needs and mood.

So whenever we unlock our phone or switch it on, we can look at something different. Changing the theme of the full system, changing the conventional color of the apps, changing fonts and emojis, and using themes on Whatsapp, to changing the shape of the text box, nothing is impossible using this app. So with all the fantastic features, the Andromeda Substratum apk seems like a total win.